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It’s just the way it is.

And. Work we need to take in consideration is. You know a lot of people say well I don’t want to be judged by Owasso Home Security.

I just don’t. Think that is.

If you’re wearing extremely baggy clothes. If you’re angry you’re letting your pants hang way down to your knees. And your butt hanging out. Then take a break. And if you’re suspicious. If you’re walking down a neighborhood and down through a neighborhood rubberneck and looking back and forth then you’re suspicious Owasso Home Security.

That’s just the way it is. You know. Except that. What do you call it responsibility. And if you that’s where it is and that’s when. Something is happening. And then just the raggedy clothing that they wear on a regular basis.

You know I guess you could call it gangster look. When you have that look. Gangster type look then. You mark it down. This is what is to be expected when you’re. Wearing those kind of cool. Right Owasso Home Security.

I just think that all. Day. Every time we’ve done the job say north or Tulsa area and you’re working in track and crimes and stuff and you go inside. And. All these people are just kind of.

Owasso Home Security Eyes on you. Exactly. It may happen and we were quite frequently in. And this is for gangs in Bixby Oklahoma. Are we going to mention them more often. You know we need to make sure that we step into your house that you lock you don’t go to your car. You know when you go into certain neighborhoods. Even in Tulsa or in North Toffler it’s kind of important to make sure you lock your doors.

Owasso Home Security I was watching a show this past weekend and the. One of the main characters he’s a police officer. And the. The. The main character. He comes home and. His wife had brought home a homeless girl that was actually one of her students whenever she was a teacher.

And she happened to be talking with her and said that. As they’re talking. That. She Ever so often has to do things a little bit different to.

Make sure she. Makes it good. She’s pregnant. She needs to make it.

And she does. You’d be surprised how many people leave their cars on lot. And they say you know he’s standing right there. A police officer standing right there and he reaches in his pocket and he does it. And then the mother as she reaches in her purse just kind of.

Owasso Home Security As. Easily as possible. OK. So there are maybe locks but there isn’t one in order to take care.

Of. These. She took the homeless girl she said look it wasn’t hard to take care of your car. You just admitted that at times you need to break into cars. You’d be surprised.

And just make the comment that you do.

Yeah. So when it comes to the fact that she says. Cart or you’d be surprised how many cars are left a lot.

That’s pretty. Pretty awesome. I mean people. Were pretty trusting. Until they actually get broken into.

Yeah and what happens then. Then

there they claim I’m just like no no one’s come and go from one spectrum to the next. Yeah. And when it comes to security. I myself I want many people to be able to come over to my house possibly.

I’m a people person. I like people. But. At Owasso Home Security.

The same time. When it’s time for just me and my wife and my daughter one family. To be in my house. I just want my wife and my daughter in my house. And I don’t want to be violent. Exactly.

And that’s where people are at. I mean a lot of people are your security system.

Police officers in general you’ve got two different mentalities.

But. If you just go ahead and get a system and.

This age is almost as important as having a refrigerator and a washer and dryer in your house.

Yes it is. And the expense of having it.

Is even cheaper than any of the five things you just mentioned read your refrigerator on a regular basis for.

The average or about 28 to 30 40 hours a month just to run the electricity on that refrigerator.

And that’s what you have to have. You know the same thing with the washer dryer. You know when it comes to the water we have to pay to go into the washing machine.

The electricity has to pay $5. That wife it’s going to run you were falling to $35 a month. Away Owasso Home Security.

And not to mention the maintenance and everything that it takes to maintain those items.

So it’s important in every aspect of your life to make sure that you take care of the details in your life that. Will provide a peace of mind to you. And.

Those sort of things.

It’s just standard and also not only do whenever you have a security system you get a insurance certificate that takes an insurance percentage off of your insurance amount monthly.

Right. Right. Bixby and Jencks I don’t know exactly what the difference is there. Victor.

Usually the standard I would say 5 percent or 5 percent discount on your home or insurance which in most homes that they’re building there and Jenkem Bixby you know their average you know if I’m not mistaken you know the lower end. Homes are somewhere in the ballpark of 165 to 180000. You take five percent of that amount. And that’s what your discount would be. Now if you’re with an insurance company that provides you a little bit more percentage than that then you’re going to get more.

So when it comes to security and we have somebody come out and sit down with you a lot of times we will take places you’ll give us a call and call us at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. A lot of times will take place. Keyes or myself will answer the phone and here present will have a person and that’s all they do is answer the phone. And schedule the time for us to come out. See when it comes to. Us. We have. Five things that separate us from the rest of the pack. And I say pack the rest of the companies that are out there. When it comes to security. Keith go ahead and let us know what those five things are.

Owasso Home Security Well we’re locally owned and operated here. Again some big pharma. Or so out of the area and we’re locally owned and operated for the past eight years. We also have six different monitoring stations that are located throughout the country. All six stations received the signal at the same time. So that’s really just a matter of which one picks up. First the average response time has been 22 seconds or less. I’m proud of the alarms. And if that isn’t the fastest in the nation it’s awfully close. One thing you need to consider when you’re talking about security systems and why this is important is the simple fact is the security system is not going to respond as fast as possible. Then you know you’re then dependent upon you know to police after that. So regardless of what may be happening in the area the police are going to be. Able to respond you know easier if they’re getting the signal to them faster. So you know here Witness Security we try to make sure that we pay pay a little bit extra. We have to have in order to see to it that that response time is a little bit faster. So these monitoring stations that we work with. Yes it does cost a little bit more but when it comes to knowing for certain that the monitoring stations are going to do what they’re supposed to do. Owasso Home Security Then it’s worth the extra We also don’t do have any monetary agreement. You know you hear people like Dave Ramsey Clark Howard or these other people on the radio that are always bragging about

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