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Yeah. And in those cases over and over and over again. B Where do you do business with this company. If you if you read something like that you know either one take in consideration you know the possibilities you know. But what we’re after the other. We’ve got 60 some odd reviews in the fall of 2.2 already. You know in May you kind of wonder you know whether or not you need to do business with that company right. So you know just because they have a lot of reviews read some of the reviews just to find out whether or not it’s worth looking into. And then organically speaking you want to scroll down a little bit on the first page you know where it’s a free listing for the companies that are out there that are stable. That will be on the first page. The ones that are on the map if there are. Actually a stable company they will actually show up organically right there on the first page. And that’s one. Another thing you need to be paying attention to is they’re showing up organically on the first page and that means they’re doing the right things in order in order to be able to get there. So if they’re going to do the right things in order to be able to get there on the first page it takes some effort and takes some time. Therefore you probably do the right thing when it comes to working in your home Owasso Home Security.

Owasso Home Security Yeah. And finally right things when you’re in the home it’s not just the sales appointment and swindling you into signing contracts. That’s that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about is when the salesman gets there and he does all the paperwork with you you know what you’re getting. And you know that when you’re done you’re going to be happy. And then when the installer shows up and he carries in a vacuum cleaner to clean up his mess once he’s done and he once he drills the doors he’s taken care of picking up these little scraps of wire making sure everything is done to the stage and security has. Why. Because he knows that when he’s done as a possibility you will write a review. For the job he’s done.

Yes. ¬†Owasso Home Security And I would just take into consideration that some of these companies will advertise. The fact that you know somebody in your home and drilling all kinds of holes in your home and running wires through wherever it’s you know those are scare tactics if you have a professional in your home installing like you in your home. He’s going to have to take some time and throw some holes in the walls. And so on and so forth. I mean you use that as plumbers come into your home to work on your home. And because you got some sort of stoppage there’s a good chance and there they’re going to be breaking up huge portions of your house in order to be able to fix that leak. So therefore if you have a professional come into your home doing security system there might require a little bit of work in finance to be done. But as long as he cleans up after himself and does his job then what’s the problem with that.

Right. I mean there’s been times where years ago we had had somebody fall through the ceiling. We had not taken care of the problem in the beginning then they would not have been happy on the backside. Yes. And if we don’t take care of the situations that take place Owasso Home Security.

You are taking care of your customer and you find that every company doesn’t matter what company is when they come into in your home. Then it’s really important that they just take care of the details. So. Does that mean there’s never going to be an accident. No. It doesn’t mean that it off. What it means is they take care of things when. They’re in the home in order for witness security to have a five star rating and 90. Some of our reviews you know that doesn’t mean we’re perfect people. That means we just take care of things that take place when they come up.

So if you’re looking for a security system because you have seen a suspicious person in your neighborhood give witness security call at 9 1 8 2 8 9 is your teacher.

You can get on the witness home security Darktown and that witness home security dot com and then 1 8 2 8 9 Zor is here.

Again. So when it comes to security. In my opinion there is no reason why anybody. That has a house.

Or apartment. Why they shouldn’t have a security system.

And like you were saying earlier. Refrigerators are important. You didn’t have refrigerators your food will get all warm and then be go back. With us with security. If you don’t have a security system. These people that are on drugs.

Day one in your home. They’re just supporting their habit. It’s a lifestyle.

And when it comes to providing a peace of mind of your own for your.

Own family. Then there are some things that you need to do in order to set some things in place. So that you and your family knows that they’re secure when you leave in the morning to go to work and. You turn your security system off. And. Then turn it right back on and you walk out the door and your wife for your kids you know they get up in the morning and they can see that red light on the keypad knowing that all the doors are secure that provide peace of mind. Just cannot be described. And that’s one that. As.

You know I’ve heard been needs to make sure that he’s taken care of his family and. To peace of mind the past with no past that the basic understanding that gives the consent. Of how you need to take care of your family. Not to say that it’s required. But it. Sure does go a long ways if you do. And you know we’re talking about suspicious behavior here a lot of people think is this a. Person is suspicious but it’s not really the person that he is. It’s their behavior. And so as you see the various. I guess he could say antiques that somebody dies. And. The thing that they do that is suspicious. And how they carry themselves. You know if they’re wearing baggy clothes on a regular regular basis. Unfortunately that is and you’re doing things in a neighborhood that don’t necessarily belong in. That suspicion. You know if they’re. Just they’re.

Both saying this guy you say suspicious. I happened to be driving.

I can’t remember where I was driving especially Owasso Home Security.

But. I happened to see this guy. He’s riding one bike. And he’s holding another. I mean this is a little kid but. In my mind. That fire is off. Suspicious. And that’s.

Why. He had you need to but.

Unless you’re taking it to your mother or something unless he takes it up.

And take be taken it to your son or a child. But.

Thing is why would you be doing that. Why didn’t the driver. Where are they right now. Yeah.

Well if you are one and he’s pulling another. So. In

my mind. What happened was he’s walking through a neighborhood. He sees the one bike on the two bikes right there. Kids probably ran inside quick to get a drink or whatever. And. He saw the one bike and hopped on it and he saw the bike picked it up and he pulled it behind him.

That’s exactly going through my mind. Now. Is that really what happened. I don’t have a clue.

But immediately suspicious was the word that went off of my head Owasso Home Security.

It’s it’s behavior that is generated because of that we have people who are wear raincoats in the dead of the summer last night weren’t wearing a beanie.

One. I mean it was almost 80 degrees last night either one. He had some wet hair his hair was just whacked out weird colors or two.

He just he’s weird. All right. Well I know why you were being 80 degrees there kept it.

Owasso Home Security I was just going to keep you that much warmer. I mean I just can’t comprehend.

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