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This is key and security in Watts Oklahoma we are talking about home security at its best home security and that we already addressed one issue in the first segment. And that was.
What kind of an agreement do you have with your home security system and the equipment you carry doesn’t meet the standards of Oklahoma a burglar alarm fire Oklahoma bird men fire alarm association doesn’t meet those standards. No false alarm redemption. No. Do you have a company that is going to bite you in the contract. You know no matter what may happen you know. Do you have that kind of a company you know watching your back. You know we we have a company that’s biting you in the contract. Think about it. Are they really really.
Have you back. Not really. Home Security at its best
They have their back and there are security in mind because they bound you under a contract. If you go to the company that provides you the same security and sometimes much better then you know by earning your business on a month to month. Witness Security does. And it was over you’ll discover that we earn your business every month you know. So that way any event to say you become dissatisfied in any way shape or form then you can cancel at any time be able to step out of that agreement 30 days later you’re done. And you know on to another company if you so choose. You know but the thing that is you know. We want to make sure that you’re protected. We want to make sure that you’re satisfied and by making sure in that aspect you discover that there is something that maybe awry and you’re not necessarily sure what’s going on with your security system then pick up the phone. Really simple dial 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 you’re going to get a real live technician after hours. Weekends and holidays and you’re going to find out right away that he’s not going to be any kind of answering machine that’s going to. You’re going to have to leave a message with unless of course I happen to be on the line with somebody else or the technician on the caller is on the phone with somebody else to give you a call right back and address your situation quickly and efficiently. Most of the time when people cough there is no service call needed.
We’re able to resolve this issue whatever it may be right over the phone had an individual call yesterday about 4:55 just for the phones rolled over to my phone directly. And his concern was you know he had some trouble changing his code and at the time he was very irritated that he wasn’t able to get his code changed. You know all the systems that we use are fairly simple you just simply taxes security button hit the menu button and then press toolbox punching your four digit code and voila you’re in the system takes three easy steps. You can read all of your user management codes. You can go through each and every step and change to different noises on the keypad. There’s a system we use to get System that. Not only talks to you but also has different noises every time you open and close the door. Some people have difficulty hearing high pitched noises or you know. Things of that nature. So therefore it’s really important to be able to have and have a keypad that has different tones so you can hear those different noises you know details like these are so important to be able to do it. Dress you know to the homeowner you know. Because everybody has a different situation in their life you know. So people you know the children are bothered by loud noises. I’ve been in homes where dogs were bothered by the high pitched beep that comes from most of your keypads you know so therefore you provided different noise. Maybe you don’t want that beep at all.
Maybe you only want that beat for it to tell you that the front door or the into your garage door is open you know and you’d rather get back to or not. Have any noise whatsoever or vice versa maybe you only want the backdoor to be known to notify you that it was open because Junior you are in other words child walk around the house. You want to make sure that you know if you have a pool out back that he doesn’t inadvertently walk out the back door and decide he wants to go swimming you know without telling you first. You know so many various little details that you’d like to be able to take care of in your home can be taken care of. Witness Security was a simple phone call. And with that simple phone call you’re not on hold for 30 minutes to be able to address that situation or could it be that maybe your credit card you had on file. No one had fraudulent behavior. So now you got a different credit card. You need to change pinging. You know you have to wait for the next following business day to be able to do that. No. Give us a phone call. We’ll address that situation for you right away or so you have a situation where you have another family member move back into the house and you need to. Install another code for the system and or maybe a password for the alarm system so that when the alarm goes off then that new child or relative is going to be staying in your house temporarily. You know will have their own password and you’re going to give out your password. Home Security at its best
You know people have HAUSSEGGER because you go on vacation from time to time. Not a bad idea of fact it’s a really good idea to build a house that you sit in your house when you’re on vacation. You know that’s another issue altogether. It’s called layers of protection. You know you’d like to make sure your house is secured by an actual person you know along with the alarm system or you may have a dog sitter that needs somebody to stay there with the dog or cat. You know these little tiny details. You know it isn’t necessarily the homeowner’s responsibility to make sure that these details are addressed 100 percent of the time because home security is not what you necessarily do your occupation is something else. And because of that it allows you to be able to go into your home or your occupation to provide for your home rather than being concerned about you know how your home security system is going to function. That’s our job. You know no different than myself. You know my job is to take care of your home and all of the clients that we have. So therefore I hire somebody to mow my yard. You know I hire a mechanic to take care of my vehicles. I hire somebody to come in periodically to clean our house for the sole purpose. I want to focus all of my attention on providing the best quality service to all of our clients. A hundred percent of the time not just part of the time. For example when I was out on a motorcycle ride a packed holiday weekend. Home Security at its best
I answered four phone calls on that motorcycle ride we were with 20 other 21 other different riders and I was still able to answer those phone calls addressed those situations no phone calls or was was any longer than. Home Security at its best

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