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I got to say it’s kind of amazing to be able to drive out of your home for out of your garage, and then you hit a button on your app for your security system and the garage door goes down. They’Re going it’s it’s been it’s technology. That’S been out for a little while, but it was never as seamless as it is now. The systems that are in place now, or just so quick and seamless that you really don’t ever have to worry about it. Did my garage door go down or I mean garage door, companies Genie? I think it’s Danny. We can work with them LiftMaster we can work with them, any overhead door controller. That’S out there. We can work with it. Sometimes it makes me take a little bit longer than others, but we can work with them and we can make them so that you can operate your garage door and know whether or not your overhead door is up or down. As long as you have a connection. We’Re good to go so when it comes to your home and your security, it just adds to the security system, knowing that hey, my home, is secure Mike everything about my my life at my house is secure. There is there’s nothing more than Peace of Mind, knowing that you’ve got secure points of Entry all the way around your home, I’m right now, I’m working on my laundry room and remodeling it, and so right now, because of that, my interior Raj door does not have A sensor on it, but the overhead door is monitored, is a monitor spot. So I dunno that my home is secure, though main here garage door is not covered right now temporarily, so you and your home. You can know for sure that every point of entry he’s monitored and know when the door was opened and you can know when the sent that the system was turned off. You can know who it was turned off by all of these deals. It’S all information. It’S all little bits of information that you made me want to know, and so, when it comes to your home security, there’s really no other company to look to when it comes to getting security. Put into your system into your home. Adding security into your home is really really easy. You just give witness security a call and from the day that we do the sales appointment, usually we can do it next day, if not same day and obviously overtime. That’S going to change to the point where, because we have so many people that were taking care of that, we can’t do it same day, but right now we can do same pay most out most times. So when it comes to your home and your security, look! No further give witness security call and see what we can offer you when it comes to just being able to operate your garage door. I love that feature. I have that on my overhead door so that the main reason I have it is so that whenever I get home from her, my wife gets home from work. She can open up the garage door drive on in close the garage door. Then she can get my daughter, the stuff out and go about the rest of everything. I also have it there so that whenever I come in from a motorcycle ride, I can open the door drive on in and park my motorcycle and then I can close the door and go on in and see my family, but what most people have in their Vehicles is the button to arm or two over an open and close the door. To be honest, I don’t know how to control are to learn in those buttons that are built into the car. You can have a garage door, company come out and they can learn those buttons in. But I don’t. I don’t have those the knowledge to learn those. But but I do have the knowledge of how to learn the flock troller to the security panel and it be another monitored spot in your home. So when it comes to home security and knowing for sure that your secure there’s no other way in my mind, then to give witness security a call, because when it comes to the other companies here in town, no one cares for you, like witness Security. Will no one cares because you’re just another number, where witness security, we look at you as you’re accustomed to your gym and whatever your last name, maybe your Jane and whatever your last name, maybe you’re, not just another number to add to the list of whatever goal. We may be trying to hit, we do have gold, but we are not so much drawled with the goal as we are with who got another customer, and this is so, and so so when it comes to your home security system and when it comes to your Family, you can know for sure that witness security is just a call away. You can know for sure that when it comes to security, word 12.9 seconds from the time that the siren goes off to the time that you’re picking up your phone. I just did a church in South Dakota, but we just did this church and they needed to get a security system. And so I drove up there, half vacation half working and we put that in and now the sense of security. The churches close to 15 minutes away from their home any other church members homes they have that sense of security is knowing that hey when I’m at the church, cleaning or I’m at home in the church is by itself, and I know that for sure that it’s Going to be secure, so when it comes to your home, we just that. That’S what we’re about! That’S what we love to do! That’S what we get up in the morning to take care of is your homes, making sure that you are secure, and so, if, if you’re ever in need, if you’re ever in want of a security system, give witness security call at 918-200-8980 and witness Security will be There, whenever you want us to be there, and so when it comes to Home Security, will take care of it. Take care of homes to take care of small businesses. We’Ve got dog kennels we’ve got small businesses as like gum supply companies. We’Ve got auction companies, we’ve got a small restaurants, we’ve got a lot of homes, we’ve got some big companies and I say big up words to run 10 12 to 15 thousand square foot buildings that were taken care of, and so it’s just a matter of what You you and your needs are at the moment we can take care of them and so give witness security call would be happy to take care of you. Thank you.

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