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Witness security and Tulsa Oklahoma and a home security system for your home and trying to pick the best in the right system that will help you. Peace of mind necessary for you and your family and all your visit don’t be tempted to rush Into an important decision before you realize the values of the various things you need to be looking for the Right system for your business, and your home can be done so with a couple of things that can make choosing home security system the most important aspect, you’re on When you’re looking for a a home security system, look for a locally-owned and locally operated security company, the reason why is locally owned and operated security companies will have a much higher interest in making sure that you’re taking care of versus a big-name company when. It comes to your individual business or your individual home you. If you go with a locally-owned and look, we operated security company, then the people our own, that company are you’ll, get to know personally and they’re, protecting you and your family because they know you personally and there may be able to answer whatever questions you have at Whatever our, it may be to be able to direct those situations that you may think of and or that comes up in your home, so that they can address your house particular needs, your specific name, if you’re looking for a home security system, don’t be fooled by The idea that you’re going to get it for free and when you contact company – and they say it’s going to be for free and you’re not going to have to pay for anything upfront and sometimes you’re, not even going to pay for any more of those. Are the kind of company you need to run from because it’s not free, there is going to be a car, will be very possibly and majority of the time, because they’re not going to take care of you when the when the needs arise, that you need assistance. A real professional security company will always get its going to cost something, and it’s not going to be free. You don’t what it comes to the home security companies that you know you can come across because, there’s hundreds of them. I mean they’re going to be quick and when they talk to you about their equipment, there can be all the various positives of the system which that’s good. That’S what you’re looking for those positive that you want to make sure you go with a company, that’s not going to yo slap contractor on to you! You want a company that your year there’s not going to be a contract. You know so therefore, put you the customer in the driver’s seat in the event that there was ever a situation, you need to be able to opt out of that situation. You could be buying a different house in another year or two. You don’t know from one year to the next, where you’re going to be what you’re going to be doing because the options may arise that that’s customer inherited a house in Michigan this past week that he had no idea. He was going to have. You know 3-4 months ago, all of a sudden, he inherited a six bedroom house in Michigan and the virtually instead of having any kind of a what’s the weather outside of utilities, or we could go to Michigan. Have this house rent-free and be able to just get a job and support of family and save occupation that he’s doing right now, just upper your family and go anywhere so he’s going back home things like that happen very often, but do you want to be stuck At that point, so therefore he was able to let me know – and in 30 days he’s done with this agreement and it’s best for his family. So keep in mind if you’re looking for a home security company find one that are is locally owned and I have any kind of a contract that you have to sign that you can be out of them 30 days. All of them you’re going to have to provide a 30 day notice, and it’s all of her going to require that 30 day notice written out in either regular mail or email so that they can take that to the monitoring station and cancel your service. That’S very also, if you have your capability and you want the capability to be able to operate your systems year, your smartphone ask the questions: does your equipment to the company have you ability be able to operate the alarm system via a smartphone yeah? That’S pretty important aspect these days. If you happen to have a smartphone with most people, do they like to be able to operate their alarm system with one and with witness security? That’s one of the aspects of we have nine, or are you able to operate your system with your smartphone, but it is also a home automation platform if you want to be able to add locks and lights and thermostat and garage doors, you’re able to do so, And keep in mind majority of the time most of these companies charge extra, for these features need to know if you want the thermostat cost, you extra another words helper, our services for all of the services are a month luxury companies Stark near a month. But if you want these actors and it can very easily creep up in the 70 a month with witness security, if you decide you want to get additional doors and windows and smoke detectors, Glass break, door garage door module or lock, whatever the device Maybe the rate stays the same, so there is no additional cost per month it’s a month and when I save a month that includes the protection plan for all of the equipment you have all of it. So any event of lightning strikes and out your system, then with the witness Security Protection plan will come out at no cost to you. No trip charge networks, no equipment, charge, no service charge will be no charges whatsoever. Chris come out. Look at your system fix whatever it may not be. Working and the only thing you’re, our is your time for us to come out. Would you have that anyway? So, if you’re looking for a home security company and you’re trying to determine which company to go where then, like, I said before, local local operated your? How long have they been in business? Do they have good Google reviews? Do they have a good, Better Business Bureau record then also, do they have a contract? Do they do you have to sign a contract for the services to be to your home? What are the rates that you have and do they fluctuate all the time, the monthly monitoring rates and then lack of all tech support? What kind of tech support does that companies offer when it comes to tech support with witness security when it comes to home security and or small business security? 24 7 tech support is available so after hours, weekends and holidays. If you’re in need of any kind of a service, we have 3 technicians that are available to be able to answer whatever questions you might have, so that we can address the situation quickly and efficiently. So that you can get off doing what you wanted want to do rather than dealing with a home security may not necessarily work, and usually it’s customer air. You all could be to just need to change, passcode or something with the monitoring station, and you need to be able to provide that information to us and we can be able to take care of that. Your witness security is in business to be able to take care of people in the community one home at a time. Witness security is located here in Tulsa Oklahoma and you can find it by just typing in Tulsa, home security and witness Security will come up with the very best reviews in Google and the most reviews on Google. So thank you for listening.

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