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Keyboarding This is Keith with insecurity and a wasp Oklahoma this morning we’re going to be talking about or conclude or oh hang on. AM My here yeah I hear you just say Keith tithers here too. So he gets to be in here too. Wow. Owasso Home security
Same time I’ve been doing this for so long I forget agree with President Kennedy’s heart and forget 235 pound guy. I can’t help it if your larger. Journey is Tyler and Keith was Witness Security and a Wasow Oklahoma.
And today we’re talking about home security and why Saylor has gotten to a point where it’s actually better than telephone landline.
Yes. And you know what we’re talking about the various. Just to walk though. Owasso Home security
Security systems are not only important to know your basic security systems and the idea of security systems and solutions you may have when it comes to home security systems what we discussed earlier with the terminology that is used when you’re talking to a security company and they’re using the terminology of a basic package. We discussed that we discussed the idea of various different types of devices in equipment searches. You know the control panel and how Witness Security uses to get control panel that allows the system to talk to you. And so it’s more than just a home security system it’s also a home automation platform. That was our first and second segment where we talked about Tyvek communications of the security system and that of which I was referring to to play no telephone system in cellular communications. And now we’re going to be talking about you know the importance of the communications of the security system within the house or various different types that can be done such as a hard line system that has always been our proven method.
But now we’ve gotten to the point where wireless equipment has gotten to the point where it’s much better than it ever has been before.
Go ahead when it comes to the Quitman on the market today. The hard line equipment is actually considered a thing of the past and people would say well wireless are hardware it is always best. Well in some instances I agree. But the the equipment that’s available now. You can’t get any better than where it’s at now.
Well the advantage of the wireless some Wired has gotten to the point where it has overtaken the hardwired stuff though the hard wired equipment at times can be a better solution when it comes to how it’s actually functioning. Owasso Home security
But it doesn’t communicate with the pain anymore. So now to be able to get notifications that the alarm system or whether it’s just or you’re not. The. Wireless stuff gives you the ability to communicate to the payroll letting you know that a door has been left left open for a period of time where the hard line staff. Couldn’t do that.
Very well. Now with the equipment that’s available rather than having to put a sensor in the door and in the door jam. Now we have a sensor that goes in the door jamb and it gets a button and or call the plunger. And when that door is closed all is good. As soon as that door releases just a hair it goes off and oftentimes you see something. Owasso Home security
So where did this say in your closet turn the lights on and off. It’s the same basic principle. And by doing it this particular way you know the contact itself is virtually no way it can actually be tampered with. You know how there’s no way that it’s going to fall off and the door jamb. Here we are in Oklahoma. We have a massive amount of settling that takes place. So therefore if it’s installed between the hinges there’s virtually no way it’s going to be inhibited due to settling of the house. The old contacts that we used to install on the top of the doors and inside the door jamb as the doors would settle. Are you had this gap every now and again it would create. We had a system not too long ago. The house has settled almost pretty close to what it means and I have no need to you can it’s close to can fit your entire hand between the door and the top of the game of the door. Owasso Home security
Because the house suddenly houses so much and the individual is having a difficult time with the actual alarm system actually working. You know it’s important to be able to have equipment that is working on a regular basis all the time.
And if something doesn’t work then you should be have some sort of notification that will come to you via your phone. So even though you’re not there it’ll let you know that it’s working or not working. And that’s the advantages especially here to watch Oklahoma to be able to have that ability to be able to function. Yours curity system you know via your smartphone your other technology has gotten to the point where the hard line systems don’t necessarily have that capability we can do that. Know it’s a device that we add to the system that cellular allow He allows you to be able to control those things but they’re limited in what it can do where the wireless equipment is just basically stepped up to knowledge of the game and be able to make it to where it’s a much better experience with your security system and watch.
All right. Owasso Home security
So when it comes to equipment also I’m not sure if I heard you say it but when it comes to security you say you left the front door open yet you are in the system in the away mode from your phone.
What it automatically does at that point is a bypass is that door. As soon as that door is closed it then closes that loop and it’s not bypassed anymore. The house is 100 percent secure. And but say though you left the door open in the forced bypass situation and then someone walk through the front door with the motion go off.
Yes the motion would go off.
Exactly. So at that point your house is still secure.
Yeah in fact we did a business yesterday that when we originally did business there our landlord because it was a rental property was doing some renovations on the back door and the overhead doors. You know he wanted the entire first half of the building here so we installed motion detectors throughout the entire back portion of the building. And yesterday they ended up getting a tenant in there and we were walking through the back of the building to make sure everything was you know scared tests and all the signal and everything. Open the doors and our technician came to me and said hey the back door is working and we’re OK. We went out and took a look at it. We never contacted the back door. The back doors were in a place. Those were all brand new doors. And because it’s been close to a year he wasn’t going to be the landlord that had the property or wasn’t going to be storing any product or anything in there he didn’t bother putting the contacts on the doors. So we’ve got to go back here and the next day or two and install the door contact because there will be parking in the back of that building. All right. I forgot about it. Been over years since we installed it’s to begin with. And it just slipped my mind. Right here we are in a Watts Oklahoma.
And if you are interested in near Oklahoma you know just google our home security systems and watch soap and or watch the home security and you know find witness security pop up and we’re easy to find the best reviews to be any company in town. Thank you.

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