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Give money to Tyler with Witness Security you know wassup Oklahoma hand basically we’re talking about.
Just trying to prevent anybody from breaking into your home. Burglary Prevention
Now sometimes that’s just inevitable. You may have something that somebody on the outside wants. You just can’t prevent all thieves but you can try and prevent most thieves. A lot of times you can just the security sign and stickers. Not that I want you to just by signs and stickers but that’s 75 percent of your returns. So if you’re you just have stickers and signs they’re going to look at that. You don’t think someone would go there. I’ll on to the house it doesn’t have any signs or stickers. So even those old outdated AT&T signs and the old outdated signs that say Honeywell on them that I don’t know if they’re monitored or not. But then you got the old twenty signs. It was a good possibility of not being monitored but they’re actually still working and taking care of that house. A good portion of the time. Now there are still some thieves there bold enough that I’ll say you know what. What I’m still going to try. And those are the ones that we actually have to have the system monitored for because those are the ones they say. I think maybe I could get by with it now. They’re the ones that when you have the monitored system they still.
They know that if they do get one and the system starts screaming at them then they’ve only got about three to five minutes before the officers are there.
So they’ve got to hurry.
So if you put in devices that speed up the call said Glasberg then immediately sirens are going to get less than three or five minutes to get in the house. Now because they broke the glass and they’ve got to get in. Burglary Prevention
So you have a motion detector and they break the glass but they didn’t have a glass for it and they get into the window and then they get into the hallway.
Usually I put mine in a portion of the house to make a trap trap so that whenever they do get into the house they’ve got to be rushing to find the master bedroom which that’s where most people keep their jewelry in their home higher end items. And in doing so they it drives them to the motion detector. Drives them to trip off the motion detector. And at that point then you know that you’re going to set the system off.
Well in doing so they have just now called the cops on themselves. Burglary Prevention
It’s only a matter of time and then they’re going to open the door because I don’t want to go back out the window due to the fact that when I do the glass could cut me and it just be a lot easier to go out the front door to the back door of the garage door through the exterior be a lot easier to do that. Years ago we had a customer that he was inside the house. His mom gets up in the morning and she’s walking into the living room. There’s a guy standing at their front or at their TV trying to get it off the wall.
She’s somewhat older and the customer that we have. He’s a tow truck driver. He wouldn’t want to mess with this guy. And yet at the same time this who’s a journey he had to be he was not not in his right mind to the fact that he stood there and she says Hey what are you doing. Burglary Prevention
And because she was an old frail old lady he didn’t have a DIDn’t EVEN BAD night just didn’t turn around. Kept doing what he was doing. And she says my take as soon as she said that he took off running he grabbed a bottle of pills that were on the kitchen counter just a little bottle of Doug’s thyroid medicine. But in that case he thought he got it done himself. So a lot of times whenever the sirens start screaming in you’re in the House or the thief is in the house. It makes it so they can’t think in doing so because they can’t think. They grab the closest thing possible that in their mind they might have some value grab that and take off running. Well they get down the street whenever they can think again and they look at what they got and it was a box of colored pencils or it was a box of tissues whatever stupid. But they didn’t get anything. And then they throw it down on the ground like a man and then they move on down the road. Now they may while they were in that house.
Take a mental picture as to what was there what what could be a value and come back. Burglary Prevention
But the likeliness if you get a new security system and or update your security system whatever if you have that equipment in place between the time that you have broken in and then coming back to case out your property the likeliness of them actually coming in is nil to none. Now if you also take the precautions of adding locks that cannot be bumped a bump a bump a ball lock is a lock that you can take a small screwdriver and tap it with a hammer and or take a key and you stick it in there and smack it with a hammer and then turn the key and you’re in.
Now how the the lock like that works. To be honest I have no clue. But what we use is a bump called the bump proof. You can search us on the Internet you just type in bump proof lock and you’ll find there are videos talking about ball lock bumping. You’ll you’ll find that there are videos talking about specific locks like Quickset Kwikset Smart Key is a bullet proof lock. We use those on all of our customers if they ask for a lock. We use any lock that is that they ask for. It’s definitely going to be a bombproof block because we do not want to have the customer come in to us saying hey I saw somebody trying to break into my house I’m pulling into my driveway. They were kneeling down next to the door and because I holding it it kind of scared them off. But with the lock bumping being available out there we have that technology available so that we can help our customers not have to worry about whether or not they’re going to be Lochbaum. I saw a YouTube video out there that is about Lochbaum. And there’s a little girl and she has she’s given the tools to do it and she’s in the house literally in a matter of minutes more and more and long ones at 30 seconds. Now obviously I wasn’t there when ever they shot the video so they could have edited the video but it literally looks like it could be 30 seconds.
And if a little girl is able to do this then I think the average thief could do this. Burglary Prevention
I mean if you’re also able to just google search lock pumping you’ll also find that there are sets of lock bumping it and it’s already made for the thief $40 set.
And you can have three or four keys for different brands which will get you into lots of homes against Tyler with witness security in a wasp Oklahoma. This is Owasso security going this is a Owasso security hole security. Also anything to do with a wall of security. We’re just talking about. Preventing the possibility of a break in in a Owasso using a Owasso home security. Witness Security. Thank you.

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