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A little this is key witness security you know this morning we’re going to be where it was Oklahoma and we’re talking about the home security advantage.
What is a home security advantage. It’s pretty simple. Some basic things you want to consider when you’re thinking about a home security system. You know what are the advantages you might want to consider as you are looking into a home security system. You know one number one thing that witness security use I guess you could say famous for. We do not do a monitoring agreement.
So how is that an advantage to you. You know it’s as you think about it. Is there a possibility is you are working everyday workaday world. You know do accidents happen. And the answer is obviously yes. Accidents do happen accidents first.
You know sometimes we take it to the point where we can no longer work. You know things can potentially happen to where you may have to sell your house. You know there are events that take place in people’s lives that make it or they can’t stay in the House that they’re in right now. So they need to sell the house and be able to get a different house. You know if you’re bound in a contract to that house you know which you know it makes you in it is you to be able to do some of the things you’d like to do. So the home security vetting General WATTS Oklahoma is was Witness Security. We don’t deal with our trade agreement. You know another home security advantage that is kind of important is the simple fact is how is the monitoring taking care of. You know it’s our dream that our company is using is it is cheaper they can possibly get. So that their bottom line and their financial income that they can make is that the peak of what they’re they’re at or are they providing security monitoring service that is not only going to be 24/7. That is not only going to be able to respond whenever the alarm takes place but does that security monitoring company take the extra measures to make sure that that monitoring is done at the highest level possible.
What I mean by that is for your own wedding security does things it makes makes it worth the security system itself will communicate a little faster than most other companies.
You know how is that. It’s just a programming feature. You can take out features you can add and make it to where that system can work at its highest level possible. The other thing that witness security does is the monitoring that we use through monitoring company we use has six independent monitoring stations. And you think about that six independent monitoring stations where every single monitoring station gets the alarm signal at the same time.
We have a monitoring station located in Scottsdale Arizona. We have one located in Lewisville Texas. We have one located in Nashville Tennessee. We have another monitoring station located in Baton Rouge Florida. And another one located in New Jersey and another one in Maryland. So the advantage is having each of our train stations spread out over across the United States.
The odds of any particular location or multiple locations having massive storms taking place in the United States all at the same time is virtually impossible. You know and if it is taking place where that is happening then more than likely you’re not all that concerned about whether or not your security monitoring is going to work because you’re probably conserving or bar you’re you’re dealing with a catastrophic event that is going to take over the United States. Therefore you know that security monitoring that witness security used in a walk Oklahoma is track at the highest level has received the most number of awards of any monitoring stations ever received during the history of the monitoring they’ve been in business for 35 years.
Their exact same monitoring station that uses their homeland Security uses.
You know it’s not your run of the mill monitoring station you know every operator that works at monitoring stations goes through a rigorous training of a hundred and sixty eight hours before he can sit in front of a monitor to be able to respond to alarm signals you know there’s a rigorous training process that takes place not only are in the beginning of somebody 13 but also throughout the entire training process because things do change you know codes change and our responsibilities change. So therefore there’s always a regular training process that takes place when it comes to the communication of you know individual who’s in the monitoring station talking to people. Here we are located in the United States of America. Most of your monitoring stations you know hire people on a regular basis. And in many cases at minimum wage. And so therefore you’re going to get people. And if you don’t train them correctly. Not to say that this is bad. But you know when you are in a lot of people who migrate into the United States to say this in a good way we commend the fact that they can learn English. You know that’s that’s very commendable. But also at the same time it’s very difficult to understand some of them.
And when your major occupation is communication to English speaking people it’s pretty important to make sure that your communication you know that you’re communicating to somebody that you’re communicating clearly. You know though you may know English that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can communicate it clearly and during the rigorous hundreds exceed hours you train that witness security monitoring tapes does you know it winds up those people and may maybe locate some in another part of our team station so that they’re not necessarily communicating to the people as frequent.
So the training process that takes place in Oklahoma for witness security not only is it fast and efficient. Twenty two seconds or less than 30 alarms. But it’s also you know set up and designed so that anybody and everybody is going to be able to understand you know the person that’s calling or the alarm signal that takes place and they can process it correctly you know through the basic process of communication being able to understand people. These things are vital when it comes to you know monitoring and life safety products such as security system fire system when it comes to residential you know. And also commercial and then monitoring as far as water centers and carbon monoxide. These you know features that we can do our features that can be a difference between life and death. So the home security advantage and witness security is a simple process of just simply doing the very best you can possibly have at the best level possible you know Witness Security in Oklahoma has taken those extra measures to make sure that our clients know beyond a shadow of a doubt that 100 percent of the time they’re going to be taken care of and they don’t have to worry about it. That’s peace of mind.
That’s a home security advantage that will take you to the next level and you can tilt your head at night knowing for certain that witness security is watching over you with what matters most to.

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