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Maybe a minute have reply to one phone call and make sure that somebody who is going over there to check that the water that the water sensor got off and somebody was going to check the water sensor and make sure there wasn’t any water on that floor you know small details important details. Can you imagine what the expense expect what a man. When he came home from his outing whatever it was to discover it is floor had been flooded by his hot water heater. These things happen. These things need to be addressed by somebody that has your peace of mind at heart. Call Witness Security and we’ll take care of you and make sure that your home is secure. You know watching over what matters most to you. It used to be our slogan that we have to use on a regular basis. Therefore we still watch to watch over what is most important to you. Thank you for listening. We’re this is Witness Security in Owasso Oklahoma. We’d like to be able to take care of just Douglas and you’ll discover that we have the most serious and the best reviews of any company in town. Hello this is Keith. Who’s winning security in a lot Oklahoma. You know we’re going to talk about home security at its best home security at its best. Now we’ve already addressed a few different issues in the segments before. But home security systems have a wide range of things that need to be addressed.
When you’re talking about home security you know like I’ve said many a time before the majority of these make their decision about breaking your home out of the street. So there are some things that need to be addressed in order to make sure that that thief out of the street you know doesn’t even consider breaking into your home you know for example. When they’re standing out there the street you know does the light come on at night. You know a motion like doesn’t cost that much to be able to go get a regular motion light install it in on your driveway. You know if you already have light there’s just a matter of taking one down and putting one up. And now you have them in light very simple may take you about 45 minutes to an hour even if you aren’t necessarily aware of how electricity works is pretty simple you black wires your your your power wire your white wires your neutral wire that’s the one that’s not going to get to you right away. But the black one will then hear great ground where wire going to wired up it’s really simple Make sure your ground wire goes first and then do the neutral and then do the power. Then you can do it when it’s hot. Not necessarily recommended but you can and if you’re like me you may not have any idea which breaker is you need to shut off. And if you shut the wrong breaker off that might mean you’re going to have to reset a bunch of things in the house you know. But then again if you happen to sort things out a little bit it’s going to blow the breaker anyway so it’s not going to make any difference whether you do or you don’t.
So again think about home security and what you can do and what might be the best way you could provide that security for your home so that. Everything can be taken care of and addressed immediately so that you know beyond a shadow of doubt that things are taken care you know Witness Security is just a phone call away. I answer a lot of questions from people who are not even our clients you know. Therefore you can call for a free consultation you know ask whatever questions you may have about a home security system. You know what it might take to be able to put a security camera on your front yard. You know that’s another detail that could be addressed. Another layer porcelains security that you could install you know on your front of your driveway and the front of your house and there at the door you know maybe at the back door. And when somebody standing out in the street and they see the camera is up and the sign in the yard and your bushes are trained and you got Mufson light on it’s a no brainer that they need to go elsewhere. You know if they’re going to break into another home you know people say well I don’t want to spend that kind of money on you know cable systems and everything else. Well you may not necessarily want to spend money on that but it’s better to be proactive and be able to get a camera system and not have to shell out your insurance and have them cancel your insurance because you’re putting in a claim. Home Security
Because once you put in a claim you’re going to wish you got a security system. You’re going to wish you’d got. A camera system because if you don’t you’re going to get paid more for that claim to get different we get a different insurance company because you put in a claim you know a lot of your companies say well they’re going to pay for my to get. That’s really important. Well. Is it really important if you have to secure it. The reason why they are willing to do that. They already know what the percentage is. How people are going to break into our house their security system. They’re willing to volunteer that knowing that the odds are you’re not going to get broken into anyway. So they say that you know because we’re not going to have to you know dish out any claims that it’s just a sales tactic. You know. I think it is a maybe a good one. We’re not a big company. That’s. Home Security
Something I’d like to be able to address in the future but it’s not something we can do now.
You know certainly due to the fact that we’re locally owned We operated company here in Oklahoma that does have your peace of mind and at heart and does want to make sure that we provide the best quality security out there. And so that therefore we these claims will never even have to be put into place or have to even. Put a claim in. Now you can’t put a claim in for other things besides security but. It’s not going to be the situation that you’re going to have to address because you’re looking into. The percentage rate for. Us to be able to maintain our company our clients is you know far less than 1 percent. You know our attrition rate or retention rate is far less than 1 percent. And when I say that. I’m saying that because I know the attrition rate or the retention rate for all of these companies that have big long contracts they’re interesting. You would think would be a lot better because they’re keeping people bound in a contract for three and five and six years. So you would think their attrition rate would be much better. But instead it’s much worse. You know a lot of companies out there they may bring on. Hundreds of thousands of customers every year but they usually lose about 50 percent of their client base every single year. How is that possible.
Do the math. How is that possible. You know. Home Security
And if you look at their reviews if they have any you’ll discover how it’s possible. People are extremely dissatisfied with the quality of service extremely dissatisfied with their sales techniques extremely dissatisfied with the equipment extremely dissatisfied with how they were dealt with over the phone if they were even spoken to over the phone after you go through all the rigmarole of you’re on hold for this person you’re on hold for that person you’re on hold for that person. You know those things just make people mad. And what I call to address a situation I really don’t want to be put on hold. I want to address the situation go back to work or do whatever. Oh like everybody else. You know I work for a living and I think most everybody else tends too. So if you knew for a fact that you could address the situation in seconds later or be done you know it’s not worth something. I think it is you know just the simple basics of being able to pick up the phone and call and address the situation when it’s fresh in your mind regardless of the hour. You know that goes a long ways and I’m willing to pay for the ekster knowing that someone is going to be there to take care of the situation. It was Oklahoma. You know there’s a lot of people moving from our into a wall so it becomes a wash so you know it’s located just north of Tulsa. Really nice town you know beautiful area have all the amenities of the larger stores.
You never even have to actually leave a Owasso if you didn’t necessarily want to know know.

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