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He did a speed test just because he was curious and 150 megabytes upload speed. That’s incredible. And. He posted a picture of it and everybody was coming in. Good night. Is that even real. Because no one’s ever seen anything like that.

Not here in the United States. I guarantee you in Japan. That’s a common occurrence. It’s very common. Now that was the other thing you know we have a property that we took care not too long ago individual has a bunch of horses and he competes with the horses and his house is pretty close to 250 feet away from the barn where he keeps the horses. And he’s had problems with things being misplaced and not necessarily theft. But you know we compete with these horses there you know on the low end $30000 per horse on the high end. They’re looking anywhere between 45 to 60000 per horse. So it’s a huge investment. So in his case he wanted to be able to just watch it. And he had a few companies come out to look at it he looked at possibly trying to do it himself and came to the conclusion that it just wasn’t physically possible. We went out and took a look at what we could do took his route to well days Owasso Home Security.

I think it was almost a week.

Was in a week it was a week in order to be able to get the cameras out to his barn. But we also put a pair of zoom. And I think there are 16 cameras but all of his cameras every single one of his cameras were located off of the house that he and we are basically in the field. It’s a field on poles at the gate around his property you know around his house and then on the barn and at that point he had to have an electrician because solar power that was not something we even had even considered.

And we had to have an electrician come out and get power to each spot where we just did solar. We just went to class on solar and that’s that’s the way to go. Now if we didn’t know something about solar that was that would have been probably the way we went. But in that case we just hired an electrician and got it up to par and then did everything we could.

And I think is by hiring your electrician you’re paying anywhere from 35 to $50 dollars an hour for them to come out and plus the parts for them to be able to get power there and off with the pole vendor that was out there.

Owasso Home Security In many cases. There is not power available to do that. So that’s not even an option.

And. So it’s really important to make sure that you try to stay on top of what you’re going to be doing and with the solar power system you’re able to get cameras to a remote location and also with backup battery power and everything so therefore you’re able to have video that is you know communicating.

You know in a remote location which is one of our in here Oklahoma and Wasow calls will skyrocket and Claremore that’s a continual problem. People warning to be able to see video. These keys on the desk. They want to be able to see video you know out of their gate or at a barn or other shop and be able to see it on their phone when they’re on vacation.

Owasso Home Security So. Here we are in Hawaii Oklahoma.

You know the Web site you can read decided that a witness LLC or Witness Security Tulsa dot com. You can also get as a witness LLC dot com and or witness home security dot com. For all three of those Web sites will get you the same information as well as give us a call at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. That’s Keith and Tyler. Witness Security 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0.

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