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Hello this is Keith with Witness Security and it was Oklahoma. We are going to be talking about some facts about home security systems. And I want Oklahoma. Or Watts Oklahoma is located just north of Tulsa. And so if you’re looking for a home security system and as far as the facts are concerned about home security systems you know the home security systems. And it was Oklahoma. If you have a security system in your home then the sign it’s in your yard is 75 percent of the returns that is needed necessarily to provide somebody to decide they want to go to it somebody else on the street that does not have a home security system. Owasso Home Security Facts. If you’re moving into a home at a loss of a home and you’re moving into a neighborhood drive through the neighborhood and find out how many homes in the neighborhood have an actual home security system and all you have to do is drive them down the street. Same thing a thief is going to do he’s going to drive up and down the street. He’s going to try to be able to assess which holds would be a soft target and which ones would not. And first and foremost the homes that do not have a home security sign in the yard are automatically one of the first targets soft targets that there is in the neighborhood the vast majority of break ins take place between 10:00 in the morning and three o’clock in the afternoon.
Just a simple basic fact. Owasso Home Security Facts
Most break ins are going to take place between 10:00 in the morning 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon you know with that particular information in mind. You have to keep. Some things you know what kind of locks you have in Iraq and do you have this standard builder’s grade locks that were put into that house when you know the house was built. Or have you taken a few extra dollars and put in at least on the front door a little bit better lock. And you just go to Lowe’s pick one up for a small amount of money. Any department store or what do you call those stores. Home Depot or Lowes stores like that. And even sometimes Wal-Mart you can pick up these locks or place them for yourself. And minimal cost. And you provide yourself the ability to be able to secure your home. Now there’s one particular lock that we use on a regular basis it’s called Quick set. This lock here has the ability to be able to rekey your lock for all of your locks in your home. In fact the same key that I use for my house is the same key that I use for the office. So it’s helpful for me to only have to carry one key for both locations that I’m at on a regular basis. You know if you have this in mind try to keep this keep Take take care of these things you’ll find out that not only were your house be more secure but it will be more convenient for you in the long run. Owasso Home Security Facts
Security systems in Owasso Oklahoma you know may not necessarily be as prevalent as you might think. For the sole purpose that was Oklahoma you know crime statistics are much more. Drastically less than they are in Tulsa Oklahoma. However Oklahoma is just north of Tulsa. So anybody willing to commute to south Tulsa to break into homes you have the same magnitude of homeowner in it was so long as you do in South Tulsa. It’s a different community different. No laws and regulations because they have a different police department on and so forth. So you know you have the same kind of person out are people that are going to be living and know what’s going on in South Tulsa and if they’re willing to commute to south also they’re willing to commit to Laso. So keep these things in mind. You know make sure you pick up the stuff around your house the mail the newspapers and things like that don’t let them pile up. You let them pile up and and even the trash can out of the curb. You know if you have the ability to build something back by your house after the trash picks up your you know the trash company picks up your trash throughout today Swink library at our house pull that trash can up to the house. So it appears that somebody has actually been home or is at home. Owasso Home Security Facts. You know if he has the ability to be able to is you can actually get pay for an additional up to the house service where the trash company will come all the way up pick up your trash can and empty the trash can bring it back to where it got from.
It’s a few extra dollars per month. It’s well worth the expense. And to make sure that a little bit extra is taken care of so that you know people as they drive down the street and it’s your body else’s trash can start to be yours is not. In any case in your home you know little expense big benefit. You know keep these things in line. You know as far as home security systems are concerned you know the basic package what most of your companies are going to call a basic package they’re going to test two doors at the most and they’re trying to keep that or witness security because the vast majority of most homes in Watts Oklahoma have three doors. Owasso Home Security Facts
Then it’s important to just provide the basic package for the State House. That way isn’t nobody’s purchasing additional device you’re not getting into the home you’re not trying to connive them to to pay for one more thing. And you know it’s just important to make sure that you can do the basics and know there’s no hidden costs. You know Witness Security you’ll find that not only is there no hidden cost but we provided 24/7 tech support in. Any event that you ever had any kind of a question whatsoever does not matter what time of day does not matter what whether it’s a holiday weekend or whatever it is you know give us a call. We’d love to be able to take care of you without going into any kind of voicemails so that you’re not waiting for a call back. It’s when you can. It’s convenient for you to give us a call. Not convenient for us you know. Is that mean that I don’t like being bothered when I’m sitting down for dinner. Of course I don’t like being bothered do I like being woken up in middle night. Of course I don’t like being woken up in the middle night. But it’s very it’s a lot simpler for me to be able to answer the phone take care of the situation not have to worry about trying to sit down and listen to all the voicemails and then try to assess whether or not I want to take and prioritize them. This is what most companies do is they let everything go to voicemail then when they come in in the morning they sit down.
If they sit down and listen to the voice mails right away and have a regimented routine then they’ll prioritize which one is more important to call first and so on and so forth. Owasso Home Security Facts
And if that be the case you’re not necessarily a priority and you’re never going to get called back. You’re never going to get to get taken care of because it’s not going to be high on the list of priorities. If you take care of details when they’re small then they don’t turn into big details and you’re able to assess those problems to determine what the problem is usually over the phone and never have a service technician come out you know Witness Security likes to be able to take care of people. It is what we do. Home Security is how we make our living. So we are professionals at what we do you know would you rather have a security company that’s going to provide you the peace of mind. True peace of mind. Or would you rather have the appearance of having a home security. But it doesn’t really work. You know a lot of these do it yourself companies out there they may be cheap but you get exactly what you pay for. And though it may be cheap you’re not necessarily providing the actual real security for your family. And when the time horizon you have a situation in your home where something actually takes place the company that you’re getting cheap home security from are going to be there by your side to help you pick up the pieces you know Witness Security is going to be there you know when the braking takes place you give us a call if that happens. Owasso Home Security Facts
We usually can come out and assess the security system and make sure that everything’s good to go after that situation may arise and make sure the security system is up and functional again. You know the alarm goes off the monitoring station calls and let you know the average font’s time for Wigan security for last 12 months has been twelve point nine seconds that you’re not going to get any faster. The same monitoring station that Homeland Security uses is the exact same monitoring station that we use. I’m not going to tell you it’s the cheapest but I am going to tell you it’s the best you’re not going to find anybody else out there that’s going to provide the actual security that you need for your home. You know knowing for certain that you’re going to be in it communicating with somebody is going to speak English. Going to be able to speak clearly. Going to be able to assess when necessary needs to be done to your home dispatch the police get them out there and fast as possible and you’ll know for certain that your home was provided with the very best security in Oklahoma that could be provided and Witness Security is going to be there by your side protecting your home. Give us a call 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. Or you can search is on the way to where that witness security tells a dot.com Witness Security Tulsa dot com thank you very much for lizardmen. Have a great day. Owasso Home Security Facts.

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