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Good morning this is Tyler with Witness security . Today we’re going to be talking about home security and the modern home security of today and how just monitored home security statistics. Supposably 81 % of intrusions come through on the first floor of the home. So if you’re think about that 81 %, if you had a two-story home and doesn’t matter if you got to store home, obviously I one-story home here in Tulsa, we just actually dealt with a gags called the rooftop Bandit and he was caught because he was coming In through the Rooftop, but his his style of breaking in is actually not the statistic he is he’s, definitely not the, but the type that we would be saying he’s in the 81 %. Also when it comes to property crimes, better recorded property crimes that are recorded. There’S an estimated 8632512 property crimes that are recorded now so by the fact that I keep reiterating recorded. There are a lot of people that, when they get broken into, they do not recorded Hispanics a lot of times, don’t record our don’t talk to the police about getting broken into because they they’re scared they might get deported or the scared the there there’s something that Might happen so back in 2013, Mike said, there were eight million over 8.6 million property crime offenses that were recorded according to the FBI. Also, when it comes to the then they did a study and they asked Burgers how they came in if they were to break in how what was their main Port point of entry and says that 34 % of burglars come through the front door. So if someone’s at a break-in, they knock on the front door, they wait see if anything any activity happens and when it comes to the door or whatever, and then they may ring the doorbell one more time again. Wait. Nothing happens when they try the Dory. When I kick it in says that 22 % of people that are burglars when they break in they use the back door and back doors. In my opinion, they are obviously going to be less vulnerable. The ring the front door, Weatherby, doorbell or a.m. just knocking on the door again. If there’s no activity, then they will wait for a little bit and they will walk around back and go through the back door. Lot of people leave their back doors unlocked and that’s why they don’t kick it on kick in the front door, it’s easier to go in the back door and then, but last 12 % of burglars. They come in through an unlocked entrance. So I unlocked entrance meaning like a window or sliding glass door or something, but when it comes to you’re home and just wanting to cover your home statistically most homes come with three doors. So if you were to have a security system monitoring all three of your doors and then also emotion, say you did we leave, say you were your kids left and left a window unlocked in the back side of the house or even in the front side of The house and then you went off to work for the day. Most burglaries take place between 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon, so you’re off at work and all the sudden you get on your phone that the motion was just triggered in your house and then a few minutes later. It’S the Oscar T system is sending you a signal saying that the front door was just triggered at the same time, you’re also getting a call from the Mandarin Center saying: hey your security system is going off, and at that point you ask. So what am I zoned that are going off? Well, it was the living room Ocean and the the front door living room ocean in the back door. At that point, if it’s two zones, the motion and adore, you know you have a problem: if it’s just a door and or maybe two doors, then yes, you got a problem. If it’s a door, I will check it out, but if it was just a motion – because most these are not going to go back out the window with the TV, it’s going to be a lot more difficult, they’re going to go through a door with that TV. They’Re going to go through the door with whatever it is, if they may have , it’s going to be easier for them and Steve’s just use the path of least resistance to get in and out of, most burglaries. Then, when it comes to property crimes that resulted in losses financially, property crimes in 2013 resulted in losses of least, and this is recorded again –  16.6 billion dollars in recorded losses again Hispanics and they don’t record there’s a lot of times. They keep cash under their bed so that when it comes to cuz, I the lap times can’t get bank accounts date. They keep cash in that they get broken into, and so they can’t record it with the police. Because they’re scared, they might get deported, and so they keep cash into their bed and then all the sudden they daybed can’t record it so moving on see. Well, actually, that’s that’s my time. This is Tyler with witness security, and today I was talking about monitored home security in the Tulsa metro area. Thank you.

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