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Good morning this is Keith Whitton security. We are here our witness security and what we’re going to be talking about is a home security advantage. What is a home security advantage. You know when you’re kidding looking in the possibility of getting a home security system that was going on. There are some items you’d like to be able to take. I think it’s important to take a careful consideration of you know the company that you’re looking in to going with it does that company have the ability to do everything when it comes to watching over your security system or your home your own witness security. We don’t just take care of home security systems. We also take your video surveillance system. And there’s a quite a few people out there that have rental property in Watts or Oklahoma. And we can take your rentals as well. So if you’re looking into a home security system and you’re just moving into Oklahoma and you’re looking into one of those categories where you’re looking at closed circuit TV or actual security system what if you are a renter and not to rent or if you’re a business owner or not a business owner either one. And then also you know what if you’re wanting to operate some various items in your home use your thermostat your lights your locks your garage door so that when you pull in and out of your garage as you can control that from your phone your kids. Home Security Advantage
They constantly are losing their keys are constantly losing the remote or constantly or can’t find there are various items that they need in order to get a lock to lock lock the doors or you know what about the code that they are trying to key into the queue’s entry into the garage door. And they keep calling you saying hey what’s the code to the kids entering the garage. I can’t remember what it is. You know you could provide them the ability to operate everything from the phone or they can give you a call and you can open it up from your phone or you’re at work you know being able to track your kids coming and going is pretty important these days you know Witness Security all of these features are not just available. They are part of our basic package. Did you follow what I said there. It’s part of our basic package so therefore being able to track your kids in things you know those items are really important. Where most companies are charging extra for those things. Witness Security is just part of the basic package. And so therefore think about what kind of company you’d like to do business with a company that provides 24/7 tech support a company that doesn’t require a contract. A company that doesn’t require a credit check or a company that has top line monitoring  anything that monitoring stations you know that get all the signals at the same time. Twenty two seconds or less than 30 arms. What kind of company are you looking into possibly get going with. Home Security Advantage
You know look into the sales and find out whether or not you know that company is locally owned and operated a company that is locally owned and operated is probably going to take better care for you than a company that a large conglomerate where you’re just a number and then get back to you whenever they get back to you. But rest assured you will definitely be writing that chapter. That money will definitely be coming out of your account like clockwork whether your system works or not. So consider these things. It’s kind of important you know when you’re paying for a service do you want that service to work 100 percent of the time or just some of the time and all of the times that when you really want to turn them on. Those are the times for whatever reason you can’t seem to get it to turn on. I hear this comment all the time. Did an individual last night have eight different locations. He’s with one company. And at any given month he never can seem to get one of those systems to work and they’ll get back to him whenever they can. It’s OK. They’re not too concerned about it as long as you send them the money. And then if you don’t send them the money there is a late fee on top on tacked on top of that. So you know his complaint was you know I never can get all of them working on the same time. You know they’re all have various issues every single month and they can’t get a hold of anybody. If you want to spend two hours on the phone trying to get a hold of somebody in service then OK he can do so but he’s a business man.Home Security Advantage
What business man has two hours to sit on the phone and wait for a technician or somebody to get on the phone to schedule a service call and then after they get somebody on the phone to schedule a service call. It’s going to be two to three weeks before they can get out there. You know who has that kind of time. I don’t know of anybody. You know I’m a business owner. I don’t have that kind of time to be able to spend on the phone and he can’t just decide anybody because it has to be a keyholder are going to talk to you. And guess who’s taking over. You are. So. Guess what. If you aren’t taking care you’re the to have to do it. And you know any time you have available to do that is after hours weekends and holidays and they’re not going to answer the phone. So you’re stuck again.
Only being able to do business during business hours and you can’t do that during business hours. So you’re stuck again. How are things going to be before I can get that system up and functional. Once again you know Witness Security and a walk was Oklahoma. There are some things that we are taking them major making sure that you’re taking care you know the whole security advantage is simple go with a company that has your back go the company that’s going to go on are going to be taking you in consideration as a person not as a number go to a company that has that consideration and knowledge of knowing how things should be taken care of and how quickly things ought to be taken care and witness security in Oklahoma. We’ve taken those things and we ramp it up to another level. There’s not another company in the entire or Tota surrounding community area that takes these things in consideration. Home Security Advantage
And you can know for certain that you’re with a company that cares being locally owned and operated you know for the past eight plus years you know you can know just by picking up the phone you can google this you can find this on the Web really easy it’s Witness Security. It’s a dot com and that’s the Web site for a while. So. We also have other Web sites are. You can look at witness LRC dot com. We can also look at our witness home security Darktown. You know we’ve done various we’ve built created multiple Web sites. So it’s very easy for you to be located in security that was Oklahoma. So. Look at some things and you’re doing a little research to find out which company you’d like to go with as you moved into Oklahoma. And. You know first place to look would be on the web. We have five on the better business bureau. We’re an A-plus rating. 5 stars in Google. There is not another company in town that has both of those covered and knowing for certain you’re going to be protected with a piece of mind my knowing that witness security is watching over what matters most to you. Home Security Advantage

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