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Good morning this is Keith with Wickham security. We’Re going to be talking about. If you have a dog, do you need a security system? If you have a dog, do you need a security system back in the battery if a burger have a choice between choose and a half that has a dog or tooth and a house that doesn’t have a dog, then obviously their house that doesn’t have a dog? That’S going to be the place is going to go back. Your question is yes, some people would say if I come into homes on a regular basis. I have a dog, but the dog won’t do anything with that in mind you, or should you forgo having a home security system if you happen to have a dog to bark think about this home security system, compare the two home security systems compared to a dog And dogs and things that are happening around them far better than we could ever be careful because there are excellent ability to be so. The dog will start barking when he hears a squirrel or if you hear somebody walking outside.
That’S not at your house, maybe he’s at the neighbors house or possibly the mail carrier. If you follow where I’m going with this photographer parking to alert you and it’s just a false alarm. So therefore, dog is really no different than a home security system, as people would say, they don’t want a home security system because of the false alarm young and it bothers them. Well, you definitely don’t want to be paying them on a monthly service. If you’re going to be getting a bunch of fall through false alarm, Do I need a Tulsa Home Security if I have a dog so but the thing home security systems, home security systems don’t go off unless something has been moved or a dark door has been opened or so there’s not really any false alarm and a home Security system does a dog’s bark and is loud and notify you when you’re in the house. He has a difficult time communicating that to you. If you happen to be at work, so a dog may be smart, a dog may be able to notify you, but he has a difficult time doing that if you’re at work and needs our help so until he has the ability to be able to make those Phone calls a dog in comparison to a home security system, may not necessarily be able to do the job as well as you might think he does now. Does that mean having a dog you know and not having a good idea? I don’t think so, like I said many a time before, layered security is important. Laird, home security is important and a terrorist one of those layers.

So it’s important not only to have a dog which can be a really good companion that are going to have to be a big dog. This point you’re not looking for a guard dog you’re. Looking looking for a dog, that’s going to notify you surroundings that are around you in the general vicinity when you are home, but also a dog is a good companion. So we can’t forgo what and the reasons for getting a dog outside of the fact that a dog is a really good companion and can do his job. Do I need a Tulsa Home Security if I have a dog When you are home, your dog will keep burglars out. Do I need a Tulsa Home Security if I have a dog I would stay relatively close to 60 % of time with the idea in mind that the dog is big enough to get the job done. If a dog has a really deep bark and John Berger comes up to the door, it’s going to help them to turn it off.
But if it’s a small dog or it’s just a will be considered a toy dog, then more than likely going to deter them from really wanting to get here. You know the thing about dogs and selves yo. You have to keep in mind. You know what their real purpose is. The dog itself is going to do his job, to the degree that how big the dog is and how well the dog is been trained, both of which are going to be somewhat sometimes costly. To do and it’s important to be able to make sure that these things are done properly, grill a burger entering through an unlocked door window know if a dog is going to meet that person at the door – and I said this many times people I’ve got to Take yo: what about the motion detector? Is it going to set the alarm off Elder a bigger dogs? Do I need a Tulsa Home Security if I have a dog Yes is potentially going to set the alarm off, but it’s also a good motion detector. So if you’re gone and somebody’s trying to come in through a door or window that dog is probably if he has free reign throughout the house, he’s going to go to that door window attempting to come in and he’s going to bark. So that’s a much better motion picture than the motion picture that would be coming with you home security system. Now, if they come into that window or they come into that door and say the window is contacted with a security alarm to scare you are, then it’s going to go off tomorrow.
Train station young dog is going to keep them at Bay before they even come. In and more than likely, they will never even get into the house, because the security system is going off and burgers like to spend close to 8 to 10 minutes. When they come into our house, they would like to be able to spend┬áDo I need a Tulsa Home Security if I have a dog I already know what they want. It would like to be able to spend 8 to 10 minutes in your house. So if they’re home security system alarm is going off and the Dodgers are keeping them at Bay, then they’re not going to be able to do the things that they would like to do.

It’S much easier to just move on, rather than dealing with trying to deal with the dog and his home security system, they’re, just not going to have any time to do what they want to do so and also here when somebody breaks into her house, you know, And they break something, it’s called the break-in. Then that means you’re going to have to repair some Twitter sign in yard before the person is even if they’ve never been to your house before it’s sign in the yard, at 75 % and before they’ve even touched the door to even attempt to come in or Knock on the door or whatever now I’m knocking on the door, they’re, probably going to knock on the door to determine if somebody’s there in the dog park and they’re, probably going to turn around and walk off, because there’s layered protection there and you’re not going to Have to repair any damages, you know the damage. Is it take place and break-ins? No, they usually average about ,700 per breaking. That’S the average throughout the country.
So so you know you’re not going to catch him. Cuz they’re, going to break it. Take the door in Sirens going to go off the dogs going to be barking and year they’re going to be taking off running, but you still got that it’s important to be able to consider. If you have a dog, do you need a security system yeah? If that layered protection that is needed to help those people, those burglars to reconsider, going to a different location, you’re, finding a different house to break into rather than yours, home security for, Do I need a Tulsa Home Security if I have a dog is something that’s fast becoming a vitally important to every person throughout the Tulsa surrounding Area so, if you’re looking for a home security system and the Tulsa surrounding area, Google call so home security and you’ll find we’ve been in business for a little over 8 years and no contract and no credit check in the country with 6 different monitoring your seat. All of your alarm signals at the same time.

It’S the best service available and you’ll, see that we have the most reviews in the best reviews vending company in town, because we have four 7 tech support is always somebody you can talk to you. 24/7. Thank you for listening have a great day.

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