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Good morning this is key with Witness Security you know the Oklahoma story we’re going to be talking about witness secure home security at its best home security and its best. What’s kind of important about home security is it. Just the general facts about security here in Oklahoma. You know if you’re looking for a home security system there are a few factors that you need to put into play in order to decide which security company you’d like to be able to go with. And these factors are fairly simple and you know you know if you’re trying to do a little bit of research you can type in a watchful home security and witness security as the rule usually pops up first with the most of my interviews and the best reviews of any company in town that which take the opportunity to read some of these reviews and see what kind of service. You know any company provides you know. That being said you don’t want by a biased opinion. So reading reviews from people that use our services and you’ll discover that you know the quality of service that we provide is second to none. It’s not too difficult to answer the phone regardless what the hour might be an answer whatever questions you might have to be able to provide good quality service. It’s fairly simple really. And you know with that being said moving on. The other thing to kind of look at is what kind of an agreement would you have to sign. You know there are Do-It-Yourself companies out there that brag about the fact that you don’t have to sign anything.
There’s absolutely no signatures required. You know stop and think about that. Just a little bit. Absolutely no signatures required. Now the word is that means there’s absolutely no responsibility required. Let that sink in just for a moment. If there’s no signature required at all and there’s no contract then there’s absolutely no responsibility. No other words. They don’t care what happens to your system and they’re not going to take any responsibility for what happens. So they may brag about the fact that they mean the professional monitoring.
But if you are going to take any responsibility then are you really taking responsibility. Not really. And.
You know they maybe cheat. But then again think about it again. She may not necessarily mean good. And I’m not even talking about average. So think about that as well. You know when you consider a home security system. Keep in mind what it is you are trying to protect Are you trying to protect our doghouse. Are you trying to protect something is not really real value. You know in my opinion I don’t think the price they can even put on a family so your children as you put them into bed at night and you turn around to look at of that was you know. They’re laying there in bed. You turned out to lie. Is there a price tag or if they can put on that child. I don’t think so. No. So therefore I would not necessarily trust to do it yourself situation. I would definitely take in consideration of professional installation security systems 04:00 security company that provides professional licensed. Bonded. Insured security company that does provide some responsibility in the fact that you do sign on the dotted line for the installation. You know the cost of the equipment might be a little bit more that much more. But you guarantee the fact that things are going to get taken care and they’re free to do it yourself situation. You better look in the mirror. Look real hard at the installer and it’s going to be put in the same. The installer is going to be somebody has no earthly idea.
What is required as far as needed and the security equipment needs to be put in how to install it. You know what’s the best way to install it. What’s the best way to keep it to work communicates the fastest You know the equipment that comes in the box. It’s just evolved. You know the easiest way of keeping my responsibility. So they’re not going to make it necessarily do everything we can do. Just a thought. And where a company that does require as professionally installed and it does requires some responsibility then witness security not only goes and requires other things to be installed correctly but there are ways you can make that security system communicate faster than normal. There are ways you can make sure that your security system communicates to the market information and you get a phone call faster than normal. There are things that can be taken into consideration to make sure that when that alarm goes off you get a phone call faster than normal you know. So. Take these things into consideration is a few extra dollars per month worth that for your family or you. So cheap. You know 95 a month to just providing you an indication of peace of mind and not the real deal. You know Witness Security we’d like to have the opportunity to be able to visit with you an and try to make sure that things are taken care you know Witness Security is a company Witness Security is a company that has always gone beyond the norm when it comes to service and services key when you’re talking about any kind of an industry that requires some of the media attention 24/7.
So therefore you know these things can be available if you ever needed any technical assistance. You know such as needing a password needed to change to code need to be able to. Change some things around in the programming. You know these basic things that everybody kind of needs from time to time because life is never the same. You know things change within your lives. Kids start growing up you know. And happen to have difficulty with kids you’d like to take care of. Some other details around the house. Or garden security. Yeah different things that may come up around your house you may have people that you didn’t necessarily didn’t trust but now all of a sudden you do not trust. So therefore some extra measures need to be taken into consideration. You know therefore you know consider a company that’s going to be available 24/7 you know and so that the details can be addressed. And be able to make sure that your family is taken care of and protected. Peace of mind. He can’t go if you can’t afford to go without you know I was at home last night or yesterday afternoon. Individual it had some issues in the past and because you had a security system for as long as she had you know financially she was bound on a fixed income and needed some things taken care of.
And you know previous companies that she had talked to you know those you with her renter they wouldn’t take care of her you know witness security does take care of renters no different don’t want her you know because we’re not here for just to make sure that we secure a profit we’re in it to make sure that we are securing homes and security and a lot of Oklahoma you know has taken the extra steps to make sure that families are secure and families are safe. You know if you’re absolutely just in it to try and try to be able to provide a sense of peace of mind. Then another company might be better. But if you are a real secure peace of mind get a hold of witness security and so on over and we’ll get it taken care of in short or at home I assure you satisfaction will definitely be on your lips when you talk to somebody else. Thank you. Listening with insecurity.

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