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I’m not sure. Yeah. And he told me that rigidness I respect you. Is that right.
That’s what I was going. She did just quit counting works in our favor.
We tend to be a deal anymore. It’s actually about 55 to one. Yeah.
When it’s all said and done it goes over charities he’s been averaging about 15 or so to myself.
And you don’t make 15 or and mom is doing more of the time wise in his time I work more hours at times double the hours that you do. So does Keith So 120 or 60 hours a week.  Home security Advantage
Every every week versus his 40 sometimes 50 hours a week.
Your average is about 45 50. Yeah. Right. Or put him ever bigger.
Yeah. To your mom. She puts every bit. Probably close to 60. So between our hundred and eighty and a hundred and sixty and her 60 it’s 200 and. 220 hours a week in comparison to your 45 50. Home security Advantage
And you’re getting paid more. Never done the math on that. That is amazing. And at the same time we can’t send you out a drive. So I don’t want to go over. We just did that math that only makes sense. And at the same time we can’t figure out how to get so.
Or we get her home. How often is it going to be. I can’t I can’t get that work right at that point.
We hear it really only worth about 15 in her 15 second number I was thinking it’s going to be incivil knocks you out it will work. Niggas get Shannon would actually get it. He wouldn’t come back and say I can’t. Now they can program me well. At least the signals will be there.
One way or another he would have made it appeared as if it was done and where I’m afraid to he will just can’t do it.
Terry in it for weeks you haven’t learned this programming.
Well we have devoted more time in programming than any other employees we’ve ever had. And
you still don’t have.
And some of our other employees had it and they didn’t have time to get used.
Well that was to be a go still.
Curly King is here now. So. I mean he just went through it. But we have a really.
Devoted a whole lot of effort to try and bring him to learn.
Because if you can’t learn this what’s the point and it’s teaching me the basics of the chicken.
Meaning we want you to learn you get. And if we were to do it the other way around where he can go out and do a TV show and he can’t do this well.
Then I’m just clueless.
You know in some cases it might be kind of backwards is the easiest of the two.
Just the same time. That’s just more of a reason for you not to learn that.
And you know whether it’s 15 0 between this 15 to get it’s yes it is much more difficult system but it’s at the same time it is half of our system.
Yes if you look at the car today almost everything today is just for TV. Home security Advantage
Dave I’m guessing it’s just another two party system is it so my guess is we fit in. So I think that a fixed problem.
It’s just randomly going all the way and you get a call from my dream center last night during church that was called faith and they called me for it I was on the phone with code page because it sent over send it to me. And then they called right back, and I was in service I’m sitting next to me and my phone starts ringing, and so I looked and looked at her. Her phone is not running. She does check your system checkpoint system. Now like any other weekend. How do you order is he goes to me meet you did Mark Well I just want to make sure I wasn’t going to answer unless it was one of our systems. Either directly or especially since those dead center of the jury math only makes sense. If he doesn’t have it. I mean where he could go on and see take over and do it 100 percent by himself. What we want to do then is to address it. This way. It’s just something you really want to mean the other day on Friday you were crawling into that want to get back here. He is something he brought out. I mean here we have a summary of and that adek you’d say claustrophobia. No. When you have the you know when you’re crawling on your hands and knees to get as far back as that was there and then you got to crawl on your belly for another three to five feet into a tight spot breathing in the insulation causes one winter that’s Claustrophobia. Now you got a light in the attic that you can stand up and walk to and right up to about where you have to get on your hands and knees and you crawl three to 10 feet. No that’s not claustrophobia. Home security Advantage

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