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And do and so they cannot answer your questions over the phone and they design it that way on purpose that way they have to come out to take care of the system. Kids you can’t describe all the keypads for the most part look fairly close to the same and at two o’clock in the morning when you’re trying to talk to somebody that just got home from the bar they’re going to have a difficult time Owasso Home Security.

You know in a small town that panel that’s what it is. Yeah. Is that a square panel. Well yeah it’s kind of square is correct. I mean it had push buttons. I mean it’s so difficult to be able to for them to describe it.

I mean this square when you’re a little bit in every square and rectangular look about the same square with red and rectangular look about soon when you’re half asleep.

Owasso Home Security And that too. And with rounded corners you know it’s you just don’t know. Well what exactly. You know the kind of equipment it is. So they do it that way on purpose. So

it generates a service called No what is a service call. A lot of people would say no service call would constitute somebody coming out and actually doing work on your property. Know a service call really all it really is is arriving on the property and within the first hour or a half hour or whatever it is for us that witness security you know it’s $85 for a service call. But if you get that protection plan that we offer there are protection plans you know cover if you’re living in the circumference of Tulsa Oklahoma and a 30 mile radius you know your protection plan covers the trip charge. Any equipment that may be involved in its security system where it got struck by lightning or a surge protection you know surge of electricity. You know yesterday I ended up doing a service call our lady here in a Wasow that data you know for whatever reason when the storms came through the other night. You know after the storm you called me it was on Sunday afternoon and I answered the phone and I tried resolving the issue with her but there was no way to resolve it because everything she did just didn’t seem to make any sense. So I got there and was able. When I logged in the system is one of the goofiest things I’ve ever seen. It changed. Majority of the zone description too you know in our case there are different types. In this case it wasn’t didn’t even exist. And then also it turned the time zone on on all of those.

So you turn the turn by zone to me disabled with the term on all of the zones. So when you open the door and kind of the charm on it wouldn’t jam the doors. It was a goofy thing I’ve ever seen. Went back to you reprogrammed everything. And even though normally in that situation the lightning would disable the entire system. I was able to reprogram it and get it up and go on because you had a protection plan which you pay for trip charge. She didn’t pay for the hour that I was there. She didn’t pay for anything. Happy as can be.

Awesome God. It may sound as we’re talking about all these service calls we do in a couple of days times.

We’re just talking about different service calls.

Owasso Home Security But the amount calls we’re actually talking about actually do happen that day. Usually the day before or a couple of days before we stay very busy. And the reason we stay very busy is because the. Quality of services we offer our customers comes to everybody else when it comes to their phone. The other companies they don’t they don’t offer a quality service. Some of them may but then they lock in a lot of a lot of the other areas where with us we try and have a balance of every side of the business to take care of our customers well like we are a new technique and start here today.

When I when I interviewed with him originally he was asking about how busy are we really and I showed him the calendar and he didn’t really I guess reflect to what how busy that really was on the calendar either and never really paid attention to a calendar or whatever it was that he normally does and what companies you’ve worked with in the past. No but he’s the first day you started fairly close at 7:00 in the morning. And as you started in the morning you know we went to Harvard he went rogue with the technician to Koita and the morning went out to say spring you know a little bit thereafter. And then after that he was up in a while. So then back down in Glen Poole and south Tulsa and after about I get phone calls at 7:30 8:00 o’clock at night you know 12 hours you’d ridden around the truck and he asked the technician as you were driving in is it like this every day. We stopped for lunch and things like this every day and now.

Owasso Home Security Then the next thing comes comes out of this man.

I don’t know but it does not stop. I think this is.

Real thing is it makes it really easy for us to do that is we have answers on the vehicles. So therefore when somebody calls in and has a need you know for their security system and things we take care of our customers all over green country well we’re able to know where the vehicles are. Somebody called in and were able to dispatch a vehicle right after they get done with one job to the next and get people taken care of right away after there’s a need to be taken care of. So regardless what you’re needing here and of. It’s amazing the kind of services that we can provide just by simply answering the phone. You know most companies today are pride themselves on the simple fact that you know their secretaries are and or automated systems that are going to answer the phone for them. And when it comes to security companies you know a good amount of them shut their phones off after 5:00 so they don’t have to answer the phone.

