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This is Keith with witness security on our show. We’re going to be talking about the home security advantage here in a Owasso Oklahoma. Alonzo Oklahoma is a small community relatively close to. From what I gather about fifty six thousand people and it’s one of the fastest growing companies are building a lot here and over along with you drive up 1:59 you’ll notice the top on 17th street nor can 86 street north and 96 street north. There are subdivisions being built in on both sides of 169. And as you drive up through Tulsa Oklahoma you’ll notice that these communities are being built so people are looking to move into Owasso own majority. These homes are already pre-wired for security systems and that necessarily are a priority. If you’re looking into a home security system and what I call the home security advantage is the advantage of knowing that a company is going to be able to take care of you and you don’t have to necessarily buy into a long term contract. And no I think you ought to look into when you’re looking for the home security advantage. You know what’s going on is finding a company that doesn’t necessarily know a locally owned and operated. So you’re not just a number that we keep track of you with. We know you by name. So when you call in a Witness Security we know who you are. So it’s a personal level not just the number 11. You know if you ever had an issue with your security system there is always a phone number you can call to get a hold of us.¬†Home Security Advantage
Doesn’t matter what time of day doesn’t matter what time of night. Doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend or for time or day. Give us a call and we can solve your problem. Witness Security. This is what we do. We provide a home security system. It’s not a sidelight for us like some companies are. You know they add our security to their name because they also provide an entertainment service. This is what we do. This is how we make our livelihood. So would you rather go with the company that or this is what they do. Or would you rather go with a company that just had security tacked on to some of the services that they provide. You know it’s really important to go to an actual security company that uses the equipment that meets all of the standards when it comes to fighting home security. You know why is that important. That’s important because when it comes to the peace of mind for your family and getting what you pay for then when your son or daughter decide they want to sneak out of the house it makes it pretty difficult for them to do so. You know are you going to. Am I saying that teenagers try to sneak out of the house. Wow. Did you when you’re grown up things haven’t changed since you were grown up to where your kids are growing up. Oftentimes teenagers try to sneak out of the house. Sorry. It’s just a fact of life. So think about these things.
You want to make sure that when your son or daughter whether they’re little or whether they’re old when they open the door you get notified that the door open at 6 o’clock. These things are important. Whether the system is turned on it or you should have some loose took sort of a. Notification for you know that a door has been opened and it’s if it’s something you are aware of then it’s no big deal if it’s something you weren’t aware of. And that’s a big deal for you to be notified and get up out of your chair and or out of your bed and find out what’s going on around your house. You know fact just a few moments ago you know here it is at 6:00 o’clock this morning or if you heard it on my computer or my wife just got up out of bed to let the dogs out I was notified on my phone and on my watch that the alarm system was just disarmed and you just let the dogs out. I know that because that’s the way it is in our house. I know what time she gets up. I know what time the dog. Start being notified. And therefore I also know that you know for example we haven’t played it’s just the writing area at the office and it just notified me that the door just opened up and one of our employees just arrived. You know these kind of things are vitally important. We are thinking about a home security system for your house or even your business.
You know when it comes to home security you know Witness Security and Owasso has decided that this is the item that they were going to do to make sure that you can read with the full peace of mind knowing that the details are being taken care of you know on the Lovo that we have witness security is the guy with you know the city inside the people you know we came up with that logo for the simple purpose. If somebody is watching over your house they’re going to be vigilant to make sure that their eyes are wide open and they’re aware of what’s going on in their surroundings. That’s why the reflection of the city is inside the pupil of the logo of Witness Security because in order for somebody to be vigilant and aware and awake they have to be have their eyes wide open. Also the love of Witness Security is really simple. The best witness in a court of law is an eye witness. So therefore think about these things Witness Security not always taking the measures to make sure that your home is taken care of and secure. But we’ve also taken in thought through the details to make sure they even right down to the design of our logo that these things you know convey the simple truth that witness security can be there to take care of your family and provide you with the peace of mind knowing for certain that you don’t have to worry about whether or not your family is secure and safe and security. And while Oklahoma ¬†areas or other few things that we take care of that are in my opinion pretty important. You know.
If you are wanting to be able to provide the ability to be able to watch over your house when it comes to our home automation features such as thermostats you know even a half hour of the day our fellow wanted. No fee no service. I was on the fritz when I was there doing the appointment and we want to know if we had such a thing you know could I possibly get one for my business as well as my house. Of course you can. Real simple profits and taking real time at all is you for wires took it out and put it out and look it up on the wall and sure enough it’s up and going. No real effort whatsoever. So as you think about these things in the home security advantage you know do you witness security or do home security you don’t waffle Oklahoma and see what pops up. Witness Security use Year arrives at the top of the list with the most reviews and the best reviews of any company in town in the entire Tulsa surrounding communities. You know as you’re looking for a home security system your own concern wouldn’t secure.

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