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Good morning Kate and Tiger Woods are witness home security Dungog in South Tulsa Jencks. Oklahoma and Bixby Oklahoma.

This morning we’re going to be talking about security in general you know making sure that your home is secure from the outside because the vast majority of thieves when they’re walking down the street and or drive up and down the street they look at various homes that are soft targets 
Owasso Home Security Services.

So we’re talking about a pack of smokes. Security General. No no.

No. General Security. General Security.

What’s important is to make sure that from the outside from the street where they call that when you’re in real estate curbside your curb side view of your home you know has a representation of being secure. How do you do that. It’s really easy making sure that on the outside as you come in you know people looking at your house you know the security sign that we put in the yard does more work for people’s homes then the security system does inside the home 
Owasso Home Security Services.

I don’t know how many times we’ve had people say that our sign looks mean like it’s more of a bulldog type sign versus the other ones that are just really run of the mill every time.

And you know our logo has the appearance of you know it’s an eye that and has appearance that you were watching over you know what’s important about that sign is that the sign itself needs to be clean nice. It needs to look fairly new. So you know we have clients out there that you know been with this for going on close to nine years you know they’re due to change out there sign you know give us a call we place the sign because we want to make sure that your house is just as secure as you want your house to be secure a few extra dollars to make sure it’s done so is good for us as well as for you. So it isn’t just a sign but also making sure at night you have good lighting around your. Around your area. You know your home that good lighting at night. You know people who have decorative lighting you know out on their house especially in south Tulsa and you know Bixby Janks you know these newer homes that are going up you know the landscaping is very very nice you know but you’re going to spend the money to do that make sure that you have proper lighting covering your windows. You know another thing like during the daytime you know if you’re going to do the landscaping make sure you have bushes in front of your windows that you know somebody can’t just get behind you know holly bushes or they’re very uncomfortable if you’re trying to hide hide in a hole 
Owasso Home Security Services.

And all the way. I’ve been I’ve heard they say they got a squad down at all. The only vote in her.

So make sure you have some bushes there rosebushes or good bushes and thorns on them. No it’s not comfortable if you have to dig trash and stuff up around them clean it up.

But that’s why we have landscape people and pay them to do it. No no that’s their job. They get paid to do that. And that’s just part of the the nature of it just like us crawling addicts 
Owasso Home Security Services.

You know it’s important to make sure that these basic things are covered and then on top of that if your house around your house is picked up. Pick up the trash around the house means that you take care details in your home you know and as if somebody were to venture into your yard and up to your door you know make sure that you have a lock on your door that says it’s secure.

You know the locks out there called Medeco. It’s a really good lock. Fairly expensive C-Leg is a good lock. And again it’s fairly expensive. And very inexpensive. It’s I think they’re more expensive than Kwikset Quickset.

It’s about 30 bucks to buy the lock itself and looks at locks 
Owasso Home Security Services.

There’s advantages with Kwikset locks that you don’t have with other locks. And that is the ability to be able to rekey them yourself. Oh yeah. And thump proof. That’s one thing that a lot of people do but proof what does that bump proof locks. Your standard. You know what do they call the builders phase locks. You know what you’re doing. I’m not going to give anybody the ability to know how to do that. That anybody knows how to search things out they can find out how to bump proof or bump locks and they can be inside a home in less than 10 to 15 seconds and then you also pick it’s pick prove.

Yeah. You can’t take a lock picking set. Pick the lock.

Now I’d venture to say somebody that is really really really good at picking locks I don’t know. You’d have to be really good to be able to get to get past it you know. But you know they have contests. You know I know Kwikset does has contests. Anybody can pick a lock and they give them a huge amount of money if they can do it. So in other words you going to have to be good. It’s not just somebody just you know learned on the internet how to pick a lock. It’s going to be somebody that’s really experienced 
Owasso Home Security Services.

Oh yeah.

