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Start over. Well yeah go ahead and do that. Gate after a witness.

A witness security Tulsa dot com.

And also you can reach us at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. Well we’re going to recap today is what we had started on yesterday was three reasons why our That security is important are five reasons why our business security is important. And first of all is the fact that business security whether it be a security system and that being the logo of the security company that is whether it be stickers or a sign that’s going to deter crime. And then he had the cameras as well Owasso Home Security .

That’s going to deter crime.

Secondly go ahead and you know then that was the open enclosure for it to be able to track who’s coming who’s going on with your arm and disarm the system not just the security system itself to be able to be armed when you’re gone but also to build up. Who was that armed and what time they armed and or gaming. I don’t think we mentioned the phone number today. It’s 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 that’s 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. And then also the video surveillance when you’re watching over your employees just the standard behavior to be able to obtain a pattern of behavior for your employees so that you can know when things are happening if things get misplaced if you know and or heaven forbid stolen. You know as I’ve mentioned before 75 percent of employees will steal for their employer. So point number three is basically keeping tabs on the employees whether it be theft or misplacement. Yes. All right. Let’s go on with number four. When it comes to business security system you could possibly.

Owasso Home Security  Lower your business insurance. You can have a security system and even a camera system. It’s going to lower that insurance a little bit.

Well some of your business is required you have both of those before the economy even open the doors. So their insurance requires that they have a security system before they can even open and or our surveillance system. And some of them even go to the Depending on the kind of business that is. Some of me require specific. Kind of security system in order to be able to have that such as access control to where they can are allowed to be able to come and go you know via a push of a button to let the door open and even find areas which is going to log.

Again. Who’s he going to go. Who’s coming and going.

Owasso Home Security  And so if you have a camera here the access control and you have the security system. All three are going to log what is that just came in through that door. Yes. Then because you have all of those systems in place then not only logging things but you’re making sure that everything is 100 percent secure not just going to have somebody waltzing through and checking out what you have inside your place of business.

And you think about it if you have these things in place. And. When. Your employers come to work. And they know that they think they’re being tracked and recorded. Employers employees employees are. Employees. No these things are being tracked. It’s no different than a locked door. It keeps honest people honest.

When it comes to. The.

Owasso Home Security  Next point. I can’t remember where we’re at.

We lowered the insurance and then. And then also.

There you go. And number five I would say makes room for peace of mind. I know myself and I know you as well. When we’re at home.

Owasso Home Security  And this the security system here at the office is gone. It makes me. Comfortable knowing that. Everything’s OK. I know I’ve seen you actually Times. Hey is this term special. Yes. And I’m like No. Oh. Then it’s got to be the other guy in the office. OK get good deal.

You just. And the thing that is if I paid attention to the text that comes across screen on my phone you’d say who it is it says it is. But. Quite frankly I’m not paying attention to that. And you know by having the history and the locks. On your phone you can see exactly who it was. That disarmed it. And or. Armed the system.

So now we’ve got. The. Recap here real quick.

You’ve got peace of mind one we’re going to go backwards here. We’ve got peace of mind we’ve got.

Lowering your insurance premium because now you have a monitored homes or not home business security system.

And as. Those those you know I’ve seen in a couple of businesses simply say has slept in or not slept in but mailed a business a a system and then they install it themselves. Well that’s that’s great and well but are you really going to depend. On. A cheap system. That. Is covering your business this is your livelihood.

And that’s what’s so kind of puzzling about me in most cases. You know I call an electrician to go to work on my electricity.

You know just. The other day.

Had Somebody come over and take care of her. H-back system. No. I really didn’t call the handyman to do that or even myself I’d be considered a handyman when it comes to electricity or plumbing or H-back system. But. Quite frankly even like the. People who worked on the A-Trak system here to begin with at the office. They installed the wrong breakers in order to be able to operate the system. They didn’t install or Watterson’s or even need to buy the drain. And the fact that they park up on it how many times you know basic things that should have been installed when the third when the furnace was installed. But it wasn’t. And consequently you know we’ve had problems because I had somebody that was experienced. And trained to be able to install these systems. But. They weren’t really trained. They didn’t do it right. Yeah they didn’t do it right. They didn’t take the time and effort went on to cheat to do it. So that being said the same thing applies when you’re going to try to repair install a security system on your own and you expect that system to be able to. Do what it’s supposed to do. There’s a lot more to be said about how the security system works and how it’s installed.

Owasso Home Security  Last night we had a restaurant that had problems with a tamper being going off.

Our. COAST. O’clock last night. And I would have mentioned anything to you about.

You know that’s that sort of thing or are tamper is important somebody is messing with the door. Right. Now or whatever it was and where would these cheaper system that you’re do yourself. There’s no tever ever built. They don’t build tape for them. There’s no false alarm for dextrin so therefore you know in the system in order to be able to make sure that those systems work correctly and properly all the time.

Well then you also have the fact that with. I had it on the tip of my tongue. When it comes to those DIY systems. I did a DIY project to my house. We laid a floor. And it wasn’t till. We finished laying the new tile down that talked to a floor installer and he said That looks really good. Do I have one question. I said OK good. Did you lay there any concrete board. And I said no. Sure. I guess I should have done it. He says well it’s built on a cross-ways correct. I said yes it is. He said. Yes you should put in concrete where it sat for like a vapor barrier. More for it to keep the house or keep the tile from moving. Oh. And now that tile is in place. And I walk on the floor all the time. I can feel it move. You can. Yes in some way. And.

It’s like people are jerks. But the the floor installer said yeah you should have put down concrete work.

Owasso Home Security  And so. On. I say all that to say.

The DIY wires and I’m speaking to myself and in this sense the wires don’t know. Because they just don’t know it’s not what they do.

It’s not it’s not that they’re stupid or not because. It’s just not the industry that they’re in. Quite frequently a lot of these people working in an office. All the time and they don’t really have any idea what it entails in order to be able to install certain systems. That’s why it’s kind of important to. Know I’m not going I want I’m encouraging paying for services all the time. Better than you know. Yeah.

I’ve got I’ve got a friend of mine he’s a radio. Deejay but he lines up the music for a Southern Gospel radio station. And he had somebody come up to his door. And knock on the door. And then the weird thing is he asked. To borrow a phone. Well. My friend actually let the guy borrow his phone. The phone number four so that he knew who this person was calling and then just kind of watched it was really weird. In a neighborhood. This guy walks up to his house next door. It made him and his wife weird. Right. Well. Now because. The couple of days have gone by he has got no point. It’s not really that big a deal. We’re just going to go with the self monitored system. And. I asked him. Self monitored. I mean. That’s so good. Well but. People leave the phones at home. You have. People. People do stupid stuff.

Owasso Home Security  You’re going to though you’re self-monitoring. You basically just. Don’t go out and get it. I wouldn’t waste my time any waste of time waste of money. But anyways this is Tyler and Keith with witness security in a Wasow Oklahoma and pretty much any town north of Tulsa whether it be sky tuque or Collinsville Berryhill Sperry. All of those kust company. Companies. Towns cities that are up above north north Tulsa area.

You can check us out on the web and WitnessSecurityTulsa.com. And that’s 9182890880 Thank you

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