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Hello, this is Keith with wiggle security morning will be talking about how to secure the front yard how to secure the front yard before different ways. You can be effectively and yet, at the same time not be adamant about securing your front yard is putting razor wire around the perimeter of your front yard of which would not definitely wouldn’t helps and the curb appeal of your house. But there are some things we can do in order to be able to secure your front yard and make it to where your house would not be there stopped at Target in the neighborhood. First and foremost are the one thing that needs to be done, and first is make sure that you have a home security system sign in your front yard, sign in your yard or 75 % of the burgers that are potentially considering your house as a Target. And next time your yard needs to be as your water in the bushes or water and take care of your wife to sign off one visible, and it’s also indicates that, because it is clean, you probably have a monitored security system. You may be one of these people, goddess of home security systems years ago, and you’re got tired of their contracts and things that were set up with those home security systems, and you were paying you paid for your security systems and you are the contract and then, When you call them back up again and they wanted to make you sign another contract, even though you were just going to reuse, it any couldn’t understand why we can turn their home security system on you already have and you’re not in a contract. So you don’t have to worry about. It got an email this morning from a couple that just had a baby down to one household income. She’S going to be home, don’t recommend it back to cancel their service because she’s going to be at home you’re down to one income, that’s helpful, I guess and when the time arises, are able to turn it back on your witness security provides that ability to feel The duties to make and helps you make, decisions that are Peter can be lacking decisions and one aspect, or it can be. A temporary decision in another just depends on what your needs are in your household. So when you’re looking at securing your front yard, first and foremost, you want to make sure you have a sign in the yard of a monitored home security company that y’all, like I said, I’ve always had locally-owned locally operated one. There is going to have you as an individual that the address to make sure that your secured and security at the best way possible are, you can add, lighting around your house. This is one thing that was walking down the street at night 3. To soon as I get within about 10 feet of his driveway is motion light on the front driveway. I love that way because I like the idea that it comes on and it stuck to work, comes on every time you dry patches, driveway. I like that, and I think it’s important to be able to have something like that in front of everybody time. It would deter a lot of things coming into certain neighborhoods if everybody in the neighborhood would take the time and effort to be able to install a good motion light over their doorstep over their driveway. He also when you’re thinking of life is other life lighting. You can do around your house that can be by your phone. No, but if you don’t want it back so much you just put in some of the solar powered lighting shows you have an interest to make sure that your house is secure and without anybody coming out, your people take care of their yard. Then such as a good man, the front flower beds are taken care of nothing falling apart. The trash cans are pulled back to the house. 4 Discreet Ways to Secure Your Front Yard | Most Secure Various little things that can be done go a long ways when it comes to other people, walking past your house and trying to assess as to whether or not they want to try to come into that house or not. If things are taken care of responsibly. On the outside of parents, then it also indicates that they’re taking care of responsibilities on the inside the lock screen. Take me to my next Point girl. When your securing your front yard, do you want to make sure that they are on the front door? Are secure? Kwikset locks for you to be able to re-key door locks and also have the ability winter made for you can’t they’re one of the hardest lock to pick, but yet at the same time, they’re not the most expensive. Sorry, if you’re needing to change out the locks in your house and take the time and effort to go to well, whatever you called store to be able to find some locks that are, would be a good replacement Dennis far as the various other things in your House and then, as far as some of the other things that may be in your house, car is securing the wreck of your front of the house that you have a trailer or something else parked in your front yard. That mean you want to know whether or not it is has left the property. You can also contact and quick devices in place to make sure that those don’t leave the property your witness.. He has determined to make sure that you’re, all of our clients have the very best protection possible. So for a quick consultation, it’s a free consultation. 4 Discreet Ways to Secure Your Front Yard | Most Secure Just give us a call here with insecurities and you can find it really easy on the web. Just Tulsa home security and you’ll find it you can give to call with any hour. 24 7 security is a locally-owned locally operated security company here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding communities of Tulsa Oklahoma. So, if you’re in need of a home security system, take the time and effort to give us a call, we can come out with a free consultation, provide you the assessment, so that you can make a decision you’re. So high pressure sales, and during the month of September, 7th free month of March rain on a new purchased home security system in Pineville, talk to you and you have a good day.    witnesssecuritytulsa.com

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