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You know the struggles that it takes to get there before you even begin to even consider something like this. I mean it was like Brazil getting in. Home Security Discussion. You could go out on the front of the building and do I think twice that’s. And that yeah you actually someone who had a panic attack had it been two or three jobs that were done in the last year or so that I’ve had a panic attack and had to stop stop and then go back and do it again. But there’s never been one. We said no you can’t do it. There there’s been a couple that I’ve done where I’m going I really don’t want to go under. All right. When he said it was. It could be but but he crawled in to see if I could get there. I called it. Home Security Discussion. That’s gross and because I didn’t want to drill it and then not feel good and not be able to get out. So I crawled in first then drill it patted it. And shoved it up because the outlook in that room looked like they basically did not extend the roof. So I looked at it. And then I think he’s a two foot and it went all the way up. No problem. It was open. So I went to. Get her up to his two feet and then I took my six foot Laura shirt right up. It didn’t stop at all. No cost for it and but we’re hoping when we are back on hands and knees all the way back in there like we were told to be on and we’re drilling it out. I’m looking at this. This is going Greevy. This is fantastic. Home Security Discussion¬†You know Good years if you have to struggle for three to five feet maybe three to 10 feet that nothing if you can just walk to her. You can’t ask for anything better than this. You really can’t know when it comes to Thursday what do you want to do. I mean you know we have this conversation this morning. It may come down to that. It could be leaving today because basically what good are doing. Unless less get the heat on Friday unless you are tender and get it regardless of what the situation may arise they will get it done. When it comes to the programming of these final 15 days. Very close to us for that. Look I mean we’re And you’ve gotten through what this through that deals it. Really hasn’t gotten through what. Are can’t do girls can’t do those period or can’t do zones can’t do wireless can’t do that. Do you have an idea you still can’t do it. No. Is this something you want to do. Because if it is then learning this panel backwards and forwards by Friday or by Thursday is an absolute must because we’ve already had the conversation and you yourself said that your. You feel like you’re dragging this down. If you feel like you’re carrying this down. It’s a definitely you are special if you can’t get this and then another issue we need to address. You know the heat seems to be the and we haven’t even entered summer yet. The heat bothers you to the point where you have difficulty doing your job. And then on top of the top of it all you know the stress of having to potentially go into what would be a tight situation. It is overwhelming to you to the point where you can’t do the job. I like that I think that I crawled later on a rider that was tighter than drums. The back one by the pool that was tighter than the drums. After getting around it either I did 90 percent of the crowd on Friday and I figured if you did 90. I didn’t hear a tear. Well I mean let’s say he did. So if you did what he did the first wire if it went 80 80 percent. He did tell and I did and 25 bucks an hour and sure the owners should not be in the end. I’m not complaining that I do. But at the same time we will crawl the aches to help and get jobs done as fast as possible. But at the same time. Shouldn’t be no. I should be a routine. Henry can’t remember what day it was but it was well back. He goes Come up. He has just got it wrong that he really got ready. This is sort of hard to tell. I don’t think so. If that be the case this is not the career for you. This may not be what you need to do. You might just go get Jever. Then again it might be too much. I don’t know. I just know that we can’t keep going forward with this. You got it here. He has to make up his mind. I mean as of right now because of the first. 24 hours and hours not a problem. If we’re getting the amount of work and getting out of you. 24 hours in our.¬†Home Security Discussion

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