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Good morning this is Keith witness security morning. What are you talking about home security systems in general and what different types of equipment would be installed in a home security system? Most of your company is out there we’ll talk about home security systems. I don’t recall a basic package. Basic package consist of are usually doors and a keypad in a motion detector. What happens with that is majority of your companies out there they’re going to call a basic package they’re going to say that a basic package is two doors and a keypad and then maybe even a remote. What’S different about witness security, what is basic to us is not necessarily basic to another customer. Another company know the same terminology but different meaning of motion. Detector, the keypad and all of the other stuff. 2000 stickers are all standard in our basic package where, because the vast majority of homeowners today there home consists of three doors, usually anybody purchasing a home security system can know that their home is covered without any good. Whatever you call it things in the beginning. To sign paperwork and your contract any discover, oh, you have three doors. That means we’ll need to add that other one in extra dollars in will get that taken care of for you as well. Why would witness security? We don’t do anything like that? No contract with the monitor home security, with witness security Pizza Hut, like a lot of gay, and during the month of September in 2017, we are going to have lots of my green. I wake you up already were able to. Are you getting? I can service, you? Can arm and disarm your system from your phone where any other company that’s an added feature. Your witness curity is a month where the standard package that or more and then, if you want the interactive, it’s an additional, so security at a month. No contract also provides 24 7 tech support, simple procedure to take place when you sign a contract with another company is really simple and they don’t have to do anything different other than that because they have a contract with you. So if they don’t want to answer the phone after hours or weekends and holidays, so they don’t have to wear what we don’t do contract and therefore it’s imperative that we answer the phone we can answer whatever questions you might have: it’s not that big a deal To re-enter our industry and every service-oriented industry, if somebody needs to be available 24/7 to answer, questions might come up because I forget your password and then you forgot your password call and we help you with your backward. Also different inside the alarm is going off earlier and you forgot to reset your keypad quick again, that’s Tanner. It happens all the time. You need somebody to be able to help you on your system back up, because you forgot how to reset your keypad. That’S not a problem, it’s it’s really easy, but these things are necessary and happen with every single company out there. You don’t have a sister. You can get games without ever having your system marker and that happens on a regular basis, was almost never get turned off, because I can’t figure out why it won’t turn back on eventually, they’ll give somebody a phone call during the day, time hours and finally get Ahold of somebody after a bunch of people and then we’ll set up an appointment to call you taken care of over the phone. Where does security understand that you have a life? Do you have other things you have to do and majority of your homes out there? People are members of the household adult that is working when you come home and you will discover you have an issue with your arm. You need to be able to call somebody to build a truck that so it can be taken care of rather than waiting for the following business day. Yo this store things are important operator company been in business for a little history of making sure that we provide a good quality service to our customers. I can’t say that we’re Legendary Legendary would contact that we’ve been in business for decades, only Vibe 89 yeah. I’M back, we have a service that is really important in our Google ratings speak for themselves. We can find out who you are the typically quite frequently you come up on caller ID on her phone and we’re able to determine exactly who you are quickly and efficiently. Without a bunch of phones, could it be that maybe I had an issue with your billing y’all your credit card and cancel your card, you didn’t know about it or you forgot about it and got a new card in the mail, and you forgot to let it Snow that sort of thing to be addressed on the weekends after hours or on holiday, simple things that can be taken care of without any controversial. It’S called personable service, a thing of the past now days and with witness 2017, we still provide service to all of our customers, and you can rest assured, with a peace of mind, that your security system is going to work when it needs to security. Also adjective for monitoring stations, there are other companies out there that say they are taken, but there is no other. At the same time, therefore, our response time for the past 12 months has been consistently .9 seconds alarm or 4. If you’re interested in a home security system, it’s a free consultation or witness security, and you can also find it on the web really typing in Tulsa home security and have a great day.

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