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You know this is key and security here in Oklahoma and this morning we are going to be talking about security.
How it works in Watts Oklahoma and for our phone security is concerned. There are some basic tips that you need to have as far as we’re not talking about alarm systems today.
We’re going to be morpho talking about prevention of burglary and various things you need to keep in mind the home security is you know if you were to put it in perspective your home is your castle and that is the place you need protect the most and or defend the most. How Home Security Works in Owasso. It’s unsafe where you can go to know that you’re safe in your home is the only place you can go where you have control over who or you know what can happen in your home. So it’s important to make sure that you just take care of the very small details that can take place so we can prevent any kind of criminal and invasion into your home. You know when I say criminal invasion not necessary talking about home invasions I’m talking about just any kind of invasion of privacy or things being taken from your home. So as far as the considering the idea in mind of what homesite here he ought to look like you know the burglary takes place in the United States fairly close to every fifteen point four seconds. So with that in mind you know a burglary in the home is not on when somebody entered your home non-confrontational computationally. So they’re trying to enter into your home without any anyone at home and they’re trying to make sure that when they get in your own is not going to be anybody that’s going to confront them quite frequently in the times that those confrontations may take place.
The burglary is not going to be prepared necessarily to respond correctly so they’re the most dangerous situation.
So that which you know whatever we can do to try to prevent any kind of entry into your home or be a daytime or nighttime.
You know we need to make sure you’re in a life of a home other we keep our community as safe as possible. In doing so it’s just a matter of have some. I guess foresight and what you can pay attention to and how you can make your home the castle that needs to be the majority of homes in a part are very very to occur during the day time. No one can know whether the apartment and or homes you know two or three o’clock in the afternoon. You know obvious reasons people are way away from home for work in school. Several months to July and August had the most Burbery because you have a lot of children that I call them children and other young adults that are out and about unsupervised burgers are committed most often are usually between young man males between 45 and. Looking for small items that are inexpensive. It’s easy to part with. So they can convert it into cash. How Home Security Works in Owasso
And you know support their habits whether it be drugs changed or just the simple basic thing and not want to work you know security is something that is has always been a portion of our lives ever since the beginning of time. How Home Security Works in Owasso
Any time somebody had a place that they could later had th t night that was their home.
So therefore it’s always been something on the forefront of everybody’s mind is to make sure that their castle is protected. You know what we are a growing community but there’s a lot of building going on. And if you’re not familiar with lots of them. It’s up 169 north of Tulsa and it’s not the first community just north of Tulsa. So therefore we need to make sure that. Home. Security is obviously something that you need to make sure that you’re taking care of your home is concerned you know that statistics tell us that 70 percent of Burger’s use some of them are forced to enter a home. And. So therefore they are prying a door open or kicking a door open or a window open and or a sliding glass door. You know things of that nature breaking glass. And then opening the door. And then 13 percent of all reported burglaries are rarely caught. So the signals are kind of important. So therefore we need to make sure that our home is taking care of kids at 13 percent of parents that are very rarely caught. You’ll also find that there’s a lot of damage has to be done. So even though you may have a home security system that really doesn’t make any difference he’s still there. Take care repairs to make sure that things are taken care of can and security is something that goes way beyond just the security system.
It’s a process of probation that we need to take care as homeowners and get them in of ourselves.
No different than taking care of your car and making sure it continues to grow. You know the burglary selection process is simple as they’re staying out on the street to determine whether or not they’re going to break in or not. You know some various things that they’re looking for. It’s not just the. Whole random occurrence.
You know burglaries look at various things and want to make sure that their own lives are occupied. They have the easiest access to get into that had the greatest amount of cover so that when they enter your home that they’re not going to be seen. How Home Security Works in Owasso
And also had the best escape routes to get out of the neighborhood once one say after they’re there.
So it’s a various amount of things that can be listed to make sure that these things take place. Start with the most important one I think is just making sure your door is here. Do you have any of those are good solid secure doors.
You know nowadays for a lot of your front These are solid I’m very not going to be snobbery to kick in an iron door. Nor is it very easy to Jamiat for the sole purpose it’s it’s an iron door.
Pretty solid. But if you don’t haven’t had that in place then you need to make sure you have really good locks in place. You can start as an author but in homes where homes are built are not sufficient to. Take care of.
You and your family. You want to make sure you have. Some good Locsin you pay a few extra dollars to replace a lot food in your home. It’s just a standard cookie cutter house that you purchased. You want to actually change out the loft for me. Good luck. And How Home Security Works in Owasso
Kwikset is one of the one that is one of the better ones out there. Fairly inexpensive. Very good. The other Kwikset lock.
You can repeat a lot but there are going to be able to take your garbage could and you know cause damage to it will cause it to open up your neck and we’ll take care of Visger couldn’t write it off you know Kwikset locks are designed to stay you here and a Oklahoma so crime isn’t as high as it might be in Tulsa Oklahoma. You still have thievery that takes place. So when you’re looking at as far as what you’re going to be able to do prevent and take care of your home you know what’s going on.
You know after you move man you know. How Home Security Works in Owasso
Take a look at the various tips that will help you and your family stay safe. This is case with Witness Security. It was Oklahoma. You know Google is on the web and witness on her talk show care to your home security and you can see the reviews that we have online and you can go from there as far as hunting down a home security system the company is going to be able provide the services to these unique.

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