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Good morning this is case and Tyler with Witness Security and witness in a Wassa Oklahoma this morning we’re going to be talking about cameras in remote locations as long driveways. ¬†Owasso Home Security Maybe barns or shops that are in locations that go to the Internet and may not have any power.

You know basically today before we get started.

The phone number is 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0 0 0. Again that’s 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0.

The Web site is Witness Security Tulsa dot com. Again as Witness Security Tulsa dot com and basically like he was saying when we’re looking to talk today about remote possibilities when it comes to cameras on the very same question people ask us is we have a long driveway and people are pulling up into our driveway and they’re just being rather suspicious.

And they’d like to have a camera out for it or just barely know who it is it’s starting to come up their driveway and then don’t actually come all the way up Owasso Home Security.

Well it’s like we have the customer welfare and sky to that which is also north of Tulsa not near a Wasow and he’s got a pretty long driveway that you have zero reason to be coming down his driveway unless you’re there to talk to him.

Exactly. And you had problems were packages were packages had been left there at the front of the gate and then somebody gets into the packages and things like that it’s like to be able to know what’s going on at the front of the gate. Right in his case there is a little bit of an all over covered in the gates.

You can actually see the gate from a tower and to see whether or not there yet.

So that’s why we can putting a camera system. And you can see what’s going on. See if the strike is true. Dropped anything off. You can see when the trash people show up to get your trash whatever. All so you know what’s going on 100 percent of the time on your property.

So therefore this can be achieved by you you put a camera inside the house and then.

Out of the gate you can put a camera this may not have power out again. It’s a solar powered device that makes it work. A camera has power and then we have another device that sends the signal back to the house.

And then we would put the camera on a watertight box so that all the connections aren’t going to get wet when it comes to rain and all that. Basically we will make sure that when you have us do anything we do it right the first time so we don’t have to be out there a second and third time.

Owasso Home Security And also not only that so not out there second and third time but as well so that it last for you know a good long time.

Having one of these type systems is going to be is going to cost enough to where. You’re going to want it done right. And there’s too many companies out there. That they’re in and out as fast as possible. And that’s the whole reason that there’s just profit. It’s not to make sure that the customer when they’re done is happy.

They’re only there to make sure that they’re profiting and so that therefore when we always get alarmed and or can’t read in the past.

You know until we were able to do remote location for camera maybe oil rigs oil rigs are another prime location that you need an application like this because there may not be power over near the oil rig and at the same time how are you going to get it to communicate.

Owasso Home Security Well at that point you would put in a cell card or cell phone.

I think that for that unit where that camera system got so that it can communicate the video and that which is a fairly new feature that’s something that you know I never thought was even possible for a very long time.

So mean now we can not only shoot wirelessly and put in a mesh type network with our own wireless transmitting Wi-Fi devices but we can also put in a cell unit on these camera systems and be able to see them off site.

It’s fairly new for us. We haven’t actually done very many of them recently due to the fact that it’s a fairly new feature when it’s a new feature as well.

We try and work out all the bugs that can be worked out before we even work towards that end.

I say new feature a new feature to is a new feature for us.

It’s been out on the market for probably four or five years. Right. It’s just not something I trusted at first.

Right. And it’s not affected as much. We didn’t really trust it. There’s more. We just didn’t really know a whole lot about that.

The trial where it was going to take in order to be able to figure it all out. It’s very expensive to do and so therefore it just took a little while to get it figured out where we can get it to work Owasso Home Security.

We now have a guy that has done a lot. A lot of the systems and said it’s just a matter of basically build not a system and finding the right customer base to do it.


So if you’re looking for a situation here camper that is Saturday gate or shop we’ve done quite a few systems and talk to a waffle Collierville. Claremore. Those locations that we don’t have a shop out you know two 3 feet away you yeah maybe a bar to be able to keep track of horses and tools. You know we’ve done a lot of those three get the signal back to the house.

Right. And then also just so that we throw this in here make sure that we are putting our phone number so often 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. And go ahead and give us the Web address it’s Witness Security Tulsa Dakar to witness security tuffet dot com and so lucky we’re talking about with the remote locations if you would. There are some people that have a pretty good drive from their house to their gate. They could possibly see their gate but at the same time it’s still a good drive.

And quite frequently it’s upwards to a mile. Yeah Owasso Home Security.

And they lived back in the woods or whatever.

And we can cover as much as. We have to five miles.

These were the devices that are out there on the market. We can cover your gate and make sure that if the driver drops off something you’re going to see it and then you’re not going to especially if it’s. We had one customer we had meat that was dropped off. It was in a cold package. It was it was good as long as he got to it but it was a really hot day that day and he never knew that I ever dropped it off.

It wasn’t those work at home that night that he saw it and she picked it up. I think it was still girl. It was weird is that the Clogher What about bad. Right.

Owasso Home Security But anyways when it comes to security whether it’s cameras or home security business security we can take care of all of your security needs.

Mainly today we are talking about remote configuring on cameras. Well not configuring but setting up remote locations of cameras whether it be a gate or like you were saying earlier an oil rig. We can set up any one of those type situations and be able to see them on your phone or on the Internet. You can see in our computer

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