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Security, we are located in Tulsa Oklahoma, about 8 or 8 benefits for getting home security systems and Ron Hardest, necessarily as to your how much they’ve changed throughout the years, but the main thing that home security systems have done if they made it more affordable and more Beneficial for homeowners to be able to have a home security system in times past, it’s always been just for the wealthy, but now it’s gotten to the point where home security systems are also for the middle class. Literally little black people, your home security systems, are designed to be able to secure your home without any major talked to you. Young home security systems are designed for valuables that you have all of us work really hard for what we do and when we come home. We like to be able to have certain things around her house so that we can make our house more comfortable, such as televisions and your stereo systems, and it’s really important to be able to have these things in place. If we come home to relax, we have those things and nothing can be more irritating than to come home. To discover is it. Somebody has broken in and taking all those things away from us. So therefore, your witness security, our security system, is set up to where you can get a notification every time the system is armed. Every time the system is disarmed every time the systems are take, somebody leaves the door open for any length of time. It will notify you write to your phone and be able to keep track of the entire history that takes place with your security system at all times, not to mention benefits of the. What do you call it? The Hub that you’re, the home automation table that comes with the security system that gets installed in your home. It’S a color touch screen system, and then this allows you to be able to operate your life. Your lock thermostats garage door modules and you can do like there’s a lot of things you can set up with this home automation Hub, if you so desire to make it more convenient for you., Is designed to be able to not only protect your valuables, but also Make things more convenient for you when it comes to having a home security system? If you ever thought about the necessary need for smoke, detectors in your home devices that we have to, we can set up a not just protecting the doors that the perimeter of your property glass break your window contacts, but also the Bible’s are inside. But what about smoke detectors: carbon monoxide, detector, water, cancer? If you had a major league take place during your house, you get a notification that you say your water hear overflowed or what happened to us. The toilet just would never shut off. So therefore, it over flood overflowed and flooded the entire master, bedroom and all the way down the hall and into the neighboring bedroom destroyed. All of those the floors had to take them all out. That sort of thing happens on a regular basis and people told it’s called a flood, and it happens more often than most people would realize. If you hadn’t noticed quite a few guys out there that are safe fire, wind and water restoration company stay in business. To be able to take care of that, that happens to more frequent than you would ever ever, even imagine being able to secure your home. We are some sort of a natural disaster or an accident. Witness Security provide those services to you. So it’s not just a home security system much more than that, it could be taking place in your neighborhood y’all heard more activities that take place up and down your street, and you would even even imagine I leave for the office very early in the morning and There isn’t too many mornings that I’m coming to work in the morning that I not seeing people walk around in my neighborhood and when I say I’m getting up early in the morning and getting into the office around 4 in the morning. 8 Reasons to get a Home Security System. So I took this morning. I got here around 4:30 and walk around welcome to the neighborhood just an odd time to be walking around the neighborhood if you’re not running or jogging, or exercising and you’re just Meandering through the neighborhood. That kind of peculiar things happen at night that shouldn’t be happening, and so therefore, it’s really important to make sure your doors are locked in your cars, because there’s a lot of people walking down the street checking doors to see if doors are locked get inside and See what’s inside your car, they may not going to do any damage, but they just checking to see if there’s anything in there. That could be something that they would like to have. We provide security systems in place, so they can have a secure home and of these things at home. Security systems do and eight reasons why home security systems and what they can do for you. They protect your valuables and deter crime, yo yo yo. It helps to protect your home from your natural disasters or accidents. Then also home security systems have the opportunity to lower your homeowners insurance homeowner insurance y’all can be anywhere from 5 to 20 %. It’S usually in most cases on the lower end of that some insurance companies do actually provide insurance at the reserve rate Mini and are you do have to have a burglary and fire detection in order to get that full percentage discount? So you know it had the opportunity of lower your homeowners insurance. Also, this is a really big benefit of the kids. Come come and go. They turn the alarm off at. Let you know if you’re not at home when they got home from school and benefits to know when they got home. If you can find out what you got home they’re wanting to go to their friends, you know that they’ve had a lot of time to be able to get your homework done, so they can go to really do that, and it also has the ability to automate Your garage door Dawn you’re, coming in instead of just coming down the street. You can press the button on your garage door on the phone and be able to open the garage door and there’s so many different things and last of all the main thing. They’Re home security systems, provide is peace of mind and security that you can gain was alarm system is probably the greatest benefit of all and neck being safe and confident, knowing that your family and is safe from anything that could be taking place, and you have the Knowledge within right, in your hand, be able to do the same for your family. 8 Reasons to get a Home Security System. Security system provides home security systems to homeowners and during the month of September, we are 7 free month of March, ring 7 free month of March rain, with the interactive on your phone to a hundred percent guarantee that the monitoring stations going to respond because we have The best MARTA train stations in the country, thank you for listening.


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