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Good morning this is Tyler with witness security, and today I’m talking about security systems and the benefits of having a security system. Normally, if you didn’t have a security system, then you would be subject to someone walking down the street and they happen to see. You have not got a sign that they noticed that you don’t have a set of stickerson your windows or doors and they’re, going to notice that you and not having a system or any sign of a system is going to be more of a Target. Then say the next guy that he does have security system or sign of a security system and so having a security system, and the sign of one is 75 % of your deterrents right they’re, not even having the system. Just the signs and stickers saying that you do have one is a deterrence. So having a sign in your yard is your deterrence and then you actually have a system in place to back the signs of stickers in the yard up and that just that’s that much better. So when you have a security system in place – and you also know I monitored home security system – you were going to get a discount on your insurance. It could be anywhere from 5 % of your homeowners, insurance or renters insurance up to 12 %. It depends on who the insurance company is, but the fact of the matter is when you have a monitored home security system, you get a discount and so that right there benefit, then also, if you have any little kiddos and they’re at the age of when they May be trying to open the door, cuz they’re, say and tell my daughter, she’s about a year year-and-a-half and she’s about to start trying, doors and opening doors and so having a system in place so that my wife and or myself can be paying attention. If the door say she’s wandering around the house, chicken be listening for the door and or maybe my wife is doing something and happens to hear front door. I said, but security system that automatically tells her hey either someone’s coming in the front door or my daughter. Just open the front door and she’s going out the front door and you don’t want any want little one to go out the front door by yourself. So right there benefit and in the other stereo was she sitting there watching TV or she’s in the kitchen kitchen doing something and she happens to hear front door or back door benefit. Because now she knows, did my husband just come home, or did someone just come to the door that should not be coming through the door benefit so right? There we’ve got four benefits that show why you need a security system, why it would be who’ve you to have a security system and we haven’t even gotten to the actual monitored part of the security system. A security system is going to when the monitor when it comes to the monitor part, if so, you’re out of town myself, I’m going to be out of town for a week and so the way I’m going to arm my system is in the armed away. No entry delay: what does that mean? Well, I’m doing no entry delay it somewhere to kick in my front door. Then automatically Sirens are going. It does not have any time to countdown it’s going off immediately, because no one should be coming in my front door and no one should be coming in my back door. No one should be coming in my garage door because I’m not I’m out of town, so that says right there that it’s going to be super fast. Now, what’s the response time on that, while our average response time for the last year was 12.9 seconds, there is not another monitoring company here in the state of Oklahoma, possibly here in the country that can actually say that their response time is 12.9 seconds now before The past 12 months, their response time, was an average of 22.3 seconds and they used to be so fast that they had people getting irritated. They couldn’t get to the phone fast enough, but now there are so fast that when it comes to that they slowed the computers down just a little bit so that people can get to their phones, but at same time they’re still super fast. I’Ve had countless customers say men, the company that you guys are using now are so fast. I never have to complain about it. We’Re before I did. I would. I would be waiting – maybe a minute – maybe maybe two minutes, and it’s still pretty good, but the company that you have now it’s it’s amazing, and that is why we have so many reviews. That is why we, when it comes to security systems, that is what we do. That’S what we take care of, that is, that is our bread and butter when it comes to taking care of people with witness security. That is what we do. Security system here in Tulsa is going to benefit you. It’S going to benefit your family and when it comes to your home and your insurance, it’s going to just all the way around a security system is going to benefit. You and your family come monitored home security system. You will have the insurance again. You’Ll have a 75 % that turns by having a sign and stickers in your yard, and your windows and you’ll have an average response time of 12.9 seconds. We have the most reviews when it comes to the people that we take care of. They have said countless times. These people know what they’re doing these people at witness security. Their team is phenomenal. So if you’re ever looking for a security system error looking for a monitored home security system, witness security would be the best bet for you and your family. I can honestly say that without a doubt, in my mind that when the time arises that your door, your front door, gets, kicked in and you have a security system in place, witness security is the best bet for you and your family, and so just Google security Systems, Tulsa or you can type in monitored home security systems tall and anything that you could do to try and find a list of security companies and look at the reviews do your homework before you call. A bunch of companies see see what they have to offer. They should tell you a few things about themselves before they trying to schedule you and run you through with a bunch of prices and everything. They should tell you a few things about themselves and why they are the best at what they do. This is Tyler with witness Security in Tulsa Oklahoma talking about security systems in Tulsa. Thank you.

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