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That morning this is tiled with Witness Security in Owasso Oklahoma.
And today talking about just being honest when it comes to security there are too many companies out there that are willing to just take advantage of the fact that you’re vulnerable when you’re looking for a security company. Too many companies take advantage of the fact that you don’t know about the security industry. Well you do know about the security industry is most people seem to think that you have to have a contract here Witness Security we do not have a contract and you may ask well why not have a contract where everybody else does doesn’t that.
Doesn’t that make you more vulnerable for failure. In the end well you know you could say that. But the thing is the fact of the matter is when it comes to security in a Wasow if we get enough customers no we won’t fail. When when it comes to getting enough customers and treating people right taking care of their needs I highly doubt we’ll ever have a problem with keep getting and keeping customers. See the old age old saying is you take care of people and they will take care of you. Honest Security
Or it’s just straight up being honest with them. A few weeks ago I was drilling the front door for a security camera and it was a pretty difficult drill spot. I mean there was a closet right behind where I was drilling. Honest Security
And there was a flat finish sealing in the entryway. And so I had to drill this and not pop in in air air into the back wall of the closet. And I had to not pop in the inside wall of the the entryway. Drilling away and sent my two foot bit up and then went to send my glue right up.
That wouldn’t work. So I started over again. And again this is a blind Dreux. There’s no way you’re going to know where you’re going to come out on this drill. And about 10 15 minutes later I went up stairs and I’m looking for my I drove it couldn’t find it. Honest Security
So then I am looking all over the place I crawled down in a hole maybe popped out there but no I didn’t. I’m above it. I’m close but I didn’t find my whole Madrone but come to find out. I had popped into the closet up through the carpet. And what happened. It took the customer over there after we’d finished with everything else took customer in there and explained. Hey. So while I was making a drill I popped the carpet and because I was honest about it I guarantee you if I hadn’t been honest about it it would’ve played out totally different. His wife would have been up there. They were remodeling that room. So they just put that carpet in. And if I had left it and his wife found it later on he would have probably reamed us pretty well. This guy was a live wire. So the fact that he would have ruined this is no stretch. Then also his wife she was a live wire. She would Arrhenius no problems.
So when it comes to being honest about security and making sure that the customer is going to be taken care of 100 percent. Again you take care of people and people will take care of you.
It’s just smart business. I mean Sam Walton I’m sure when he got started he took care of his people took care of his employees he took care of his customers. He took care of people.
And in the end Wal-Mart is now a magnanimous company because of the way Wal-Mart started Chick-Fil-A. How many times have you heard the story of a homeless person walking in just hungry and they’re willing to pay for their meal. And the manager of the Chick-Fil-A says you know what. Don’t worry about it. We got this.
This is on us and the homeless person gets the in that same that same idea we had a older lady yesterday switched phone companies didn’t tell anybody. System went off but she never got a call. Why. Because she switched phone companies phone company wired up the phone backwards.
And in doing so it made it so that our security system never made a call. Honest Security
So when I got out there she goes I didn’t know I had to call you on this. And get phone guys around. It’s best to just have us come right out as well because a lot of times they’ll cut us out. They’ll wire it backwards whatever. I mean it’s you can’t really do anything about it. It’s part of the job it comes with the territory. So you take care of people and they will take care of you by just being honest.
One hundred percent of the time what’s going on if you’re running late to an appointment. Give the customer a call and let them know.
That’s what we did. Honest Security
We gave each one of our customers a call that way. A lot of times it’s kind of funny they forget about the fact that we were supposed to be there at their house to do an install. So we call. It quits. At least an hour in advance to let the customer know hey by the way we are such and such time out. Just wanted to let you know so you could be looking for us. And at that point if they did run to the store because they forgot about us then they will hurry when they’re at the store get done and get home.
And so like I said when it comes to security because this is such a industry where everybody that works with us is most paranoid that something could possibly happen at any given time. And so with just being honest again you’re taking care of people and by being honest that people notice that you’re being honest and they will take care of you. I don’t know how many times Keith is said. Just be straight up honest what the customer I mean when when I’ve made a mistake when I’ve drilled a wall and then all of a sudden I’ve got a problem. Be honest. And they will take care of you.
They’ll say I don’t worry about it I’ll be patching that hole anyways. Got another couple holes over here.
Just pass those whatever. I mean they they just take care. So in your business if you’re not a customer in your business you’re looking to make sure that your business is going to have long longevity take care of people. Be honest to those people but take care of those people and those people will take care of you. Again this is Tyler with Witness Security and a wasp Oklahoma. And I was today just talking about being honest with your customers honest home security home security systems in a Owasso. People just want you to be honest. Thank you.

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