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We’re in Oklahoma this is Keith with Witness Security and what we’re going to be talking about this morning is a home security solution. The home security solution. Wait a second here.
Something’s not right. There we go. Had a little bit of technical difficulty there.
Security solution is you know to be able to provide security for the individuals that may live in Watts Oklahoma and we’re in a very close proximity of you know wassup. You know. What I want to talk about this morning is how to determine what would be the best home security solution for most fun. You know as you were talking about earlier. Home Security Solutions
In the previous segment what are the first things you need to consider is a security company that’s going to provide a home security sign in your yard.
You know the sign itself is 75 percent of the terms but layered home security is also a viable entity to be able to ensure to the individual that stand out on the street deciding whether or not they want to break into your house or not. You know the various things that we need to put into place to make sure that you know they do not choose you as a victim to be able to break into your house. You know there’s some things you can do around your house to make sure that that decision that they make out of the street is a decision that they don’t even want to bother with.
And they’d much rather go somewhere else. Does that mean that I don’t want to sell you Security system a home security system. No it didn’t make me not at all. But there are some things that we can put in place to help you and help them make that decision not to break into your house. You know other items such as video surveillance equipment that we can put on to your house so that way you can see what’s going on around your house at all. You know all the time. So if. You know they’re staying out of the street and you have home video surveillance cameras on your driveway in front of your house and at the front door then. They’re probably not going to make an effort to even step on your property. You know those sort of things are something that you know they’d rather just continue walking down the street and don’t even giving Kasen that they want to break into your house. So those decisions can be made right there at her house. And it’s a very big deterrent to know that you’re going to be on camera if I step out of that property and I’m going I’m on camera now even though I’m standing on the street. But you know that decision is a big deterrent to make sure that you don’t have anybody breaking in your house. You know a lot of people say well I’ve got a dog. Well dogs are fantastic and good layered security. Make a lot of noise. People started stepping on the property that don’t belong. Or maybe just walking by. Home Security Solutions
So a door is fantastic to have in the house or even in the yard. They start barking and letting the homeowner know that somebody is present. It may not necessarily necessarily need to be there. Home Security Solutions. So that’s important. You know the dogs that you can have in your house. Not a bad idea to even post a sign on your door or even kind of comical to have some sort of a gun sign on your door letting people know that if you break into my home then your probability of getting shot is pretty high. You know that’s called layered security. And that’s a decision that somebody can make prior to even making the effort to come into your home. You know those decisions of putting things up and lights up around your house. Come come on automatically motion lights come on automatically as people get close to your house. You know as far as keeping your house and bringing your trash cans here making sure that you get your lawn mowed and you’re not having a bunch of traps laid out in front of your yard if you wouldn’t purchase something and leave it out near the yard let people know that you’ve got something in the event that you then they know that you know the probability that you know something going on. Being able to get in and get something that they usually perjures is right there. So. I think it’s important to be able to just simply just take care of business around your house. Home Security Solutions
The normal routine of just taking care of things you know such as mow the lawn like a month before just picking up you know so you take care of the details. It also says the probability of that sign is sitting in your yard. It’s going to be a moderate security system. The probability of that video surveillance cameras that around your house that means you do your own video you know those sort of things intersections that are made from a burglar out to street periculum even coming into your home. So Witness Security provides all of those things. But what’s more even more unique than that is when Witness Security comes in your home. No there isn’t absolutely no obligation or consultation for one of us to be able to come into your home and give you some advice when it comes to what kind of equipment you can get. You know Witness Security is not your run of the mill local security company. You know we have stepped it up a notch. So therefore once you decide you’d like to go with us we do the best we could possibly do in order to provide that security for you. A. So you know just right down to the wire. And you know just. The basics when it comes to answering or answering the phone 24/7. You know that’s a simple thing began. The important thing most. People out there. They don’t want to be bothered once they get off work. They don’t want to be bothered with anything other than what they want to do and that’s OK. But in my opinion if you’re going to be in a service related industry that requires some time to work 24/7 then somebody needs to be available 24/7. Home Security Solutions
And that’s the way that security does you know do I like getting up in the middle of night. No no I’m really no different than anybody else. But at the same time it’s something if I didn’t want. That to happen as far as getting phone calls and the like then I would choose a different occupation. But again you’ve chosen a company if you choose Witness Security this is what I do for a living this is what I enjoy. This is my calling in life to make sure that you know I provide a good quality service to the community that are working and you know Oklahoma is a community that we’ve chosen to work in. Home Security Solutions
So therefore Witness Security make sure that we’re available to be able to provide that best quality service you could possibly imagine the home security solution is not just a catch phrase it is a way of life for us and it Witness Security. You know we’re not just here to fulfill time and or fulfill a paycheck. We’re here to fulfill you know an aspect of our part of our lives to make sure that we’re providing a good quality service to the community in which we live in you know Oklahoma is one of the best communities that there is in. Oklahoma. And because because of that we want to make sure that our clients and lots of homes are definitely taken care of. And they know without any doubt that you know when they people choose Witness Security and so that they’re getting the best quality service you can possibly get you know. Witness Security has been around for a little over eight years. And like I said before we’re locally owned and operated. We’ve taken the after majors to make sure that when you do sign up for monitoring with us that you’re going to get the same quality of service that Homeland Security gets. That’s the same security model Dream Center that we use. It’s the same ones that Homeland Security uses. That energy. No that means you’re the best. And when security has chosen partners to partner with that are in the best. That they can possibly be in the industry along with the equipment that we use. It’s not the cheapest but it is the best, and by being the best it’s the best home security solution money can buy.

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