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Good morning Mrs. Keith and Tyler with Witness Security and Jencks in Bixby Oklahoma and this morning we’re going to be talking about the reason why somebody would get video surveillance either in a home or in a small business. And there’s three things that make a difference with you know whether or not you’d like to be able to get a security system or video surveillance system in either of these locations and in Bixby in Jenks or pro-homo. There’s a lot of new businesses springing up and a lot of new homes going in Owasso Home Security.

So therefore is. But also we don’t want to let people know what are your thoughts.

Yes it’s Witness home security if you’re looking on and Google for witness home security dot.com witness home security dot com and also a good phone number to be able to reach is that is at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 0. And just to say it one more time 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0.

All right. So Owasso Home Security.

When it comes to surveillance or video surveillance you have the few reasons that we’re talking about. Secondly go for specific.

Specific things that you’re going to be looking for when it comes to your.

I can think right now. But your house say you have your car is one of your biggest investments. And when when you have your card sitting there in the driveway and or your house your most investment you want to make sure that that’s covered.

Well also one thing need you take into consideration when we’re considering a video surveillance system you know a lot of people say well why why why do I need to get a visa system. It’s fairly simple. There’s a few things that you need to take in consideration when you’re buying a video surveillance system earth you’re going to have the opportunity to be able to identify potential theft from employees and your bill.

If it’s bad for a business you’ll be able to identify suspicious behavior or activity in a residence. So people are driving up and down the street you’ll be identified by that car and it does not belong in the neighborhood seems to frequent your the front of your house then you recognize that that car right there is kind of up to no good.

And then also you’ll have the opportunity to be able to locate misplaced items that are in either the business or in the home. We’ve had various applications where people had things taken from their home. We’re able to identify who the individual was and be able to go get the item or it came from because it was in the neighborhood. Then we also add that it provides the ability to develop a standard of behavior. You know in the small business you have an opportunity to be able to you know see how people normally behave. And then when things start taking place in their lives. That might affect them to behave differently. You have an opportunity to recognize what’s going to what could happen if they were to continue in that behavior. And then when it comes to again in a home it develops a standard of activity in the home.

Owasso Home Security Well like you’re saying misplaced items. Not only can we detect that with the house or with the business we can detect that with the house. Yes. When it comes to theft you can detect that in a house and a business house being the neighbors are just every so often or doing something that they definitely should not be doing on your property. We’ve had several video camera customers come to us because the neighbor keeps them when they when they pick up the dog poop in their yard. They’ll chuck it into the neighbor’s yard. Yes. At the lock and or I’m going to take the dogs across the street haven’t proven the neighbor Jared because I don’t want him pooping in my yard. And then you have the the other side of things you’d said detecting suspicious activity. Well you can detect that you are in a consumer business a couple days ago and that guy came up set down on the outside of the business and he’d been there for close to what 30 minutes.

It was at least 30 I’ve been in business for close to an hour and he came up right after I walked into the business and stood around in front of the door reading me and then pretty soon another person came up to our get exactly the same thing I thought it was the same person because I really wasn’t paying close attention. And then both of you were sitting there out there on the bench. What was so suspicious about it is where they come from. There was no vehicle. There was a vehicle Owasso Home Security.

There wasn’t any restaurants nearby there wasn’t any convenience stores nearby there wasn’t anything nearby that would necessarily draw them into this particular business because this particular business was you know it was open to the public that you don’t go to this business unless you do you’re participating in the music you know. And that’s what you do.

You know for whatever reason get.

Owasso Home Security So when it comes to video surveillance. We were just talking about why you may want a video surveillance system why you may need the video surveillance system.

I had a lady call yesterday you heard starting up for a new business at the salon and south Tulsa here Janks. And you know their biggest concern was well you know when I asked them if they had an interest in video surveillance she said Well get out. I think that to be an important thing.

You know I’m not exactly sure why I would necessarily like to have that and I just briefly explained to her that if you’re not going to be participating in the business you know directly yourself you have an opportunity to be able to understand how your employees behave normally because events take place in people’s lives on a regular basis. And when these events happen such as say your child gets sick or you know really sick and you’ve got to go to the doctor and his medical bills are going to be mounting or you know somebody gets into a car accident or and another without a vehicle. So now again you know bills are mounting You know as you talk to them and say what I got a DWI. And you know DWI costs you know a huge amount of money to be able to take care of that situation. So any time an event takes place in an employee’s life you need to kind of watch there you know the average behavior that you’ve watched him before and then you’ll see suspicious activity that started to take place in your life. Yeah.

Owasso Home Security When we install a camera system we advise the people that are in charge of that system and.

Business owners or business Rangers whatever. We advise them to sit there. Once I say once a week he says once a day I think once a day is a little over the top at times but once a week we’ll get at least once a week we’ll get you to a point where you are used to getting in an operating system and just checking over. And by doing that you’re also going to see that pattern that Keith was just talking about.

If you don’t then when the time arises that you do need the video and you get one if the hard drive goes bad gets hit by a surge and just fries that hard drive or something. If you’re not paying attention to it you’re never going to know when that went out and you’re not going to have a video of that to be able to.

Owasso Home Security And then also because a lot of people are kind of embarrassed that they never did go back and look at it and then they call us two three weeks after the fact. Try and try get the video of themselves calling parasite. I need you to come out and show me how to do this.

And more than likely they may record it over the top of it because it’s too late both a lot of the video systems we’re putting in Nowadays you get close to three to four weeks of recording. But again we had one fellow that called up he had an extra hard drive space and had somebody come into his house and work. And you know pretty close do you know he was able to keep three months of recording.

So you think OK three months. I mean he got that much space. Surely we got the video right back almost a year later complaining that no phone damage his home. Know when they came in and did work on his own. And it’s like why are you calling me a year later when you know you have three months of storage left and now you want that company to pay.

Owasso Home Security We don’t have any video to say that you did with a. When you say that in a whole year a lot things happen all year.

Oh yeah. A lot of things can happen in a month.

So when he was upset that I couldn’t retrieve it. And you know and I would not verify that the company did something because it was an insurance deal and the insurance company was asking me to go out and inspect. You know the system for him was not our client it was somebody else’s client.

It’s just it’s just odd how people will behave. And it’s important to make sure that when you especially if you make a purchase of maybe its immune system I just think it’s foolish not to actually utilize it.

Exactly. Well that’s Tyler incased with witness security in Tulsa Oklahoma actually Jenks Oklahoma and Bixby Oklahoma. You can find this on the web at Witness home security dot com. Again that’s witness home security com phone numbers 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0.

And you want to give us the phone number Waratah Yes.

Owasso Home Security Also get Bixby in jail if you’re not familiar with the area is just south of Tulsa for 169. The phone number of a region that is 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0 0 0 0 your video surveillance question and or security questions and

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