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Wireless home security in Tulsa, Oklahoma, important security, and we are located in Tulsa Oklahoma how to provide Home Security Services to homeowners in the surrounding Community to be able to help provide the peace of mind to homeowners. In the event that the unfortunate event would happen of somebody breaking into your home went and security provides services to call the police call the call the fire department in the event that any of those unfortunate events that may occur, security is set up and designed to Be able to make sure that your home is protected and secured so that your children, your family, can confidently have the peace of mind and rest peacefully, peaceably knowing that your home is protected with the best monitoring the best security services available in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Oklahoma in Owasso, And Collinsville and all of the surrounding communities such as Bixby and Jensen Glenpool as well any more clients in Coweta or Catoosa, and provide services to surrounding communities of about a 30 Mi radius of Tulsa Oklahoma, so that we can respond within a 24 hour. What’s going on around your house at any given hour at any given time, whether your home or not your, home scary, is becoming a priority in most homes to be able to know, what’s going on around your house and then give an hour? So you know what what your kids are doing, whether they’ve got home from school correctly or on time. Are they did they lock the house up after they got home? Did the wife her husband get home like they said they were going to be, for whatever reason you can just keep track of? What’s going on around your house know what time your system is armed know what time your system, if a door is left open for any length of time to you and tells you what door is open. The system also has various different noises you can make for set up to where the back door can make a different noise in front door and windows to make a different noise and doors or even like the exterior garage door shed door. So you could be sitting inside your house and watching TV, and you just got done mowing the lawn and you shut the shed door and then he come in to watch football and all the sudden he said door open door notification that it something just happened with Your system and drinking all the sudden, let you know on your phone, that the shed door is still standing wide open because you forgot to shut it and the system is still are available to everyone that signs up with witness security. We have 7 free months of monitoring, adding sign up in the month of September 7, free month of March rain, going to be able to try and whether or not the services that you would like to be able to have for your family and or be able To recommend to any other members of your household referral program here in Tulsa Oklahoma and they become become an account with us and you get a free month on Jefferson State, Twitter, European monetary bill. Now, when I say no paying monitoring Bill, the protection plan is still a month for making sure that your equipment is going to be taken care of and know that it’s going to be always functioning, and I just a phone call away. You can make sure that everything is taken care of her protection plan. Now, there’s a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee neon simply by I have any kind of contract. We also are here awaiting Security in Tulsa Oklahoma. The equipment call is the most widely used equipment out there. Most of the major companies out there use the same services. So therefore, if you have a system already, you can activate your system with our system. Really easy. Just simply give us a call, and we can come up with free consultation and be able to stay in your system with a previous company security and without a contract. What better Pizza mine can you have with a home security system if you don’t have a contract? Knowing, if you were to sell your house and you decide to move or stay friends and something happened where you had some sort of an accident or heaven forbid cancer and you’re not able to work anymore, then we can provide the services to you with no contract And these things are YouTube every person out there in Tulsa Oklahoma to be able to have services that are guarantee that your system is going to function. Your own. All. The time is a company here in Tulsa Oklahoma. That goes Way Beyond the necessary needs to provide services to homeowners and or small business owners to be able to track with your home and or you’re busy at any given hour with the app on your phone you’re able to see who’s coming who’s going, you can Go right on to the computer and even have more pictures of ailable to you and know what’s happening with your system, you can change codes. You can change your features such as schedules and seems that every time your arm and disarm your system, it’ll do certain things. If you have the home automation, features turned on such as lights and lock the garage door module. All of these features are available right on that wiggle Security provide in the system that we actually set up with every person right out. The gate was 7 3 months of Marjorie, when you said it was witness security you’re setting up with a company that is determined to make sure that your system is going to function 100 % of time with 100 % guarantee a hundred percent satisfaction of knowing that You can have a piece of Mind knowing that your security system is going to work other than having a security company. Provides you with a imaginary Peace of Mind of knowing that your system is maybe might work. It would be better to go with a company that is going to work, knowing that when you leave your house with your kids and your family, that they’re going to be called by the police, are the police going to get called in the event that anything may Happen, when is security is determined to make sure that our customers in our clients are taking care of at the highest possible way. Anybody can be taken. Care of. We are located here in Tulsa Oklahoma. Give us a call, look it up on the way home security. We come out with a free consultation and green when you turn up

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