And on the weekends or holidays. Or is it just goes to an ATM machine. So then it just a simple matter of being able to.

Owasso Home Security When they come in in the morning or after the weekend they start prioritizing the need for their service calls. And if they have had issues with one person or is the next then well that person gets put on the backburner. Will get taken that will take care of them later and so on and so forth. But if you answer the phone every single time usually you can solve the problems within a matter of seconds over the phone and it’s usually human error and they’re off doing what they’re doing. System is still functioning and the alarm system is being on it will be turned on turned off all the time and people are happy with the way these things work.

Yeah we did get off track a little bit on not have.

We’re trying what suspicious activity callers asking suspicious questions. What do you think about that. Callers are asking suspicious questions whenever it comes to security cameras and being suspicious callers as in phone people call in.

Owasso Home Security Yes. We have every now and again people say that they’ve wanted to get it security system. We had one. The other day an Claremore the lady called up and said she had this person calling in a variety of times just inquiring about different items or things that are home and she’s like why you keep calling me you know is there a way I can get a secure somebody can come out and you know talking about a security system so that I can make sure that this person evidently knows where I live because he calls me regularly asking about different items in my home. How could I possibly get to have somebody come out and visit with me about a security system. And by not having any kind of a modern day agreement you know we’re able to provide security immediately. We had an individual call last night he has rent homes and a Wasow and any rent homes we had somebody just moved out and we took care of the service in that property before. And he started doing renovations on the property so that he could regret it but now he got over to the property this morning and yesterday morning and discovered that all of his appliances were moved into the garage and all of the fixtures had already been taken out of the home and that obviously the appliances There are coming back to get the appliances later and so today we’re going to have to run out there you know at the end of the day and try to activate the alarm system that’s there so that he can make sure that everything is secure you know.

And talking about this type behavior what type of system is that is that the test screener’s camera system or that’s used to standard well Security system.

Owasso Home Security We know that we act as if we take over pushbutton Honeywell systems but we also take over and install new to gate touch screens but also the older touch screens that say protection or ADT they have out their guardian. They’ve all got the the new two sisters out there but maybe you’re coming to the end of your contract or maybe he’s the same landlord he just wants to turn the system on to make sure that the system is covered or the house is covered.

And also when you take in consideration the various things you’d like to have with your security system this individual that no landlords would take care of quite a few landlords. And what happens with renters. Every now and again get jail time.

But when they leave they may leave disgruntled and so in the process of leaving and turn to go ahead and turn the water around on the property. And because that homeowner does not have a water sensor it’s operatives on the place and they fled the entire house. As you walk out the door and doesn’t matter whether it’s carpet didn’t matter whether or not you had it specially if you had hardwood on the floors then and there again or even if he had hardware in her you know tile. It’s going to destroy all of the sheet rock that’s in the house. And if it’s not caught right away then then you’ve got mold. It’s going to destroy the entire house which happens so it’s important as a landlord you may wonder whether or not it’s important to have a security system but just think about it if you are going over to your property like this individual we’re going to be going to today during a walk though. Well we’re going to put act reactivate the alarm system that was there before. Owasso Home Security ¬†And so they don’t they don’t come back and take the bike.

If they were to come back and take the appliances that may or may not be higher and appliances but appliances in general a low end appliance set is going to be about 300 bucks each.

Owasso Home Security So you get a stove it’s going to be three to five on it.

Well you get a washer and dryer both you’re looking at three or five on or you know microwaves you’re looking at 200 to 400.

Well and these are just standard standard appliances that you would put in to a rental property that when you added up it’s it’s a huge expense. You know the fixtures alone that he mentioned that they took out of that property alone cost them fairly close to 600 bucks.

This is Tyler in case this witness security in a Wasow 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 witness security Tulsa dot com. Again I’m just going to go out and sell that again. This is Tyler and Keith with Witness Security Witness Security Tulsa dot com 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0 0 0.

OK. Thank you very much for listening Owasso Home Security.

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