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That for the past but you know twenty five dollars an hour is not a problem if we’re getting 30 to 35 dollars an hour worth of work. And if you because in the grand scheme of things. Twenty five dollars an hour plus $10 profit is where we need to be per hour.
Why are you getting 12 hours now. No.
You need to be getting thirty five dollars an hour worth of total you making 10 to 15 dollars profit on that hour. So if he’s making 25 we need to be making 10 to $15 an hour of profit per hour.
We’re getting doing that. Home Security Discussion
That’s that’s the way business is. And he needs to understand that. And I guarantee you know. But. And right now we are.
Worried about getting $15 an hour for his work. All right. You brought up the fact that we’re at Greg’s funds. He jumped up whenever he saw you pull up sooner or walk out the door. Home Security Discussion
You have to obviously go where is he sitting.
Sitting in a room and chair. And as soon as I turned the corner going into the room you jumped up and walked over into the closet with you.
That’s the one. He wouldn’t been able to do anything. We’d already gotten everything done when it came to that point.
But and he had been on top of the ladder flustered just getting up because he couldn’t get wires to stay inside the work notes which is kind of funny. But when we left I explained to him how it fixed his problem he couldn’t get the awareness to stand on ordinates were little bit big for what we were doing. So what did I do. I took were not to flip. Home Security Discussion
But at the end of the war is over jamming on Twitter on me I think that you 25 bucks an hour.
I shouldn’t have said but that’s a no brainer. Home Security Discussion
You got to be able to think on your feet all the time. Got to get to know me. He’s always I don’t see how you’re always just so upbeat.
It is. I don’t think it is hour. I mean a lot of the time when I’m on John. I’m not sitting there just I’m OK.
I’m just mosey out here and mosey on back. I’m not doing it. I’m on a mission and things do get done. And if I’m not we’re not making money but at the same time over the past few weeks every week it’s on Fridays especially you know. There’s really only one of us that is really super insistent that we be done by two o’clock. Part of it is fact that he’s got a three to four hour drive and he has done it too. He gets home by 8:00. But there is only one of us insistent upon her. And I the one that has the power to be able to change the situation. He’s not doing. He is he’s the one that is getting out of here to do this. I’ve spent some time you’re not going home until it’s done. And by the end of the day i’m worked out as well but at the same time when the end of the day comes there has been times where he’s gone home and dropped him off at six o’clock because I don’t really want to waste another 25 bucks an hour. You go to your service call or just get. And I just know they we’re bringing that up. He would go really don’t have a choice. You’re dragging us now because 50 percent of service calls are going to be sitting in the truck.
Well getting to and from your Why don’t somebody who’s on the front lines certainly for one day.
OK Murray went to Jersey and he went to the yard artics and I wouldn’t get up and and on that particular job with you on the job that he could have actually done by himself. One of the few that he could have actually we could have sent him to and he could do it all by himself. Yes. And he was right with me that you were there. So yesterday I commented to him and yesterday Tiger could have done the other jobs and you could have gone and taken care of happenstance.
But instead I paid you for pretty close to five hours of work to ride around in a truck.
What did you really do. Well what I what I was thinking when we did yerd works and journey it and Aaron Hunt all three of them could have been actual problems. And I thought I might have been running cable. I thought I may have been fixing something and those things that I would have needed. You know I couldn’t used it if it actually was some problem it wasn’t. But I thought maybe I would need it. Home Security Discussion
But at the same time 25 bucks an hour it on that particular day I mean one I can’t read what it was I had to have done that morning.
Not to mention make more calls and I wanted to know about the thermostat. He did great with me and we did that right away. Yeah. Before then though my calls and wants to know if I hear job is here, and then he showed up and you went to have his stuff. And I was going he said you got to be here Sorry. And he was kind of ticked off. He’s here with mom. He’s kind of ticked off that I left, And so we were able to satisfy him to some degree to some degree we were satisfied that it was a good thing and made a job instead because if I hadn’t he was kind of perturbed by the news. I don’t know. Are you going to make it or not. I took this movie to be here. And I’m just so happy these are full of love. He says you have got to wonder if you guys can make it an all day.So the next three minutes late three minutes and he was making that comment.Can you imagine what that meant if you if it was an hour and then we still hadn’t even gotten paid for the first time.But we didn’t know at that time and he knew that from paying for both.We’re supposed to get his security system as well.You it the DMV system. I wasn’t willing to take over the system.Got to wonder. What’s your name.My kind of trouble we’ve had with that I.Was arguing that on. That was a good recording.I mean sure if the word.

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