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This is kids with insecurity in Watts Oklahoma. We’re going to be talking about home security at its best home security at its best. What do I mean by that. When you’re referring to home security there are some detail that need to be addressed. And one of which is the type of equipment you’d like to have installed in your home is the kind of equipment you have installed in your home or going to install in your home. Is it mean to you all is the standards of the Oklahoma burglar fire alarm association. You know this is kind of important. You know the reason why these are important is due to the amount of false alarms that the police receive. And I’m sure everybody’s heard the story of the little boy that cried wolf. You know if this is a story that if you don’t remember it the little boy who cried wolf on a regular basis eventually got to the point where nobody came. To his rescue. When the time arose that he needed it you know of which that is the reason why a false alarm or death scene is so important to make sure that things are taken care. Witness Security has taken those measures by being a part of the home alarm association. You know Oklahoma burglar burglar alarm association. And also you know meeting the standards of the underwriters laboratories to make sure that our equipment you know meets the standards a lot of good companies out there especially you do it yourself. They don’t meet the standards because they don’t care. All they’re interested in is getting you as a car.
So then if you have the companies that make you sign a big long term agreement well and they meet the standards that you know they also are very well layered up in the event that you need to break that contract you’re not going to do so. You’re not going to be able to do so. You know majority these big companies. That’s part of their income is making sure that it does contractors. Contracts are kept you know if you decide to break one of those contracts it’s a really healthy fight to make you know to prevent you from wanting to break those contracts. So Witness Security was Oklahoma. We don’t have contracts. Why don’t we have contracts because I don’t like contracts. In my opinion you don’t sign any kind of an agreement for anything other than a house or car. It was the two biggest purchase that you need to make for your house or car. And those two things right there are the only things you need to have any kind of a contract for when it comes to personal or individual responsibility as far as home ownership is concerned. You know if you’re in a business then there’s some different things there that apply because just like any other major companies out there if you want to do business with them you don’t have a choice but to sign a contract and in order to do business. You know. But that isn’t the situation here. And if you are just starting up a business you know. Do a little bit of research there as well and make sure that again you’re not signing a long term contract.┬áHome Security
I made a mistake I was with a major phone company here in Tulsa Oklahoma or in Oklahoma and with my house and there wasn’t a contract. So I figured out our residence is more permanent in a business then there wouldn’t be a contract. Did I read the fine print. No I didn’t read the fine print. I signed up with the many phone lines I thought was necessary in order to run the telemarketing situation. And because that’s how I was told to start a company in my nature and come to find out you know telemarketing was not the place I needed to be. But I had all these phone lines and come to find out when I went to cancel if you phone much of your account some of those phone lines. You know. You’re under contract well not even even if I kept the actual main service. You’re maintaining that main. All of those phone lines you can increase you can decrease. So these details are pretty important you know. And again it comes back to the same scenario. You know these bigger companies have absolutely no real desire to make sure that you’re satisfied. They just are making sure that they are satisfied with the income that you claimed when you signed on the dotted line that this is what you’re going to pay for the duration of. Said contract. It’s important to look at the details and witness security in Oklahoma. There is only detail you need to be concerned about with Witness Security is the simple fact that when the alarm goes off you’re going to get a phone call. It’s a simple fact.┬áHome Security
When you fall off a ladder and you can no longer work and you’re laid up in bed and you can’t afford you necessarily get a security system then you give us an e-mail and 30 days later you’re done. With your agreement that you had. So you pay one month’s extra hour from the time that you let us know in that 30 day notification. As witness security in order to be able to do a no contract. We and all security companies for that matter pay for their security monitoring one month in advance. So. You know it’s not like it’s a big deal. You know you just make sure that you get. Give us the 30 day notification and you’re out of your agreement. That was it month to month. And you’re not necessarily by us on any kind of a financial struggle and you’re not biting yourself in any financial struggle. Then when the time arises you’re able to get back on your feet again and you give us an email and if it’s within less than two months we go ahead and turn it back on again and there’s no activation fee. You know it’s really sinful to be able to take care of people if that’s really what you’re after to do and provide that peace of mind to secure as many homes as possible so that the crime rate in Oklahoma goes down you know 75 percent of your deterrence comes from the sign in your yard.
And if thieves know you know and have the knowledge that witness security is watching over what’s most important to you then they’re going to move on to the next house that doesn’t have security system whatsoever. Go for a walk in your neighborhood. Count how many security signs you see in your neighborhood. Then count how many houses you have in your neighborhood and you will discover that there is a huge amount of homes that do not have any security whatsoever. And also keep in mind the vast majority of your burglars make their decision about breaking into your home. Right out there in the street. They’ve already made that decision before they even walk in the door or kicking your door because you don’t have a sign in your yard and that’s the biggest deterrent to race. You know it’s a sign in your yard the stickers on the windows because that is the reason that they’re going to make out there the street is determined upon how well you have paid attention to the details about putting in a security company or system in your own. Witness Security has taken these details to the nth degree for the simple fact you take a look if you walk out of the neighborhood and you see one of our signs in comparison to other signs it may be in the neighborhood. Our Side cost a little bit more. That way it’s designed to where it doesn’t show the dirt at all you know no matter how long it’s been in.
It’s made of metal rather than plastic so that you know where time that PVC plastic plastics that you’re when you’re shoveling your driveway because it’s cold doesn’t immediately just break and shatter you know Witness Security and you can use that sign as a weapon if need be and then stick it right back in the ground and it won’t even be bothered you know Witness Security to take any extreme measures to make sure that it. Holds in a Owasso Oklahoma are protected and secured with the utmost amount of peace of mind. You can depend upon witness security in Oklahoma if you’re not necessarily sure about what company or more would be able to read the reviews. Just Google as you know Witness Security your home security you know Oklahoma or systems in a Owasso and you’ll find that witness security you know goes the extra mile to make sure that you have the peace of mind that you can afford to go without.

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