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Good morning, this is Keith with witness security. We are talking about monitored home security in Tulsa Oklahoma, and we are talking about home security because so many people, when they think of home security, they think of a system that is going to be able to call the police and communicate to something happens and or Fire part for an ambulance extremely important that I talk to on a regular basis. One of the very first question to ask: is this going to be set up with the policehow many people for the most part, don’t really truly understand what it means to have monitored Home Security. A lot of companies out there that have monitored home security company monitor, monitor, monitor alarm is very, very few that I have monitoring. Stations are like witness: security security were the locally-owned locally operated and we serve in the local area. What are monitoring stations are located throughout the country? We have six different monitoring stations located throughout the country so that, when it happens as far as whether or anything in various states that may have your own things going on that way outside of Oklahoma, then our clients are going to be taken care of. So therefore, it’s kind of important to know how it all works when the alarm goes off for the monitor home security systems that witness security provided, provided here in Tulsa Oklahoma text, relatively close to 22 seconds or less on priority alarms and there’s a reason for that Security system provides here in Tulsa, Oklahoma weapon systems of monitoring stations. Each and every individual monitoring station receives a signal at the exact same time. So it’s just a matter of which one like I said before the average response time for our account is 22 seconds or less over the past 12 months. The average response time of 12.9 seconds or less you’re getting monitored home security rate possible. Wiggle security has a ugly stick to the monitoring stations in or they’ve, been in business for a little over 35 years. They know exactly what they’re doing. Does that mean the monitoring itself cost more? Yes, it does, and that is the reason why witness security is the only one in Oklahoma. It’S not about how much it necessarily cost. What kind of quality of service that you get when you use witness security, Tulsa Oklahoma, the constant, not necessarily conveyed to the customer. In money, but the cost is conveyed to witness security. Here all the profit margin to witness security is receiving is not near as much as other companies, because witness security is taking care of, and rather than trying to play catch-up with other customers that we may loose arrow it’s without necessary, going to actively how our business Works and everything just put it, this way is locally owned, local operated and we have no contract monetary. So, therefore, in order to make sure that our clients are getting a fact responding, responding service – and we can confidently know that all of our customers are receiving care that you can possibly get here. We therefore know that witness security is providing the services necessary to make sure that our customers are taken care of at the fastest way possible. So we can carpool and know that things are taken care of, if not necessarily, how is it done? Real simple Call of the signals go to the monitoring stations at the same time, it’s just a matter of which one picks up. First, as out of Oliver has 150 bus operator at any given hour available to respond to and I’ll do, 250 offers we have located throughout the country each and every one of them received about 168 hours of training before they ever sit in front of them are, And the reason for that is to be able to quickly respond to be able to quickly communicate, to be able to efficiently listen to every question that make him out to be able to. We are respectfully and responsibly be able to take care of each and every call that comes in, and it’s not as easy as it may sound. You have different kinds of systems out there and everything, but with witness security. Where is the system, and we use the Honeywell system? Take me to the boat communicate on the same type of format. So, therefore, our our operators are not happen to our no multiple different kinds of signals that they come into the station. The only paying attention to the various signals and come in through our systems consequent it makes it that much easier for them to be able to confidently respond to the signals that come in and that also known as the signals come in there. It’S just a matter of which one picks up first in all of the stations at the same time, because all of them are networked together. So when the signals come in MARTA train station at the same time, your home is monitored by somebody else beside yourself. A lot of people take care of their home by themselves, which is all good, but the responsibility rests upon the consumer every time. Consequently, there is no rest for you.. You don’t have her after you ain’t when you try to call the call the police and you’re not there, it’s not a 911 call. You have to call like the monitoring station calls through the normal call and then disco. They can’t respond nearest back to can from Washington station that is seen and looking at the alarm signals all around. So it’s really important to make sure that your whip, a monitoring station that is determined to make sure that the monitoring signals are going stations located throughout the country and all of our signal we know dollars away for all the signals. A monitoring station is getting a phone call from your alarm panel and as soon as they call the account and determine whether or not there’s a problem and whether or not we need to dispatch the police, but at the same time it’s a complex complex. That has been thought through and methodically processed in order to be able to provide the best there’s a very best model train. Your money can buy your witness Security in Tulsa Oklahoma. Thank you for listening.

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