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7 Months Home Security Monitoring Cheap appointment, Security in Tulsa Oklahoma – we are talking about here in the month of September 07, free month of March, seven free month of margarine with witness security, Tulsa, Oklahoma and equipment for seven and tire months. Thereafter, you don’t have to pay any kind of a payment whatsoever Harper seven free month that consists of also with a no-contract gopher after the 7 free month of March, mean you’re here in Tulsa Oklahoma, near there’s, no contract for you to have to sign and or Fulfill so once that time frame is up, if you wanted to, you, could care for your service, and all that is. Is there email that you sent three days later? You are done so you could have six months. You could, if you want to cancel your service, you would not have to worry about anything there after and why would witness security Tulsa Oklahoma, Hopper 7 month for monitoring the opportunity to be able to utilize the services that we provide and find out that the kind Of service that we provide, you know, is second to know if you’ve ever had any other monitoring with any other company in the past. You will quickly find out that witness security not only do we provide the quality of service to his second to none to anybody else. Then you also find out that witness security also provides to quality of service Sick by anybody else, and it’s very simple will use pictures of monitoring stations that are located and each and every individual receives the alarm signals at the exact same time. So it’s just a matter of which one picks up first, and we can say that with confidence because over the past 12 months, the monitoring station itself has averaged 12.9 seconds on party lines. For the past 12 months. We have pictures of margarine Creations better operate independently of one another. Each and every individual receives the signals at the same time matter, which one picks up first and what’s really kind of need about this type of service, regardless of what may be happening throughout the country. For example, hurricane Donna has hit the coast of Florida on the west coast Florida and destroyed native parts of their that part of the state happens. One of our monitoring stations is located down there and I haven’t heard her heard, but I’d venture to say they probably at least undermanned a little bit due to the fact that that portion of the state has been destroyed and mentally because of their hurricane itself. And but what’s so unique about the monitoring stations that we have is all of the stations located Rough Country, lots of employees? There are not working there for in the other five stations by bringing in a different people to be able to compensate that lost, and so therefore, we still maintain 150 wow. The cook bacon is still rebuilding due to the storm to know that, regardless of what may be happening, is still able to maintain the workload and, even though it may be going through, when did Security in Tulsa Oklahoma also uses to gauge equipment, which is the most Widely used equipment in the country and Equipment Company equipment, we don’t want to have any inkling of an idea that we are keeping things from our employee, our customers, so that we’re going to find you in any way. You know there’s a lot of that use. A specific brand that nobody else can use their contract is due because you’re happy with that company. Then they have to buy new equipment from a different company so that they can have service but they’re happy with. Where would witness. It puts the responsibility to make sure that you’re satisfied company in Tulsa Oklahoma provides that kind of service Arrow 473 much. 7 Months Home Security Monitoring You have the app on your phone to be able to operate. Your alarm systems hear your smart phone. You have the notification armed. Good morning this is Tyler with witness security, and today I’m going to talk about 24/7 365 a day of 365 days. There are in a year and that’s how many days in a year we monitor home security systems. We don’t take off during the holidays. Won’T company takes off during the holidays, but the monitoring system, the monitoring company, does not take off during holidays when it comes to security. We stay on track and we that’s what we pay for when it comes to making sure that you as a customer is safe, and so, if you were to have problem on a holiday, weather Christmas or smaller holiday, doesn’t matter it’s going to get taken care of. So you accidentally had a fire and you had a smoke detector in there. It’S still going to be monitored and more than likely, you’re going to respond a little bit faster due to the fact that you’re home versus say throughout the year when you’re at work. The response time never does slow down less than the average response time of 12.9 seconds to 30 seconds is always in that ballpark, and so when it comes to your home security, that’s one thing that witness security. When we looked for a Monitoring Center that we that’s what we were looking for C in the past, we have had monitoring centers that their response time would take. Sometimes up hurts to a minute. So sometimes I purchased 2 minutes and we didn’t want to deal with the company that work that way, so we and they thought that was okay, where we shouldn’t know if our customers are not getting the call in the Thailand manner that they’re paying for then there’s Really no Noah reason for us to use you, and so we moved on to a different company and then the company moved on to happen to have faster monitoring service. But if there was ever a storm or a big situation that took place, then again we would be kind of screwed in the sense that we that they couldn’t respond to all of the signals that were taking place. So yet again we look for another monitor and Center that had multiple monitoring centers Across the Nation and by multiple. We have six monitoring centers all over New World providing 24/7 365 days a year monitoring service. So your system doesn’t matter if you’ve got just a carbon monoxide problem or fire or false alarms. It’S always going to be moderate. It’S always going to be like last year with the average was 12.9 seconds. No other Monitoring Center can say that, because they aren’t that fast, our Monitoring Center took the time to write their own programming, their own computer program, so that they are the fastest. They don’t never slows down, really it usually like a year before it was 22.9 seconds for the average. This year it’s the average was 12.9 seconds. No one can beat Omar degree tear if our Monitoring Center was any faster than it would be too fast, because then people would not be able to get to their phone. So I snuff it’s like a lot of people, they set their phone down and then they forget where they had it until they have as soon as the phone starts ringing out, I got to look for my phone and so that 12.9 seconds is that sweet spot That our Monitoring Center uses so again it’s monitored home security systems. What 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. You never have to worry whether or not you were going to be monitored or not, and so I know it’s kind of mind-boggling at times that so my system is going to be monitored. Twenty-Four hours a day, I’m going to have someone sitting there on the desk, watching my specific home 24 hours a day, yes, 24 hours a day, you’ll have somebody sitting here, watching your home and you’ll never have to worry whether or not your home was going to Be covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You your system will be monitored. Your monitored home security system is monitored home security. When we’ve had people ask for a security system to not monitor – and that’s that’s a little bit more expensive because we don’t break even on the Monitor and where we normally, we would break even on the monitoring. So we have to break even automatically. If you were to getting non monitored home security system, getting a security system so that it’ll beep whenever a door opens or it’ll Sound the Alarm locally, if you were get here to be broken into the problem with, that is, if you’re broken into it’s a local Alarm: it’s not going anywhere, no one’s going to know except for the thief and he may run off. He doesn’t know if it’s monitored or not, but that’s the problem. If it were to go off and if he goes it’s a local alarm is going to go anywhere, you’re, taking a risk wear with a monitored home security system. Even if he does take that risk and says it’s probably not monitored thing, he still going to meet the cops cuz he’s going to stick around long enough to see the cops so keep in mind when you’re going with a non monitored home security system. There’S a good possibility that you are looking to possibly get broken into. I know several people, my brother-in-law included, that uses a non monitored home security system and the reason being is just doesn’t want that little bit extra cost. My thought is incurred that little bit extra cost and you’re going to be a lot better off. Your insurance will take care of that little bit extra cost because you have a monitored home security system and costs no more monthly to have a smoke detector.7 Months Home Security Monitoring Having a monitored home security system with the smoke detector in a home security system is going to drop your insurance rate between 12 and 15 % on most companies. This is Tyler with witness security and again I’m talking about monitored home security systems 24 hours a day. 7 days a week 365 days a year – and I appreciate you listening witnesssecuritytulsa.com

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