And then also Tom when it comes to the the Kwikset lock you don’t have to buy a whole brand new walk if if say you and somebody get into an altercation and you don’t want to say in some instances you have home home nurses and that home nurse would have a key to your house and you let that home nurse go you don’t have to really worry about getting the key back. You just changed the key exam and it’s just pushing a pen turn in a certain portion of the lock and then taking that key out putting the key into it back tumblers fall to the new and good to go.

And it’s really simple and that’s probably why locksmiths aren’t a big fan of them. But when it comes to the cost and everything for those locks you cannot beat that walk.

Well that’s one thing. Just about any industry there. I mean the. Companies that aren’t necessarily happy with competitors that have come up with a type of system that might be might have the appearance of being better than others. As far as Kwikset is concerned you know they’ve got a patent on this type of lock and it will be a little while before anybody can duplicate it. You know another advantage you know making sure your house is secure no video surveillance cameras around your house. You know you have cameras up around your house as people are standing next to the curb. You know even the cameras we install aren’t necessarily in your face but if you’re looking you can see the cameras Owasso Home Security Services.

They have another type of camera and the drone camera that will follow you. Yes. I sense this cool.

We have. A technician that is we’re working with us that he’s set up drones on businesses that you know have a massive lobster camera system or alarm system that sets up and when that gets triggered that drone takes off from this platform and he videos you know the drone will video that zone of where the alarm took place. It’s kind of like having a security guard running out there and flies out there and check it out make sure everything’s good. Flies back and land back in his own spot. Pretty fast moving equipment. Maybe we need to get a drone for our security side. That’s a good idea. I

like that. I

wait for the rain and I have out there for a runaway. But when it comes to security. General Security for your house.

You can you can put a few little cheaper measures in place to where your home is covered and you’re not have to worry about it. And then you can put in a little bit more costly measures in place. It’s not going to break your budget but at the same time you’re going to be covered. And when it comes to home security system what’s a few extra dollars to make sure that your home is covered.

Well we have our we have clients that invest everything into their security system but on the outside of the house you’re wonder if anybody loves even anybody who lives in the home.

You know it’s you know they never muddle on. All the Bushes are overgrown. It doesn’t appear to they ever really take care of anything. So you know but yet they’ll been a huge amount of money making sure they have the windows covered in glass breaks. You know the glass is covered the window itself is covered the door covered. Additional motion detectors cameras system throughout the entire place. But yet at the same time they don’t take care of the basics. You know what we think is more important take care of the basics and your average burglar will go away 
Owasso Home Security Services.

Oh yeah. Because the easier target next door or couple’s doors down that isn’t taking care of those features may not also have a security system in place going to be an easier target.

Well when you’re when your home is not taking care and kept up not just leaving making sure the mail is picked up not just making sure the newspapers are picked up but all the other basic stuff. Make sure your trash cans are pulled up to the house after the trash gets picked up rather than leaving out of the road for three or four days in a row that says you are home.

Oh yeah. I’ve got a neighbor about three or four houses down from my house. He leaves that trash can in the recycle bin out at the street because it’s easier to walk from the house to that and just throw it out there out third Street.

And he never asked to remember to bring it out and trash. Yep you know things like that. They’re not that it’s not that big a deal to bring it up to the house that says you’re taking care of business and so therefore you’re going to take the time to make sure you come and get the trash off the curb and more than likely your doors are locked. Yes. Simple simple things.

One of our customers I was out at their house trashed. People show up and is totally off subject but trash people show up. They walk up to the ER up the driveway grab the trash can and dump it out in the trash truck take it all the way back up the driveway. And I was like how do we get them to do that in my house. They did that for him or for the customer. The trash people walked all the way up the driveway. Musta paid a master.

I never saw that. Look I want the lid on my trash can is is cracked. Just grab your bike 
Owasso Home Security Services.

I never saw that box to check if I wanted them to come up my driveway again.

But this is Tyler and Keith with witness security in Janks Bixby and south Tulsa Oklahoma.

Taking care of your general security needs.

You can find us on the web at Witness home security dot com and 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. Go ahead and give us that information again.

That’s witness home security dark 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0.

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