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Good morning this is Keith with with Witness home Security Owasso of Oklahoma.
We’re going to be talking about this morning is the home security advantage the home security advantage if you’re looking to possibly get any at home here in Owasso Oklahoma your soon and you’re not exactly sure whether or not your home security system would be to your advantage or not. Here’s a few tips you can think about to consider when you are possibly getting a home security system. Number one you know I get a lot of people ask me you know should I get a home security system. A call up and they’ll ask various questions or you know regarding the. Possibility of getting this home security system. And know my thought is this the majority of your. Burglaries take place you go out at the street in front of your house they’re considering about breaking into your home when they’re out of the street. Not when they are you know scoping out the house but it’s really when they are just right out in front and they’re not sure whether or not they want to break in or not.
And they make that determination by the sign that you have in your yard.
You know it’s pretty simple when when you think about it.
A lot of people think I don’t want to put it outside of my yard there that will advertise you know I’m for the company and I want to sell for them. You’re not advocating necessarily for the company. I mean you are. But the biggest thing about that side yard is the fact that it’s going to deter anybody from considering to break into your home because of the sign in your yard and you know those people standing on the street they’re looking at it and they it makes them take a second thought about it. I don’t know if I break into that home I’m going to have I’m going to be limited in the time that I’m going to be able to break. You know do whatever I want to do in our home. So do I. Choose to break into that home or do I choose to break into either one of the homes here next door to this home because they don’t have a security system and immediately the determination is made by most of your burglar burglars whether or not they’re going to break into your home if you have a security system.
And that determination is usually no.
No because Berger by nature are lazy lazy and the fact that they don’t want to get out and get a real job because that’s going to require them to get up and go and do whatever it is that they have a job that is you’re going to have to get a better record time in the morning and or in the evening and they’re going to have to work that job how many hours it is every single day you know five days a week and that’s not that’s a totally against their nature. They want to be able to do whatever they want to do whenever they want to do it. And however they to do it and.
Most importantly they don’t want to have to work for it.
So by nature a burglar is not going to break into a house that has a security system because that is that’s going to incur work and they’re not going to do that.
Having a cup of coffee I’m sorry. Home Security Advantage
And so therefore the advantage of having a home security system just by having that sign in the yard is a major advantage in getting a home security system.
And there are a lot of people who say well I’ve never had a security system. What exactly do I need to get warm. I’m just moving here into Oklahoma and I’m not exactly sure what I need to get. That’s why home security companies such as witness security we have basic packages. We try to make the decision making as simple as possible. You know the majority of most tunnels have three doors and so therefore that encompasses the basic package for Witness Security there are lots of them you know three doors. Some people have more than three or you know maybe a master bedroom door maybe an exterior garage or maybe like the house we did last night had two living room doors. But those opportunities are pretty rare in most cases. So therefore you know basic back just three doors are both in character and then the keypad and the keypad that we install our new installation is a keypad. It is a touch screen system that talks to you and lets you know what our door has been opened and you know exactly which door is open and your window if you choose to do a window. And that we know for certain exactly what door your son or daughter decided to go out. If they’re small and we try to keep track of them. So it’s very handy that way. And it wasn’t going on as a lot of new families moving in. And when I say families that’s more than one child or one child or more. Home Security Advantage
And so you know you want to be able to keep your kids especially if you have a fool out factor maybe in a bank or some type of accident you won’t be able to make sure that they don’t fall down and hurt themselves if they do go outside. And when you know worst case scenario even if they were to go out the front door you’ll be notified they’re going out the front door. Home Security Advantage
And you know they might be getting two or three you know and waiting in security.
The main thing that goal in mind for us is to make sure that each one of our clients in Watts Oklahoma have the peace of mind knowing for certain that you know their home was taken care of and protected. There is more to it than just home security. You know I’d say just about every home not getting to for the last 20 years that I’ve been doing security systems there’s never really been too many families that didn’t like to keep on a keep and to remind them that the door just opened and you know the majority of service calls I get when people call. Home Security Advantage
We’ve had a technician out for whatever reason when you go into programming or most of the systems it takes the time off. So therefore people call up and say we have a technician out today an alarm technician and you know after he left the beeping on the keypad no longer work can. I think there’s something wrong with it. You know there’s nothing wrong with it. But what happens is the technician when he went into the program and came back out he forgot to put the child back on. And that’s an easy fix for decoding. And none of that turns the child back down on the Honeywell systems. And on to the existing rules the state lets you turn it off. So that makes it really simple. But most of your homeowners know they’re not exactly sure what to do. So we get a phone call or whatever time it is morning afternoon night and address the situation immediately. Would you then made major plus know as far as your home security advantage. It’s a good idea to be able to go with a company that for example and the other night or last night while I was at church and he decided he wanted to go to a different company and because my price might have been a little bit higher than the other. That’s the only thing I can imagine he wanted to do but to sell it because he didn’t have a landline telephone anymore. And he seemed to believe that having to pay for the cell you know which is $99 was above his budget a little bit too much.
And you know our monthly rate is 30 for 99 weeks. Again I guess he thought that was going to bust his budget too much.
So he decided to cancel. And in doing so he decided he was just going to cancel and go get the company and not bother calling us. Well every company is going to require a 30 day written notice. Doesn’t matter what company it is you’re not just going to be able to cancel the service you know. Everything is paid for in advance. So you can’t just cancel the service randomly you know whenever you please just because Witness Security has no contract it makes it really simple.
But yet at the same time we’ve got to still pay our firm in monitoring advance so that we can still have a contract. Think think things through. But at the same time it’s 7:30 at night and he’s texting me trying to communicate with me. You’re never going to get that with any other security company in the entire industry not here in Oklahoma. After five o’clock found his shirt off. You are a talker. Nobody can make a decision. You know if you’re looking for a home security system and it was Oklahoma. Just check us out on the web. Home Security Advantage
Witness Security. And you don’t see what the home security they would possibly be for getting the security system through Witness Security. You know was Oklahoma thinking.

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