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Good afternoon this is key witness security in Tulsa Oklahoma are you going to be talking about no security cameras a Wasow you know the thing that we have different Web sites located in on different cities and Oklahoma. The Web site reaches out as it Witness Security Tulsa dot com and that’s what security Tulsa dot com. ¬†Owasso Home Security And you found a phone number you can reach us at is 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. Well we want to talk about this morning as the various types of security alarm equipment that you could find in the homes as whether or not you’re just moving into the home. Maybe you’ve lived in the home for a while and or maybe you rent a property and you just want to be able to turn the security system on you know other different types out there. If you look right on the keypad itself you’ll notice that you’ve got the bottom right of the bottom left or somewhere on the face of the keypad. You’ll see various letters and or words that are located there on that one it’s called D.S.. See DSC is a security alarm equipment. It’s been out for quite a while. Some security companies use it because it’s one of the cheaper security types of equipment out there for the alarm companies to use. So therefore their overhead is a little bit less than what other types of equipment are.

Owasso Home Security And there’s things that can be done with DSC that say other security equipment can do you know and many of what I’ve noticed about this particular type of equipment is there’s about 16 different items that can be turned on with this security system that will indicate some sort of a trouble. Most of your security companies out there that may use this equipment. San Joaquin Oklahoma they do it for the sole purpose that it initiate a phone call to be called to alarm company so that they come out and do a service call because all of these different things that trouble light comes on and indicates that there could be some trouble with your security system and then your system is not going to work. So that’s one of the reasons why a lot of your security companies may use this type of government outside of the fact that it’s one of the cheaper types of equipment out there. You also have another type of equipment out there it’s called networks. This equipment is fairly popular fairly easy to program for most of your security companies out there that’s part one of the reasons why they use it. It is because it is an easy system to program and it’s easier to train somebody on it you know. But all these types of equipment look a little bit different. There’s another one out there it’s called D.M. p. This panel itself has a lot of different features. It’s been known as kind of you know computer system or has a lot of things you can do to it if you want it to get kind of fancy. However it’s a lot more expensive to use so therefore there’s not very many companies out there that use it. And some use it as kind of a proprietary thing.

Owasso Home Security You know the supplier of DNP if you’re not into security companies not making $40000 or buying $40000 of equipment per month you can’t become a dealer for it. So therefore it makes it a little bit more of a proprietary thing for the security company itself to be able to use that equipment and then whoever moves into there will give them a call because there’s nobody else that uses that equipment in the area. So that’s one of things one of the most popular ones and have been for a long time was Honeywell. Honeywell security systems. You know it’s located right there on the bottom it’s kind of stamped into the front plate of the security system. And it also known as Ademco. Adeyemi CEO Ademco. That these types of equipment were probably the most widely used by security companies out there. You know for simple reasons the Honeywell equipment has when it was created is very a very sturdy equipment you can withstand a lot of different things when it comes to susceptible to lightning and things like that because it’s very it’s built very heavy duty. And so therefore it’s pretty difficult to necessarily burn the panel up unless you do something really wrong and you’re lightening of course. But it’s very forgiving. It’s not your most expensive equipment out there. It’s middle of the road and it’s very easy to program. You know it does take some process of learning maybe a little bit more so than say the network panel but who would be the equivalent of a DSC panel and much easier program than a DMP time.

So there are things you can do that are kind of important to make sure that when you’re looking into the security company you know what kind of equipment are they going to use.

Owasso Home Security You know you can look right on to our website at Witness Security Tulsa dot com and you can see that if you just moved into a house in a Wasow you can see that their equipment that you have in your house is what the kind of equipment we carry and witness security here in Tulsa and security talks dot com you’ll notice that we use Honeywell equipment we can take over existing Honeywell equipment and then we can as far as new equipment we install equipment called to gig to gig a color touch screen system we can operate with his smartphone. Now what makes this very unique as far as the Honeywell equipment and that 2 gig now days of people wanting to be able to get rid of their landline because they’re not using their land anymore. The only thing that their landline has ever used for is to get calls coming in. You know telemarketers and bill collectors and things like that you know they like to be able to just get rid of their landline altogether because they never use it and save the expense.

