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So to continue our podcast we’re talking about monitored home security systems in the Tulsa metro area, says 9 out of 10 burglars avoid homes with alarm systems. So if you were to want a or if you had a security system in place, basically, what that statistic says is the guys that are doing the burglaries, they’re going to walk up to your house. They see the security system sign there in the yard, I’m going to go. You know what I’ll move on down to the next next house and the one that doesn’t have a son. Why would they do that? Because at that point they see the house, it doesn’t have a sign this less of a risk. Then the house that has to sign – even if it is a really old, sign and there’s a lot of old signs here in Tulsa. But, even if it is a really old sign at that point, it’s less of a risk than the homes that don’t have signs it’s. Okay, it’s a less of a risk for the burglar to get caught. Then it is he’s got more time. You can spend it at home if he doesn’t. If there is no security system, he’s got with security system, he’s got less time and he’s only got about two minute time frame to do everything he’s got to do before the cops are arriving versus the homes that don’t have a security system. Obviously he can spend if he doesn’t get spooked. He can spend 10 15 minutes, and so he can get everything he wants in that helmet does not have security system, and so that was that statistic. Then you also have a fire. If you wanted a monitored home security system when it comes to fire in 2013, supposedly they’re, almost 500,000 structure fires causing almost 3,000 civilian deaths and close to 14,000 civilian injuries and total of 9.5 billion in property damage so hop when it comes to your home. With our September with our September special right now, we have a system that we are selling its three doors, emotion and a smoke detector. With that system, you get 7 months free monitoring, no one else. No other company here in the Tulsa area is doing 7 months. Free monitoring and then on top of that no contract, see you buy the equipment and you have 7 months free monitoring right out the gate after the 7 months, then it’s 40 to a month and you’re off and running I mean no one is doing that. So take a look at that would really love to be able to help you when it comes to security at another fire statistic says one home structure: fire is reported every 85 seconds, so that’s about every minute and every minute in 20 seconds is or 20 25 Seconds is reported, each household has a one in four chance having a fire having a fire a large enough during large enough fire reported to a fire department during a lifetime. Okay, that doesn’t make sense, but anyways and supposedly cooking, usually is the what’s responsible for most household fires, also when it comes to the but fire statistics, 66 and 2 % of Home Fires, and they say that’s the majority, 62 % of Home Fires result in with A homes that do not have a monitored home security system monitored fire system. So if you have a smoke detector, the fire department find much faster and by respond much faster as soon as the system sees smoke in in the chamber of the smoke detector. It sends off of signal to the Monitoring Center Monitoring Center then sends a signal to the fire department says hate: there’s fire go ahead and go then the the man drinks and then calls the customer to find out if everything’s, okay or 4. Maybe it was a false alarm. The fire department will be arriving at the same time that they’re trying to get ahold of the customer to see if everything’s, okay, also, when it comes to flood, say you wanted to get your home covered when it comes to flood. We just had hurricane Harvey and all that at that point it would be worthless to try and cover your home when it comes when it comes to flood, but when it comes to renters landlords and renters renters. For some reason, I have this innate sense ability of once they get kicked out of the house as they’re moving out or maybe they’re just upset at the landlord and so they’re moving out and one of the last things they do is a plug up all the Drains and turn on the water and turn the water on full blast and just let it go, and then they get out of the house and lock up and they go well. What happens is overtimes going to fly? It’S going to flood the floors. It’S going to its causes, problems and renters that day that they just have a malicious intent. It’S really irritating for landlords, because they really have nothing that they can do to that renter, except for keep Theory. Deposit water heater is also cause floods, which is an average cost of about ,500 per incident on after the deductible was paid. I’M also when it comes to floods. Up to 93 % of the water damage could have been prevented or minimized. If the, if the house had a flood system, A system that was going to cover against floods, so when it comes to your home and what you have in place, when I no my wife and I we have several things that may be paper or maybe just Things we like, but when it comes to, if if we would have a flood that would be devastating to lose whatever it may be in the house, just just the fact to have a Restoration company come in and they have to fix all the nice things. That would be devastating, so this is Tyler with witness security and, like I said earlier, I’m talking about just natural kind of disasters when it comes to your monitored home security, so give us a call at 918-200-9800, and we appreciate your time. Thank you.

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