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Good morning this is case with Witness Security. And where are we talking about.
Basically having a home security advantage if you’re looking for a home security system in Oklahoma you know and you do a little bit of research on Google. Are there some things you need to look for when you’re looking for a home security system. You know when I say the home security advantage I’m talking about a security company that goes the extra mile that is willing to be able to provide a peace of mind to your family knowing that they’re going to be safe and secure regardless of what happens. And when it happens you know so therefore if you think about these things and you’re looking into a home security system in Oklahoma you know check in to a security company that has the ability to be able to do security cameras. You know why would you want necessarily security cameras or so many break ins that take place in vehicles and mailboxes and packages on your doorstep that never get reported to the police as to what took place in people’s driveways. So it’s really important to be able to have a security company that has the ability to be able to do video surveillance cameras.
And I’m not just talking about video surveillance cameras that you can kind of declare whether or not there’s a fuzzy figure there on the doorstep or in the driveway. I’m talking about security cameras that not only have the ability to identify people clearly but all the time whether it’s at night time or date time doesn’t make any difference. Security cameras a witness security carries and Obama are five megapixel camera.
Here we are in 2017 and a five megapixel camera. And they’re much better than Tany. Peter in the daytime and at nighttime they’re still better than 20. And if they’re living a lie then they can still stay in color which means they’re going to stay better the much better antennae.
You know these details are important when you’re looking to possibly get a security system installed in your home rather than considering that you might be in some sort of a long term contract and that scares the living daylights out of you. Then again Witness Security doesn’t do monitoring agreements and you don’t have to worry about whether or not the equipment we install is not only going to be at the highest.
Quality you could possibly be but you’re not going to have a contract. You know we don’t do credit checks. So in the event that you were worried about whether or not your credit would pass or mordent that whether or not it was you have a ding on your credit. Because he’s getting this security system in Witness Security his mind it was Oklahoma you know and the idea of having to get your credit check first security system is in my opinion ridiculous. You purchase a large purchase such as a home or car. Those types of things get contracts because of those very large mergers. But a home security system. We’re talking a few hundred hours. No you don’t finance a home security system you know for the obvious reasons you’re going to pay a lot more for our security system if you’re going to finance a security system than you ever would if you were to just purchase it have it installed and pay for the monitoring. You know it’s beyond me. Tiger stand white people would even consider doing this. But you know there’s companies out there. They’re getting 55 $60 a month for basic monitoring your security system. Fifty
two and fifty six months. Just talk to a guy yesterday been with the company for well over seven years. Seven years with the same company looking to move its house from one place to the next. And he called the company up he’s been taking care of him for the past seven years. And if they could move the equipment that he has right now and move it into his new location and. Oh yes.
We’d be glad to do that for a 56 month agreement moving the same equipment and they’re going to charge him with a fifty six month agreement. Is that ridiculous or what. You don’t think about these things if you’re looking into a home security system or was Oklahoma you want to be bound in some sort of agreement like this. I don’t. So. Take a few extra moments and it might take for you to research a local security company out that doesn’t have a contract. And guess what. You’re going to find Witness Security Witness Security doesn’t require a contract. So these details are important. Why Also is it important we are your business every single month rather than if you’re not satisfied with the service that we provide. You are welcome to kick ass to the curb. You got a written 30 day notice and you’re done. You know is that something I want to necessarily advertise. Of course it is. Because I know for certain that anybody that gets our service and witness security to watch Oklahoma is going to be satisfied because you’re not going to get any better monitoring service here in the United States. So I’m not too concerned about whether or not or if you’re to start up with this and think that you could have the opportunity to cancel. You could. But the question is would you want to. Probably not. And so Witness Security you know when you’re talking about a home security advantage. It’s important to go with a company that goes the extra mile to make sure that things are taken care.┬áHome Security Advantage
Is it getting irritating when you have people coming to your home and they do a little bit of work and they don’t bother cleaning up after themselves. I think it is. So Witness Security you know when we have our technicians come out to your home to work we clean up our selves and if they don’t give me a call and I’ll see to it that they do you know is kind of bothersome to you when you have a security company come out and they don’t are when anybody didn’t matter what security company or anybody else and they’re running a little bit behind that they don’t bother to give you a phone call to let you know that they’re running behind.
You know do we get busy. Course we do. But quite frequently we give somebody a phone call to let them know that you know maybe our technicians can be running a little bit behind schedule today you know on average we have somewhere in the vicinity of a dozen or more appointments every single day. And as life happens. Things don’t always happen the way you like them to on the calendar because on the calendar isn’t life it’s just time. And so therefore it doesn’t take in consideration the questions that people may have it doesn’t take into consideration the traffic. We may have getting from one point to point B. It doesn’t take into consideration electronics if things don’t work out the way that they like you’d like them to when you power them up. You know all these little tiny details are important to consider when you’re thinking about Witness Security or the home security advantage. You know if you’re also not really even positive whether you don’t even need to get a security system number one. Think about this if you don’t have a security sign in your yard in your yard then you’re probably a very soft target for somebody to break into. So if you’re thinking about a home security system it was Oklahoma. Think about the idea in mind most of your break ins take place or the decisions that are that are made by the thieves that stand out on the street. They’re the ones that determine whether or not they’re going to break into your home or not. And that is taking place right out of the street.┬áHome Security Advantage
It’s not done anywhere else outside of out to street for them to decide whether or not they’re going to break in. So if you think you have to have Fort Knox in order to be able to prevent disease from breaking in to your house and you’re deciding well I really don’t want to get a security system because I can’t make sure that I have all of the windows covered. I am a motion detector in every room that I have to make sure I have a smoke detector in every room that I have to make sure all of these details are important. Yes they are. But are they required to prevent somebody from breaking into your home. Absolutely not. The most important thing when you’re talking about the home security advantage is making sure you have a security company. It’s got to be able to provide the service that you need to keep your family safe. And the piece of mind that you can’t afford is.
With out consider Witness Security in Watts Oklahoma does Dougall home security systems in Watts Oklahoma or security or home security and you’ll find as we come at the top with the best reviews and the most reviews of any company in the entire ptosis surrounding communities. If you’re not exactly sure where Owasso Oklahoma is it’s just north of Tulsa on 169 and just if you go on Highway 20 toward sky and going west and then if you’re also going east towards Claremore on Highway 20 or near Collinsville then that’s where a wasaga home is sort of the highest or fastest growing communities in Oklahoma at this time. Thank you for Allison.

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