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Basically today we’re talking about remote locations cameras on remote locations whether it be a barn or whatever we can take care of that.

And you need to think about having a camera system on say your front gate. This is probably the number one application people call about a. They live out in the sticks. They don’t have any Internet Owasso Home Security.

They don’t have any power outage again. They’ve had problems with people getting onto their property and doing things they shouldn’t do. They’d like to be able to do something they’ve used their cameras before. But the problem with having your camera view you have to remember to get out there and pull the SD card can retrieve that SD card.

You know regularly so that you can see what’s going on because it record over itself if it dies you don’t know that it died.

Owasso Home Security You know the batteries are inside there though they usually last for quite some time. You know you never know if it died. So you have to regularly go out and check it.

And this situation. With it being a solar power you have a continual set up. That is the battery. And so there they are inside the system can be recharged. So therefore it could last up to three to four days without any sunlight and then sunlight actually retarget those batteries. All that being used. You know get cycled every night and then you just fear I could go out and check and make sure that you know that you know charging system is still working but the cellular unit that thing built inside there gives you a feedback of what the batteries are how the batteries are doing. So it’s not something you have to physically go out and check all the time.

Owasso Home Security I mean you can do a lot of those companies have built in a maintenance fee so that you have to go out and check those where we have a maintenance fee. But it’s a lot lower due to the fact that we’re going to have a system that will check that for us.

Yeah. Like I said before it’s it’s set up through the cellular system to be able to show us exactly what’s going on with that property. Now what’s also unique about this is even the secular portion of the alarm if you want to be able to supervise. Say. A building on that property you know you could put an alarm system on it where if somebody wasn’t actually supposed to go onto the property but they’re not supposed to be able to go into that building. Then you’d get an alarm as well if somebody came into the building. Right. So so many more things that can be done you know by witness security we take care of our homes or businesses renters. We have video surveillance. You know we were a full service security company versus a lot of companies out there. We’ll only do one part out. Yeah. So we know by being a full service security company we can cover all of the bases.

Yet when it comes to security we also do like you said home security. And some people would like the ability to cover their house as well as the camera system out at their gate and it’s just a matter of another system that could give you say you do have something that takes place there on your property outside. And then all of a sudden your security system goes off. Well you use your time stamp as to what’s going on what’s going on with what took place. I’ve¬†Owasso Home Security.

had people call up their their kids go to walk all the way to the front door from their driveway which is a long driveway and to pick up the bus and they’d like to be you know pay attention to the kids when they leave or when they get home from school. So therefore they’d like to have a camper out there at the gate so they can see you know the kids if they’re coming to get out.

I don’t know what it is like out in the rural areas when it comes to people snatching kids but that wouldn’t be wouldn’t surprise me if someone is driving through rural areas and sees it in they’re out at the GHI by himself.

Owasso Home Security Well the application that I was replying to is I got a call a while back to kids. They get down there at the gate and they’re waiting for the bus. They get to hour ago and you know as kids do and they start picking on one another. First off it’s just a little tap and then the next one person punching the kid and the next kid picking up a rock and throwing the rock to the next kids who are reach around for to buy for the next kid after that is it just escalates.

So and then when they get it get back in the house it’s you know Jodi is. You can’t know what happened because you weren’t there right. With the camera system you were able to pay attention to what would happen to the kids. So that’s just a stupid little story that sort of thing happens on a regular basis. I remember doing that as kids. I mean every kid. I mean I don’t know of a family that ever encounters that. And if they don’t come out really say they don’t. Keep going. So if you think they’re lying. Every family deals with that sort of thing. So you know dad they’re either wanting to be able to have a clear cut answer to various situations that arise around you know with their kids.

Owasso Home Security Well sure. And but also like I was bringing up kids down there at the gate. It would be easy to snatch your kid. Mommy never there. Oh yes. And you can easily talk a kid into getting into the car with you.

A lot of times you have a nice car pulled up and we have a special teenage boy or even a girl for that matter. You have a really nice car pull up and somebody shows your attention.

Like I’ve arrived with my you know nice fancy car fast car. That’s a temptation to every kid. For the most part.

You know just had an opportunity to ride to a really neat car and still having a camera there at the gate to see who they’re talking to what’s going on. And then also like you’re bringing up from earlier just just to make sure that the kids are doing everything they’re supposed to be at that distance from the house and what happens on a regular basis you’ll have parents that once the kids get a little bit older their kids are coming to go as they please.

You know order given the ability to do so they got their own cars and they’re coming and going. And but you want to be able to make sure when they come and go is when they said they came away.

And you also went over it like you’re just saying kids get home they’re supposed to be home at 10:00 and they get home at 10:15 10:20 10:30 midnight.

Yeah. And if you don’t have something in place to be able to track that you know you don’t have any idea whether or not the kid is told the truth or not. I mean it’s not like you are to.

You know really question what guy really question. I mean I was watching a program tonight I couldn’t believe it. They’re talking about the kids how the dad was you know tracking their kids on the phones. You know how how much that’s an invasion of privacy.

I don’t think that’s an invasion of privacy at all is bad. You know that’s my kid. And in many cases you know there he is in my. You know they’re paying for their phone service you know. And actually though there may be a teenager who is still living in my house I still have I still have responsibility for that teenager. So you know today in day and age they seem to believe that our dad shouldn’t have the ability to be able to pay attention to their kids. I disagree with the rest of today’s society you seem to believe that teenagers ought to have their privacy just don’t agree that yes.

Owasso Home Security So this is Tyler a key witness security in Oklahoma. And basically we’re talking about remote locations whether it be cameras or homes here or securities any security available even to where it is yet to renderers Witness Security Tulsa dot com

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