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It works. I believe that the grind of the hour I’ll give it to you that there’s a strong possibility that learning this stuff is.
Memorized and could be over the top. A little bit. That back it up a second here I can. Every time I’ve ever gone into this position and I never got paid that kind of money you get hired and you get handed something to do and.
You just do it. Yeah I mean it’s not a matter of. Home Security discussion
Whether the guy got all the time the world to figure this out. No you know.
And I think he even said I’m holding up. I’m holding up I’m holding up. OK. If you know Miss. Then why are you doing something to make sure that you’re not.
What does he say.
What context is he says I did the fact that he can’t do it by himself. Granted we do do cases.
We do a half hour but it’s only on the.
And you knew that when you came up. Not totally agree I’m.
At eight and I hate to free to say no I don’t want to do this. I’d rather you step up to the plate and say I’m going to do this. And. I have learned. At this point I’m going to give him up until Thursday or I wouldn’t say we’re fine and. Not. You’ve got to have that thing down to. Where I can send you to a job irregardless of what it is. If it means crawling. Into a tight rope. Home Security discussion
It means crawling into a Tyco and getting it done.
I don’t need a phone call from somebody twenty hours and hours and golly I just don’t think I can do it.
My claustrophobia is just too much.
That’s basically what I told him in the end. Friday’s. Your. 25 bucks an hour.
And now you’re making more than Keith and I combined his word on more than he’s combined and yet I’ve got to. If you’re out on the job by yourself how are you going to get out. I’ve got to come out and get that work for you so that you can move on and just. And he goes I don’t know. Said.
25 bucks an hour. Home Security discussion
I don’t work you know. I mean I have never ever thought I was worthy of that kind of pay. Or. Would. Know.
To actually do it on commission. And then so that’s different.
The missing thing is the guys with the one making 25 bucks an hour doing two gigs. Yes that’s stupid. And that was something we’re doing exactly the same thing with the most is doing this to get the majority to get the camera going in there.
You know they’re not getting full blown systems like we do. No I mean I’m sure the artists as. Well. It’s selling.
You guys are doing. Oh and those those guys who do the cameras just like that. That’s all they do.
Is cameras the big ones. And then the other guys do on only secure. You have a third party.
And I getting paid for five or so.
Maybe so but even then you know when it comes down to it dyadic they’re due to turn down.
Yeah and you’re me.
So it really didn’t make any difference at this point because the problem was not with and the fact is you are probably on point when it came to coming down.
Mr. Chairman I’m the one that was that was.
Yeah. Hey that far off when you talk to a couple of times he walked up he came down he looked at her.
I’ve seen him do this. Home Security discussion
Then he goes up and he’s 10 feet off.
I mean you got to walk past the arch in the ceiling right there. Finder of a massive Landmark is going to tell you something.
Sometimes you have that massive one work around here. Hey Landmark is going to tell you something when you get up there. You go from there. He was way off.
I mean that was actually pretty easy.
And I don’t know what what the deal was with trying to come down because there is insulation in the wall and from there. And so it’s a wall.
But again I had to do it. Home Security discussion
Time and again the fact we got it down to almost every job that I’ve been telling to get. I had to do some major portions of it. Beach wood I have to do that if I’m going to be there I’m not going to sit around and watch you know Tony but you know.
At that point I’m not going to sit here and twiddle my thumbs and watch somebody that lives every minute goes by I’m painting cars like crazy you doubt which I can’t afford to do. No way. Not if I’m going to take time to be there. This is just stupid money at that point.
We’ve got a lot more other options that we could spend stupid money on if we wanted to if I have got a job.
And I’m not trying to say this in a boastful way but if I ask you about a job that’s because somebody can’t get it done better.
There’s times you showed up and you’re just there to check on things like for example drunk.
I was giggling. I went out there because of the situation with Carl not doing something. I stood and talked with him for a little while just to kind of smooth things over a little bit. And when he got to the point where he was trying to give me books we went out to the other you took time in.
Perfect. You’re so perfect. I was trying to think of a way to get him to stop giving trying to give me books.
I was at an end so that I could see someone panic mode because as you’re going I think you just quit. And I’ve got another camera system. I get to get to. I could go. I got to get back. Yeah we could have. But we’re not a big deal. I’m still a little. I was going. I think he just quit.

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