Owasso Home Security We can put a device onto the older Honeywell systems and be able to make it to where you can operate your system via your smartphone through a program called MRM dot com. Now the newer systems to gig were able to not only use that equipment but they can also operate their systems through a smart through their smartphone their alarm Dakar. You know the alarm that makes it available where you’re able to work your system regardless of where you’re located. Now also what you’re able to do on the older systems you’re able to not only work your alarm system but you can at home automation to your system so if you want to be able to control your garage door your lights your thermostat locks are other items in your home. You’re able to do all of this right from your smartphone even though you may have an older system. So if you have the Honeywell system you know give us a call. No. Witness Security does not require a monitoring agreement of any kind. So therefore you know one thing you need to take into consideration looking good the reviews of various companies that provide security services and Sulochana services they provide. Do they have good reviews. You know is the company you’re about to go with. No I haven’t bothered to even look on line to see what kind of services that they provide here which is security. There’s some things that we do that most companies either don’t or won’t do. You know number one we don’t have any kind of a monitoring agreement. So therefore you don’t have to worry about if you’re a renter.

Give us a call. We can turn your system on. You know by not having any kind of a monitoring agreement you know it also we don’t require any kind of a credit check. So if you’re concerned about making sure you guard your credit score well going with witness security not only able to get the top notch equipment top notch service top notch service. Then you could also you know not have to worry about having any effect or a credit. And also you know at security we have six different monitoring stations that are located throughout the country. All six stations received the security system signals at the same time. So it’s really just a matter of which one picks up first. And if you’re living here in Oklahoma or and you’re moving into a home and you work on a regular basis you want to make sure that when your alarm system goes off that the police are getting called quickly.

Owasso Home Security You know the average response time for our security system is 22 seconds or less.

And with that kind of response you can be you can rest assured knowing that your security system is going to operate and function the way it’s supposed to.

You know we also have we provide a full line of security.

Owasso Home Security So if you want to add security cameras you wanted a security alarm. You want to be able to put locks on your house. You can operate with your smart phone. You want to be able to function lights around your house. You want to be to operate your garage door one to know if your garage door ever got opened for any particular reason. We had an individual that came in the other day. I’ve been a customer for quite some time. Moved into a new home and as he was sitting in his garage you know sitting sitting in his house watching TV all of a sudden his garage started going up and he had it just sitting there watching TV. He wouldn’t open the garage. Nobody coming home so he wanted to know why his garage door went up. So he went outside and some guy was walking up or down the street.

Owasso Home Security You know I didn’t know that could even be done anymore. But evidently he was able to open and close his garage so noticed nothing was missing and was able to contact him and just say hey what do you do. You know and he you know just like anything else he sees us specific suspicious people walking around. You oughta confront him a little bit and find out what’s going on. And it’s important to be able to make sure of these things so he came in wanting to know what he could do. We were able to put a contact all over the garage door and make it to where he could open and close his garage door. No when it’s open right from us. So these things are kind of important you know to be able to make sure that you’re taking care of the security around your home when it comes to video surveillance you know and watch those. And so there’s a lot of people in these newer neighborhoods and you know they buy at home and both mom and husband or wife have to be able to work. Kids going to school there for the average time that break ins take place is between 10:00 in the morning and 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon everybody is gone. And it’s pretty common sense if you’re going to be living in homes that you still got to be able to provide for your family. Kids still got to go to school students or maybe go to college.

Owasso Home Security And if you can believe it at all hours it’s important to be able to take and control the access of your home at all times and with the security cameras you can see what’s going on even though you’re not there. So if you’re just buying a home in Oklahoma and or near Collinsville you know there’s a road gone from Wasow to Claremore. It’s called Keatinge Ville highway. You can drive that road there’s a lot of new subdivisions being built. And then if you go the other direction that goes towards skite you know it’s on Highway 20. There’s a lot of new subdivisions going around their apartment complex things like that. So it’s important as you are considering a security company to go here to Wasow Oklahoma or it’s just north of Tulsa. You know think about it. You know give us a call 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. Or check us out on the web. Witness Security Tulsa dot com. That’s Witness Security Tusser dummkopf

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