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This is Keith Witness Security. We are talking about after school responsibilities after school responsibility when it comes home. Security in Howell Home Security here in Tulsa Oklahoma has the ability to be able to eliminate and or at least reduce, the after-school worries to Paris have when kids get home from school. After School Home Security | Great Reviews The responsibilities of Kings has always been the same, going to get turn-by-turn a certain age in your home. Do you provide them the ability to be able to come home from school and without Mom and Dad there and be able to take care of themselves a little bit of Freedom that you provide for them goes a long ways for those kids as they begin to Grow up, we need to learn a little bit of Independence, but yet, at the same time have some responsibilities as far as the parents concerned to make sure that their faith would have always been done in the past. Is the parents will provide additional to the kids and inevitably, one time or another you’d be running home to let the kids in because they forgot their key? It’S just something that happens and has always happened. Are too parents, as teachers begin to grow 10 Star Liquor? Always going to be growing up and getting more and more responsibilities, the nice thing is some of the expenses if you would have always paid for which was the daycare. Now that can go away, but now the responsibility of making sure that the kids don’t lose. Your keys ability to work everything from their phones and order to be able to have touch screen lock on the front door so that kids can get in being able to control the garage door trim your phone.After School Home Security | Great Reviews All of these things make those things that much easier for the kids to be able to do and be able to find you at the Paris to be able to track those kids Heroes. Far as when the kids get home, you can track what kids can get home when they come in and they disarm the system. It will prompt you, as a tear in a text form that the kids just disarmed the system and have gone into the house. It also provides the ability for you if the kids leave the front door open. What good is it if they’re in the house and the door is left open? It leaves the front door kind of vulnerable. Young Packer buys used to come into the home. So what happens there is you can set up a time frame that if the door’s been left open for any words between one minute or, however, many minutes you’d like to have it where it will talk to you in a text letting you know that the front Door is open, you can call the kids up and let him know hey shut the front door, whether you’re a smart home security. It gives you the ability to be able to watch over your children while giving them the independence as a teenager to grow. Smart Systems are smart home security systems, enable you to do a variety of things. Besides, just be the gatekeeper of it allows you to be able to turn your home into a smart home and allows you to I’ll provide the responsibilities to your children in a controlled environment so that they’re able to game that Independence is necessary. As kids growing up here all day, video doorbell is a really good tool to be able to use and be able to see when the children come home and the video doorbell gives you the ability to talk to them as they come home. You know it’s beneficial at Times, building know and give them. Information is the things that they have to do when they get home in case things have changed throughout the day and have made. Maybe you made plans for them to do certain things and if they come home, if your reminder to you, oh yeah, we got to go to Grandma’s house this afternoon, so make sure your homework is done before. Do I get home from work, various things can be added to it. Are your system and or your home that wasn’t available before it’s reassuring you and the children to know that they’re being taken care of, and yet at the same time to have those responsibilities necessary Authority as an adult as kids grow up? They want the responsibilities and they want the ability to be able to do some various responsibilities, but it’s kinda nervous for change. Everybody is difficult with doing change. Yeah I had an employee of the other day. I asked him to install a certain item that he’s never done before. He was rather nervous about it because everybody is like that it takes a little bit of time and effort and practice in order to be able to get accustomed to doing things new. So therefore, this provides your children, the flexibility to be able to do the new things as they begin to grow up and while, at the same time well, there is still in a controlled environment. Mark home security systems. Provide you, the methods to be able to instill a variety of other products in your home jackass, your various things that make it to where you’re able to do things remotely from your home more and more and more, it’s not set up continuously, all at once. It can be gradually it can gradually build upon what you have regularly with 2 gigs system that we install today, it’s similar to a cell phone. We can do updates to those phones right from when we do come to service calls, so that that way, you’re always having an update system in your home in the past, once you install the hardware and tear for your home security system, that is what it was, And technology changed, there was no upgrade your updates. You could do now, it’s becoming more and more software, so updates are always available to be able to upgrade your within the capacity of the hardware. So smart home security is becoming smarter and smarter, as technology improves and witness curious has always been on The Cutting Edge of using the most advanced technology available on the market. Today, witness. You’ve been in business for a little over 8 plus years, were locally owned, locally operated. We provide no contract to our customers and we provide the ability for all everybody to be able to call 24/7 no matter what the situation maybe but there’ll, be a question where there be an issue with your security system weather be a payment situation. Witness security can be available to respond to whatever your situation may be at any of our witness scared. He has 3 different people available to answer the phone for whatever those situations, maybe with 6 different monitoring stations located throughout the country. All six stations receive the signals at the same time, provide you with insecurity, the ability to be the very fastest monitoring Alarm Monitoring company. Here in the City of Tulsa Oklahoma, we provide services and a 30 mile radius of Tulsa Oklahoma, Bixby Coweta Catoosa. All of the surrounding communities of Tulsa, so if you’re interested in a home security system and would like a smart home security system, security and Google call safe home security and you’ll be surprised of the amount of reviews. The witness security house.

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