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Good morning, this is Tyler with witness security and today and talking about peace of mind Peace of Mind, knowing that your home is going to be monitored, with the security Monitor and with a monitoring station, that is man 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year now, does that mean that they work 24 hours a day themselves, their employees? No, it does not. Obviously you can’t work somebody 24 hours a day, but they have enough people on their staff that they work. Them and shift work to where they are completely covered when it comes to any storm that make them that may arise, they pull people in just like when it hit Florida. They shut that station down and a higher. They brought in people from other from other areas. For the six, the other five different monitoring, centers and made sure is it anyway. They possibly can make sure that these customers are going to be covered, the employees just they fill in, and I understand that it’s a little bit OT here in there no big deal and so, like I said earlier, 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 Days, a year your home would be monitored with witness security. Monitored Home Security Peace of mind Now, when it comes to that piece of Mind Peace of Mind, knowing that, if you had a smoke detector, it’s not just going to cover that little bit up puff of smoke, it’s going to cover when you’re there going to cover when you burn the toast. It’S going to cover all of the details, but it’s also going to cover when say you’re asleep, and you forget that you, like my mom did years ago. She put some eggs to boil on on stove and forgotten left and our smoke detector in the house and did go off and it called the fire department already called the Monitoring Center minor and Center than called Fire Department we’ll get there in the only thing that Happened was the eggs had exploded because of bomb the lack of water once the water boiled off the lack of water, the eggs exploded. So when it comes to your home and say you have a unique home and you have a smoke detector in that home. The system is going to know that you had a fire faster than probably you would in some cases and send a signal saying: hey, there’s problem also we have a carbon monoxide that say you wanted for winning your children children’s bedroom because of the fact of the Matter is carbon monoxide, it’s at silent killer that no one’s going to know and it’s just going to automatically you’ll be awake and you’ll be good one minute, then the next minute you’re just going to be dizzy him you could be dead within a matter of minutes. I know myself, I have and dealt with carbon monoxide Keith, and I were one time. Last year we were around Christmas time. We are working on his master bathroom. We decided to tape off the whole room so that we could have the concrete saw not kick up a lot of dust, but what you didn’t take into consideration is: it was a gas powered concrete saw, any gas powered, concrete saw, needs to be able to breathe And we didn’t take that into consideration and the carbon monoxide almost killed Keith, and I both so when it comes to your home and what you do with your home security and your in your. Where are you and what you’re wanting covered with Herb smoke detectors with her be carbon monoxide with her be just the doors in motion or whatever it is? You can have that piece of Mind knowing for sure that your home is going to be covered with whatever you decide, you want security system to be monitoring. We have another customer that we just taking over their security system and from another company, and one of my guys accidentally hit a switch in the closet. Where are penalties and what he didn’t know that was it. There was two switches. One was for the light. The other was for the heat and air unit are actually the AC unit inside the it room. Well, what happened is he hit both switches when he was done closed out the door one on his merry way? No big deal well. The next morning, we show up to finish out the cameras and they were hot and bothered well, what happened as the temperature got over and it’s also in the dead of summer over, they said 85 almost 90 degrees in that room, because it’s not it room. You can’t and it room can’t get that hot and when it does, what happens is those computers will overheat and could shut down owner could break, and so they have to keep that room so super cool and to keep that room. Super cool they’ve got a their own AC unit inside that room. That’S all the AC unit does. Is it cool? Is that specific room, and so, like? I said one of my guys shut that light, switch off, shut the AC unit off and didn’t think anything about. It went on his merry way. I came in the next morning and the IT room was couple of degrees away from. I think it was one or two degrees away from shutting down or something to that effect. I’M not exactly sure it was screaming. It was BBB, really loud meat, and so they didn’t know what to do so. I called their it guy. He came out. He fixed the problem and then what we did was we installed a temperature sensor so that when the thermometer drops lower than are the air drops lower than I think he put it it like 75 degrees or something like that 18 degrees, that it would automatically kick Off and a signal to the Monitoring Center Monitoring Center would then basically dispatch, saying hey, there’s a problem and call up the customer and say hey just want to let you know that the thermometer in your unit is lower than it should be, and that’s when they Would run up to their office and make sure that the AC unit is working away supposed to be, and so hot, like said earlier, when it comes to home security with your home, there is nothing more than you can have them Peace of Mind, knowing for sure That your home is secure 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Thank you.

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