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All right. And we just basically we’re going today we’re going to be talking about three reasons that you may need a security system Owasso Home Security.

In your business or. Yeah I’d say business. Today we’re going to talk about business.

But when it comes to security. To be honest in my opinion and this is a little bit of a biased opinion but. Everyone needs security whether it be in your home or business.

And the reason for that is pretty simple.

With the way that. The wave of crime are taking place throughout the country.

And even here in Tulsa Oklahoma is. Not. Probably so much to watch though because it’s a little bit farther away. Tulsa Oklahoma.

Crime statistics are equivalent to New York City per capita.

It’s kind of amazing that. Here in Tulsa Oklahoma. You know. We have. What. How many thousand people 200000.

To be honest I haven’t even done the numbers Owasso Home Security.

Here in Tulsa Oklahoma. There’s. Quite a few. Were from people that are here.

And you know the crime statistics and drug trafficking and things like that. From what I understand even with human trafficking that is starting to take place quite a bit here in. The Tulsa. Area. Just kind of amazing. So therefore it’s important to be able to have a security system that you can depend upon hearing you know Wasow Scott Claremore. Is. North of Tulsa.

I think it’s important. And important security is even more important.

For you. You got people’s If anybody runs a business they’ve got to most likely run a card at some point in time. Whether it be a debit card or credit card but they’re run cards. Yes. So could be hacked. And or you could be you could have a break in and steal that information. And if you had a security system you could prevent against that.

Well in our case we carry We have a lot of sensitive information here at our office. Of. Numerous clients. Exactly. So it’s really important to make sure your business is secure. So nobody can access. Your business. To be able to access that. Sensitive information.

Both of us are taking drinks or coffee. But when it comes to security. We. It’s it’s our lifeblood it’s what we do on a daily basis.

So like I said earlier we’re kind of a little bit biased on.

Why. Someone may or may not need security. Then you also have.

So the first reason for security that we think. Is. It’s going to deter crime.

Once they see that sign in or sticker on your window or in your yard. It’s going to automatically say. Well. I like an easier target. So I’m going to go to that business that doesn’t have a system.

In most cases that’s really all it is a softer target.

However you know the main thing you can have with a better security. Is when the alarm is armed. You get a notification that it was armed it used to be called the opening closing reports. That was the main thing that we used to do on a regular basis but now it’s gotten to the point where not only is an opening closing report that is sent to the monitoring station but it’s also.

A signal that is sent to your phone to let you know. When the system is armed and disarmed.

Let me ask you this. How often. When we’ve done a system. That. Is reactive to somebody breaking in. How often do you notice that the person getting the system is just distraught. Because now they have been violated.

It’s got to be fairly close to 60 percent of the time if not more.

Owasso Home Security Some people can hide the feeling a little bit.

But. It’s very rare and think it is when once you. Know we are a business get broken into that we’re going to put in the system. Was a laugh.

And. You know he was really. Wanting to get scared the system had nothing scheduled to install.

And something came up and we weren’t able to. Put the equipment in. And two days later. He was broken into. Still fairly close to twenty thousand dollars worth of equipment. And damages. You know and I mentioned and damages the damages sometimes can be more than the cost of this stuff stolen.

Yes you’ve got to put everything back together and.

Find what’s been. You know stolen Owasso Home Security.

And. If those things are going to affect you for a long period of time thereafter.

We’ve had businesses that are. You know got broken into second back six to eight months just because they took things that made it to where they couldn’t function as well as they used to be able to function before. So to put in a security system that cost you 34 ninety nine a month. Is peanuts compared to what the turmoil back and the stress and everything else to be able to recover from that.

Right. Yeah. And just to remind you this is Tyler and Keith with Witness Security in a Wasow and pretty much anything north of Tulsa. Collinsville sky. And we’re talking about Witness Security Tulsa dotcom 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. Yet today we’re talking about three. Three reasons why you need a security system whether it be for your business for home but mainly for your business today is what we’re talking about. There is a business that actually is a church that we took care of not too long ago that we have one of their staff members get pistol whipped. Yes. When it’s not a not a bad area where they’re at.

Well I didn’t consider it necessary to be a battery but they’re claiming that there were other characters that had been in the area. And that had been creating a lot of.

Owasso Home Security Discomfort for a lot of people. I mean if you’re willing to have a church for the most part the majority of the people are jurors they don’t have any money. I don’t know where they get the idea that they’re breaking a nerd going to rob somebody that had at a church that might have some money. Now if you went to a club that would be different.

That after hours. Battle Tanks or. Even

staff members don’t go on a church. Payroll don’t make. Very much.

If at all. But some are just volunteer. Yeah.

And so this this one this church the staff member got pistol whipped and. So they all of a sudden we got to do something you’ve got to cover and be able to record things like this Owasso Home Security.

And the same thing just. Last Sunday.

Night. That very same church had a car Stoler. You know attempted to be stolen out of the parking lot. While everybody there care.

And little things like that. Will. Drive people away. From a business or a church and. You don’t want to have to go there.

You worked really hard to be able to keep the thing to where you’ve gotten and then to have. Some individual now scare people away. It’s really important to make sure that these things are covered. You don’t. That doesn’t happen.


And just again this is Tyler and Keith with Witness Security in Tulsa Oklahoma. Actually you know a Wasow Oklahoma anything north of Tulsa talking about Witness Security Tulsa that come three alarming new reasons why you need security.

Now that one thing we mentioned earlier was open close or force.

You know lot of people say well what is an opening. Closing the record when the system is armed. Then. The monitoring station gets a notification that the system was armed. You know so you can track who’s coming and going. It used to be when we would do this. It cost a few extra dollars are five to dollars and sometimes $15 for companies to utilize this feature. So that you’d know who it was that our system was designed after and you got a notification that you did so. Yes Owasso Home Security.

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