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Good morning this is Keith was witness security. We are going to be talking about home security systems here in Tulsa Oklahoma and the importance of having a no-contract, monitored home security system. No contract monitoring home security is in all intensive purposes. The most important thing you need to be looking for when you’re looking for a home security system here in Tulsa Oklahoma, when I say no contract monitored home security, you’re not having to be bound by any kind of an agreement to fulfill. As with the traditional, our mode of home security systems get your equipment at a, they would consider a low cost up front and then you’re signing agreement for three years to five years to be able to, and then whatever your agreement is and how much you’re going To pay per month will be based upon, however, many years you sign your contract now in that agreement. What if you were to move? If you relocate into a different home, then you usually have to sign another agreement to extend that agreement again into an echo. Every time that you’re dissatisfied with the service whatsoever. There is nothing you can do to get out of that agreement without paying a hefty amount of money in order to be able to get out of that agreement because you’re dissatisfied home security systems are, and companies may not necessarily provide the services you like to have. So, wouldn’t it be better to be able to be in a situation where, if you’re, not necessarily a hundred percent satisfied with the service, you should be able to opt out of their service and witness security here in Tulsa. Oklahoma provides people that option and the confidence of knowing that are in the event that we didn’t necessarily provide those services to you at with a hundred percent satisfaction, then you can have that opportunity to opt out now witness security there now, because the responsibility lies upon The company, rather than you the end of it, makes it to where we have to provide services to you and your dad are going to be the very best you could possibly have, and you can confidently understand and know that we will provide the services to you. If we want to keep you as a customer and it’s important to be able to have the kind of monitoring that you can that’s going to respond at the fastest rate possible, so witness security contract to iStation that are six different monitoring stations located throughout the country. All six stations are to the signals of the same time, so it’s just a matter of which one picked up for the average. The past 12 months have been 12.9 checking in here. We are in the month of September and 2017. So therefore, since last year, 2000 2050 Amber 9 seconds you’re going to get any faster when it comes to actual monetary is it. You are listed, of course, witness Security provide in the service station that we have, or you are listed. So therefore, give me all of the requirements of underwear Rider Library Laboratories for monitoring station when it comes to home security, no standards that need to be met when it comes to the actual monitoring station. There is when it comes to security and those standards are met with all six stations, the Central Station alarm Association. That also has standard. It’S called a five diamond MARTA train station. The monitoring stations with witness security is not only met the standards, but they exceed those standards and being able to have every station. We have meet those standards and then across the board and all of the stations combined make it that much more reliable. That much more. When it comes to the actual response and responsibility to the consumers that they take care of it when it comes to home security in Tulsa Oklahoma, there is no other monitoring station that is going to provide those services to you at the most rate at the possible. Other than witness security here in Tulsa Oklahoma, we also only have do we not have a contract. Do we have the best monitoring in the country with 6 different monitoring stations, but also we have 24/7 text to say something should arise in your really necessarily sure about your own when it comes to our your system, maybe you forgot the code and or your passcode For the monitoring station you can give to call 24/7. Somebody will be available Villa answer. Your phone call be able to do our financial situation. Arthur Marc Train Station, your equipment, whatever the question, maybe witness scary – will be available to answer your phone call 24/7. Now, there’s also the ability of such as our email and text that you can also communicate to us with three different ways. You can communicate the witness security Tulsa Oklahoma telephone for 7 email. You can communicate to us and look at the email just about every day. At least 3-4 times a day and then also we have beer here in the office. The ladies here in the office at work with an email regularly and then also text me, my head secretary, Stevia versus Texas in event that you have any kind of a question. So apparently have a peace of mind. Knowing that are your home security system is going to be taken care of one hundred percent of the time. That’S a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee and that you can have every time. Somebody comes on with witness security here in Tulsa Oklahoma that satisfaction guarantee is promised to every one of our clients all the time, and with that in mind, you’re also able to have the Peace of Mind of knowing that your home security system is being taken. Care of all the time you don’t have to worry about whether or not something is going to work and are going to work and you’re with the tax reports that we provide to come into our account, plus the ability for you to be able to arm and Disarm your system with your smartphone be able to have the option of being able to see every time your sister and family State Farm get a notification every time. Anything like that happens via text, as well as through the app itself and these Services come to you directly through security service of You have the ability, add the checks and balances to make sure that we’re doing our job, that you were able to keep track of your kids, your and your family and everything that’s taking place with your family and have her actual record of what’s going on. What is better than being able to tell your kids that they need to be home at a certain time and you’re out and about doing things, and you can know when they get home and if you already went to bed, you know what time they came home And you don’t have to stay up and wait up for them to arrive, and it’s all recorded for you to be able to explain to them what time they’re coming in and so on and so forth. And today’s society to be able to keep up with your kids technology as your friend and therefore quite frequently, technology is not because of what they are. Teenagers are able to do and they don’t know the technology much better than the adult still so now we have something that’s going to work on. Your behalf feel the help you raise your kids and Mars. Your family, wouldn’t security and Tulsa Oklahoma, is here to be able to give us a call and or check us out on the web at Tulsa home security and do some due diligence to observe and find out what kind of reviews we have in comparison to others. Thank you very much for listening.

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