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Here we are witness security or you know was Oklahoma you know sit around a cup of coffee and making sure that things you’re taking care of what we were talking about this morning is the ability to if you’re looking into a home security system about a home security advantage you know there’s things that we can look into when you’re thinking about a home security system you know. And why would you choose one company over another. You know the home security advantage is just being able to take the extra time and effort that when you’re considering a home security system what are some of the things you need to look into. You know what makes it different between one security company over and over. Home Security Advantage
You know I had a customer call this past weekend. I was on a motorcycle and riding down Highway 66 with a bunch of people you know it was pretty interesting we had 11 motorcycles and 21 people that rode with us you know we were on Memorial Day on a motorcycle right now. A lot of people when they hard go and enjoy our holiday weekend. You know they would rather not have to deal with any phone calls because that’s my time and I don’t want to be bothered doing my time well in my opinion when it comes to providing a service 24/7 that requires life safety and or protection of our clients and making sure that people are able to operate. There’s just that system as frequent as possible. So I’d like to say 100 percent of the time that you know there are times that people choose not to make that phone call so let’s say ninety eight point nine percent of the time you no security system that you’re paying for on a monthly basis will definitely be able to work. And if it’s not 100 percent of the time it’s almost always because of human error just a lack of understanding of how to make your system work. So pick up the phone. Tell everybody do you do this pick up the phone. We have 24/7 tech support and even though I’m right down the highway on Route 66 here in Oklahoma I was able to answer for phone calls when I was on the road and enjoy myself making it to work. Home Security Advantage
All four people that I spoke to this past weekend were able to get their system armed. And they were off doing the things that they wanted to do. Peace of mind knowing before everything is set up and ready to go as they walked out the door I had one individual. The alarm went off. The monitoring station called me because they’d already called the homeowner and the homeowner didn’t answer the phone. Why doesn’t the homeowner answer the phone.
I’m not exactly sure why he would get a security system and never answered the phone when monitoring station calls. But in this particular case he forgot to program the 1 800 number because it comes in 1 800 6 3 3 2 6 7 7. They didn’t break and I never thought it was probably some telemarketer and didn’t answer the phone and the monitoring station said we have our customer that has a wire sensor going off and we’ve had multiple signal signals going off. You know and you know the keyholder haven’t gotten an answer on either. Never. What should we do. And so I turn and call that same individual app that just left the house about 30 minutes before and we’re headed I’m guessing to the lake. And so they turned around got back to the house discovered that the hot water heater had burst and water was going all over the wood floors. They were able to get out back out and vacuum up all of that wire real fast get a fan out and dryer water that it happened shut the water off to the hotwired here and are able to get back on the road and within less than an hour and do the things that they want. To enjoy and be able to take care of that situation later. And here it is on a holiday weekend. Had they not been with Witness Security they never would have been able to get that response. And what good is it to have a war center if you’re not going to answer your phone when the monitoring station calls. So little bit extra effort on our part.
But when you’re talking about a home security advantage it’s pretty good to have somebody take the extra effort to make sure that your home is taking care you know the other night. Last night had an individual are communicating to me while I was in church. You know that he had an issue with his arm system technician was out and didn’t understand why he didn’t have to try him on his door more after the technician was there and was working on the arm system. I texted him back. Junior 46 and 9 and voila the times back on the keypad and you’re up and going again. No worries. You’re not going to get that at home with any other monitoring company or any other company in Watts Oklahoma any kind of service like that at 7:30 at night. It’s not going to happen. Why. Most of your companies out there 5:00 their phones get shut off good going into his answering service. And there’s something we can continue to stand in and from service. And if it’s a holiday it continues to stand here strangers they’ll get back to you after next available convenience. So during the holiday or four day weekend then unfortunately if you have any kind of an incident and you need the system armed and for whatever reason you can’t get it working then what’s going to happen. It’s not going to be armed or it’s not going to work at the level that you’d like it to work. Home Security Advantage
You know was Oklahoma simply because you’re not with a company that is going to be able to take care of you and provide that level of service needed for 24 hour service and that’s what this security system does. The security system provides 24 hour monitoring service but it doesn’t really work too well if it’s not turned on. So while I was with other companies throughout the 20 years I’ve been in the industry that has been the number one complaint. You know being able to get ahold of somebody to make sure that their security system is working all the time every time they go somewhere. There are a lot of people who have never arm the alarm system until they’re getting ready to go on vacation or go for a long weekend. And then they go to try to on the system and it does not work. Well why do we have a security system with you. It’s my prerogative to be able to turn that system on when I want to turn it on. I want to turn on when I’m leaving to go for an extended period. Time out and when that time does not work which gets what I does during the timeframe that most companies don’t answer the phone they’ll give back to you. Next available convenience. And they emphasized that you know that’s where it is with every company you know so go security go. Company is going to answer your phone here in Oklahoma and you can know right away you’re going to go with the company to somebody a real technician is going to be able to answer the phone and be able to take care of your situation. You say individual one individual I talked to yesterday want him to go to another company because they were a little cheaper on the installation.
Like I explained to her there’s a 36 month period. So in that 36 percent agreement you look at the Google reviews and all that is just a matter of googling you know home security systems in this case it was Oklahoma. And within seconds you can see the number of reviews one company has over and over and you can see whether or not it’s worth the money to do so is the best price always the best. Way. Not necessarily the best price might mean that they’re taking or cutting corners in order to be able to protect their bottom line so that might be cheaper. But it’s probably not better. So I think these things through whether you’re considering a home security system so you know being a down you’re getting the best service possible. Google Witness Security or Google home security systems and it was Oklahoma or Wasow home security was security systems whatever it is maybe even surveillance systems maybe you know about our surveillance systems. You know when security was like stick hared you Arawak. OK. Thank you.

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