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Good morning this is Keith with wicker Security in Tulsa, Oklahoma and wicked security is a locally-owned locally operated security company in Tulsa Oklahoma for the purpose of providing home security to homeowners and or small business owner. Your witness curity is, has been, and is a company that is determined to make sure that we provide the best security possible humanly possible to homeowners and or small business owners, and when we say that is more so focused upon. If you provide security two at a time and as far as neighborhoods are concerned, then TLC for the most part. I will drive up and down throughout the neighborhood and when they see a security sign in in the front of the house, and that’s usually the hot home that they’re going to stay away. From the reason why I say that is because the vast majority of your themes want to spend about 8 to 10 minutes in your home now, that’s their kind of goal is to be a reference to your home in about 8 to 10 minutes. If you have a home security system, then that deter them from being able to do what they plan to do and unless you have something in your home that has been that they’ve they’ve seen other words have been in your home or your. They can see from the outside if they want, then more than likely they’re not going to penetrate a home that has a home security system. That is the reason why I 75 % of year to turn comes from the security sign in your yard. I get a lot of people wanting to just by the time you know I wish I could do that, but I can’t neither can any other company now. You can go online and you can do it. I think you can borrow some online from various companies that are willing to do that, for you do that’s, because you have additional homeowner is there have a sign, and I just wanted to make a few bucks of the companies themselves cannot do that. That is a legal situation that they don’t want to get into it. So you don’t it’s a really important to be able to have a home security system, for that purpose alone is just to deter him from coming into your house. Now you can walk up and down your street and or drive up and down your street and in most cases, you’re going to be able to count now, probably a dozen or more homes. In your on your street alone, the probably do not have a home security system, and if they do, they didn’t put a sign out front and more than likely, it’s not Monitor and the thing videos you yourself driving or walking down your street. If you can determine that and you’re not happy guess what the thieves will do early Elementary, so your own, when it comes to home security systems, you know it’s important to be able to at least invest in a basic home security system and when I say basic Home security, I mean 3 Doors motion, detector, keypad and the siren. That’S your basic package with witness security, Tulsa Oklahoma, where most of your companies out there their basic package and use the same terminology, but their basic package is two doors: keypad siren and then, when they’re sitting down to sign the contract and notice I said contract, then That’S when they let you know that if you want that into your garage door, taken care of then you’re going to pay for that one. I get into a lot of homes where now the person that died ended up getting a security system with other companies, the interior garage door is not covered. Guest worker interior garage door is a perimeter door. Every door come into your house is a perimeter door and needs to be contacted when I say it has had to have a contact for an alarm switch on the door now because of your overhead door, was left open by the kids, cuz they’re riding their bicycles, Then, and you forgot and went to bed, that means your interior door is a walk right into your house, and alarm will not go off. What good is it to have his security system if the alarms not going to go, if you are going to do what it’s supposed to do? There really is no purpose in having a home security system, and so, with this in mind, witness Security in Tulsa Oklahoma will just determined that the package is the basic out. It’S not rocket science, so that way, there’s no hidden your own things whatsoever, your own with witness if there is no contract agreement monthly bill for 36 months now, most of your 5 years now, that’s insane for your home security. At all I mean if you can’t, provide a good quality service and really what is the purpose of being in business in the first place, just providing good quality service you’ll get customers, it’s really simple, and you don’t have your not finding anybody. So that’s witness Securities philosophy not to bring anybody another things when you add different features and different doors or glass breaker smokes. I was working security. There is no additional cost of the monthly rates are very simple for us to be able to keep track of. In the office so that when you call in and need assistance, we can tell you whether or not you have the production plan or not just by the price that you pay per month. Now it’s more additional 3499 a month for the actual service for home security, and then, if you want the protection plan which covers all of the equipment, hundred-proof innoventor tooth whitening batteries do anything that could potentially fail with their equipment whatsoever. Security just covers it for extra per month. There’S no trip charge. Nothing like that. It’S just to make sure that your system is working correctly all the time and to put that into perspective. If you chose not to get the protection plan, then it would be an charge. Your first come out and look at your security system to find out why it’s not working and then say it’s just the battery you’re, all the batteries themselves around so you’re you’re. Looking at pretty close to to take care of the battery and the trip chart, majority of the time – you’re not majority time, but to keep ads from selves or close to so if your system got hit by lightning would come out of your pocket to get it Back up and going again is that an expense you want to come up with right away it just do the math and figure it out, you’ll find out that you’re on additional per month to ensure that everything is working correctly, all the time, it’s not huge, but It is a really good insurance. Wiggle security is determined to make sure that our clients have the best protection possible and the most consistent our protection possible. No contract 24/7 tech support the best monitoring. The country was 64 monitoring stations located throughout the country to make sure that your home is protected with the peace of mind that you can’t afford in the pizza peace of mind, you can’t afford to not have it’s important to know beyond a shadow of a doubt When you leave for work at your home and family are secured and safe and free consultation for us to come out and visit with you and just pretend to you, know how we hear witness security care for your family. Thank you very much.

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