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This is Keith witness security. We are locally owned and operated home security company here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding communities of Oklahoma. Security has been in business for a little over 8 plus years, and our company is built upon a foreign thought and what you would normally find in a home security, company and or business security, and that is, we are built upon. Customer service. Customer service is a form of business that should be what every business should be built upon. However, through the years and back 20 years that I’ve been in the industry, that’s not what home security has been always built upon.
Customer Service is key to Tulsa Home Security You know it’s always been built upon your own for the company to be able to obtain a contract and with that contract it, though it’s not intentional. It’S what ends up happening because of the contract, and that is a good customer service – is not required because the company, when you have an issue as a customer, doesn’t necessarily have to get out and take care of you right away because they have a contract. You’re. Still going to get paid, regardless of whether or not your system works, correct or not, that’s why I witness security won’t be established our company to begin with your on. We were looking for a way that would make our company different than others, and I thought about it and throughout the years of being a technician for a variety of companies. No, I came to the conclusion that, as we would start our day and these various offices yo how the service would take players if we would be in the office and it would be exciting – has to because of the voicemails and your messages. It would be laughter. What-Have-You that the companies would decide who they were going to take care of it, who they were not on that particular day, and I always thought that was kind of wrong. It shouldn’t be up to the company to decide who they’re going to take care of it.
Should be up to the customer that calls in and you respond, you’re windy call in that’s who actually should decide when the service should be done is when you call in a meeting, so you should be able to schedule an appointment right then, and there, whenever your Issue is, and you should be addressed, that situation if it can be addressed over the phone, so that customers can actually go to work and not have to worry about their security system, not working, because, unfortunately, you don’t because you’re talking about home security – and you might Do something else,
and I was yarrow if you wouldn’t hire up your occupation, would be something else,
so you may not necessarily understand what the issue might be and it could be either cause most of the time about 80 % of the time, its customer care you’re. Getting ready to leave the house, this is very you’re, getting ready to leave the house and for whatever reason you can’t seem to arm the system up and so call and pretty close to a third of the time my door’s been left open inadvertently and you Didn’t know it could be that you set the alarm off earlier that day and you either you did or another family member head and it has to be reset, and you didn’t know it, it’s just a simple project so there for somebody needs to be available. 24/7.

So not only do you have a no contract at the company, but you should also be available 24/7, because customer service is priority and then second or third of all, the monitoring itself. The monitoring self needs to be other standard. That maintains a response fire. My priority signal alarm in 30 seconds or less now that should be the standard. However, there a problem with that with most of your big company, you know their alarm panels themselves are designed and have what’s called an Underwriters Laboratories. Standard in that is, it’s a dollar delay, that’s built into the system. So when the alarm goes off, if not going to make a phone call for 30 seconds, when I try it’s not going to make a phone call for 30 seconds, so with witness Securities standard young, the alarm needs to go off and when the alarm goes off, It begins communicate immediately, so when that happened in the monitoring station gets a signal and is able to call back the customer and all of that process needs to take place as far as witness security standard is in less than 30 second well, their Underwriters Laboratory standard Is it’s not going to communicate at all to the monitoring station for 30 seconds,
so it’s going to be closer to a minute before that time, the monitoring station could respond. If you understand what I’m trying to convey here, you’re on the big companies, don’t want your alarm to go off right away because they don’t want to be bothered with false alarm. Why the 32nd Tyler delay is built into it in witness security, mind and how we’ve established things. If the alarm goes off,
you should get a phone call every time y’all by the time you get to the keypad, to shut the alarm off for shut the alarm off with your phone, you should be getting a phone call immediately and that’s the witness security monitoring And all the big-name companies monitoring, we want your system to work and provide that piece of mind, that about most important to your family and to your business. And if that isn’t provided your, we want to make sure that we are able to get out there and make sure that it is now witness security Endeavor to provide the best quality service available humanly possible. That is and do it with a standard that is much higher than the new one, because customer service, and by when I say customer services,
T that’s where our company is built and that’s where our company Endeavors to grow. What we need to grow up on that. So we’re always trying and driving to find better ways to be able to communicate to our customers weather. Recently, we’ve grown to the point where we’ve developed a website to were starting to use our website to help communicate to customers, not just the phone, not just text, not just email, but also through the way, our our website and as we continue to grow. That is where we continue to try to meet those needs. When you call witness security, you know. We hope that it will. You never go to an answering machine because we’ve always got up least even after hours to 3 different people that are on call to be able to answer the phone.

No answer is one of the most answering. Customer Service is key to Tulsa Home Security The phone is one of the most important aspects of our company, so therefore, there’s always going to be a live person. That’S going to help you at any, given our way to security. Knows that, in order to be able to provide the necessary response when things are happening, keypads are beeping, noises are being made by the security system or whatever that that way, we can address the situation when it’s happening.
So, if you’re interested in a home security system and you’re interested in good quality service when it comes to home security, no give us a call. It’S a free consultation first come out and during the month of September, wouldn’t it be worth it to be able to give us a call. It’S free and you’re able to find out whether witness security to meet the needs of your family and or your business and help you make it good informed decision. Thank you for listening and in order to find it’s, it’s really easy. Just type in Tulsa, Home Security.

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