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Good morning this is Keith Whitman security, home security or home security monitoring in Tulsa Oklahoma, witness Security, provide services to all of the surrounding communities of Tulsa Oklahoma in Owasso, Collinsville, stop the gangster Bixby and or go back to Sapulpa or Sand Springs if you’re not familiar With the east side of Inola, Catoosa Claremore are Coweta, those are there surrounding communities of Tulsa Oklahoma and witness Security provide services to those communities. More than anything else, a lot of people are concerned about whether or not their services themselves are with a contractor. Not witness security has no monitoring agreement that we pass on to our consumers, for the sole purpose of monitoring agreement for the most part find the customer. Not the company, though any event, there is ever any kind of a situation that may arise in your household, such as a loss of a job, and maybe somebody gets sick and not is not able to work. It’S really important to be able to have the ability to be able to cancel an agreement of any kind during those situations if you’re, trying to or maybe even just moving from one location to the next, you can give us a phone call 30 days later. There’S no agreement whatsoever, you pay your last bill and that’s it. Witness security is the only company in the Tulsa surrounding area or monitored security, home security company in the area that has a no contract with all of our customers. So therefore, no, we can confidently be able to provide services to them at an affordable rate. At the same time, when is Security in Tulsa Oklahoma when it comes to monitor home security, we have the very best monitoring in the country, with 6 different monitoring stations located throughout the country to be able to respond each and every single one of them. At the same time of these six different monitoring stations with one located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Lewisville, Texas, Nashville, Tennessee, Maryland New Jersey and Florida, these six different stations all receive the signals at the same time. So it’s just a matter of which one picks up for urban 64 monitoring stations, hair on printing process. That goes through to a train operator for these monitoring stations on train you’re, going to have in any any station that there is in the country. I’M a little bit by a over the fact that the training that is provided by the monitoring stations for witness security they go Way Beyond the necessary actions in order to be able to take care of you as a customer your own. With that in mind, it’s really important in the time frames that for an alarm system to be able to get processed to the time frame, that the monitoring station gifted alarm signal to the time that it gets communicated to the consumer now. Well, all that’s really good and well that you have to be able to communicate clearly at to them, and just so happens here in the United States of America. We are people. So therefore, English is our primary primary language, and with that in mind to be able to communicate to people, you have to be able to communicate clearly and to everybody in a timely matter, without repeating things multiple times over for people to understand, you’re a witness carry Takes the necessary effort to be able to train, communicate and in this train car training process to be able to help people fully understand the necessary way to be to be able to communicate clearly and understandably, to the people that they’re communicating with you. All of this. Have to be done quickly and efficiently, also in the processes of the monitoring stations in South in Tulsa Oklahoma, it’s really important to be able to be UL listed and meet the standards of the underwriter Laboratories, five Diamond certified each station by the Central Station alarm. So she these requirements are necessary to meet because of their training standards, the equipment standards. All of the Power standard error. All of the major standards are necessary to be able to functional, regardless of what may be taking place before we have storm taking place in Florida. In the monitoring stations we have in Florida, then the operator and the all of the other stations compensate the load of the various people like, for example, here in the past few weeks, hurricane Irma was hitting Florida. So therefore, the various operators that they would have their would then either one be able to relocate, because it’s going to be an extended. Of time to another station and or bring in other people from other your own from to compensate the load of the very people That could be on not able to work because of her hurricane Irma and then right behind. That is Hurricane Jose. That is right behind it. It’S hard to say how long it’s going to take before these hurricanes come pass over and aftermath of the hurricane takes place. You know, with insecurity, has the operator someplace to be able to fully respond here, regardless of whatever you might be taking place in the United States? Unless, of course, you have a catastrophic event covering the United States and at that point, you’re, probably not going to be all that worry about whether or not you’re monitoring stations communicating because you got other things you’re taking care of your probably not you’re, probably going to Be dislocated yourself and not be there at the house anyway, or even a gentleman’s dignity, witness security is located in Tulsa Oklahoma, we’ve been in business for a little over seven or eight years. We provide a no-contract service, 24 7 tech support in the event that you ever have any kind of a question whatsoever. You can always call witness security here at the office and it will always be somebody that will feel answer your questions and or your concern. You know also held during the month of September Whitney. Providing 7 free month of March to new customer Beckham on whether that includes the interactive on your phone. That includes three doors and motion detector to keep add a smoke detector. The protection plan, which is a hundred percent protection plan in the event that anything happens to your system whatsoever. Witness Security will be there to Defy phone call to replace what is lightning or anything else. He is determined to make sure that our clients are taken care of with a no-contract. Does it have the Peace of Mind of knowing their system is taking care of? Regardless of what may happen – and we had an individual call Sunday afternoon – I unplug the Transformer going into for the alarm system and because of that, their alarm system started showing up a low battery find out why that got unplugged. He plug it back in everything is good to go. You know little things like that to take a little bit extra time, but it’s those things right there that make it all worthwhile. You know if you’re interested in the home security systems and with the best monitoring and Country call witnessed no contract Service for free consultation, not really sure how to call Google witness security. Tulsa, home security and you’ll find that witness security has the best reviews and the most of you have any company in town. Thank you.

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