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This is Keith was working security and it was Oklahoma. What we’re going to be talking about this morning is home security systems here in Oklahoma. You know we had a few segments in just the Owasso home security in general and various aspects of the security system that it was Oklahoma. And what how you could make your security system more get a security system that meets and or exceeds the standards that you would like to have in the security system. You know Hope Security has in the past been something that was only for the wealthy but any more it has gotten to the point where home security is far more than just for the wealthy. It’s for everybody in general. You know I have installed security systems throughout the years for people that are barely scraping by. You know because you know. Thieves have no necessary scale of living that they’re going to be you know when they break into a home they’re not necessarily looking for the wealthy to break into a home and those big wigs that are just you know making maybe $30000 a year which is well below poverty level according to United States whatever measurement it is. And those sort of people they work hard for the things that they do get to have. And they just don’t want them taken by somebody else just randomly breaking into their homes you know and I agree. You know it’s very disheartening to be able to have to come home to being broken into. We have a client that got broken into last night or the back door was kicked in. Owasso Home Security
The alarm went off and sounded off. They didn’t get anything else. But the back door itself was just kicked in and out which.
You know fairly low income and you know to replace a door and or fix a door. You’re looking at somewhere in the ballpark of $300 just to get started. I mean that’s fixing the trim and everything. They kicked it in. You know that’s a general amount that you’re going to pay just to begin with. And then if you have a fairly nice door and things that are down then obviously it goes up from there. It’s amazing how much goes into an expense that it costs in order to build put up security or put some very basic materials into a home and what it costs. And if you’re on a fairly strapped income that can be very expensive and very disheartening you know to have to do only because people in general will break into homes just because it’s very irritating that people do this and there’s not a whole lot you can do to prevent it. But at the same time it’s just something that you just have to do. And Witness Security and across Oklahoma our clientele is mainly middle class families. Those are the families that I prefer to do the majority of our business with you know number one. I mean think about it there’s more middle class people than there is upper class people and not to say that one is better than the other. It’s just a higher volume of middle class people. So we have focused our attention upon that clientele you know because there’s more opportunity for Witness Security. You know Watts Oklahoma you know the average home in all walks of Oklahoma. Owasso Home Security. I don’t know I haven’t done any research really to speak of that the average voter in a walk in Oklahoma I would venture to say is somewhere in the ballpark of about two hundred thousand maybe even a little bit higher than that maybe two and a quarter. Because you know and after you’ve gone up a lot more because recently in the last 10 years there’s been a lot of building taking place in Watts Oklahoma. Newer homes that are going in. And if you drive up 169 near out of Tulsa or out of Tulsa are you going to 76 street north which is that’s where you’re beginning to get into a Owasso. And then 86 street north 96 street north 106 and then 168. Those are the exits that you’re going to take to get into a Owasso. For the most part there are other ways you can get into Gaza if you come in from the sky qued on the east on the far west then you’re going to be driving into a wall on Highway 20 if you’re either leaving or leaving Owasso and driving down Highway 20 going east you’re going to run into Claremore. You know all these communities are all tied together just like there are any other community or surrounding communities you know. But if you’re looking for a home security system near a wall of Oklahoma you know we’d like to be able to provide that service to you. So you say you’re moving from Dallas or some other place like that and you need a reference point. Owasso Home Security
That’s what we’re trying to do is just provide you a reference point for Ford to be able to do so and witness security provide services you know to watch for Oklahoma as well as to other communities. We’re based in Tulsa Oklahoma we’re just barely the far east and north side of Tulsa. And so therefore we’re able to reach into a Owasso really easy. We’re just right up Highway 169. We’re there in less than 10 15 minutes. So we try to keep our distance our radius of service that we provide is relatively close to 30 miles. So it’s well we can arrange and to be able to do so. And in waiting if security has taken the extra effort to be able to do things for people when it comes to home security then other companies either don’t or won’t do it. And just the general rundown of what makes us different than other security companies. You know I’ve talked about this in the past you know Witness Security in Oklahoma does not.
We don’t do any kind of a contract. Owasso Home Security
So your monthly monitoring just right out the gate. It’s no different if you’re to go to Wal-Mart or Best Buy or any other store and buy a TV or anything like that electronic piece of equipment you’re going to buy that product you’re going to come home you’re going to set it up. Now in our case you buy that product you don’t pay for the installation. You’re just buying a product. Owasso Home Security
And the ends and we come in and we set it up and in setting it up we also make it to work. No our function your system at its best level and when it comes to the communication of it that’s really really important when rather than some of your companies or do it yourself companies you know we make the alarm systems we have communicated to the highest possible level that it can actually communicate. So therefore it’s going to be the fastest that can possibly be. So you do yourself Covenant’s everything’s kind of defaulted. So it’s just too generic out of the box system that you get to install though you don’t really that’s not your forte.
That’s not what you really do and you’re depending on that company to be able to provide the service at the level that you’d like to have at a cheaper price. You know all that is good. Well but keep in mind you are providing security for your home the peace of mind and the haven in the castle that you live in. You know that security needs to be at its highest peak. Is it possible can possibly can. It may cost a few extra dollars more but it’s really simple. Do you honestly truly want real security or you want the appearance of real security. You know with Witness Security you get the real deal. You know if you’re not exactly sure what your home security system can do then it’s really easy to give with a phone call. We have a free consultation that we provide to be able to come out and explain the system to show the system to you and see what are what kind of equipment we carry and you’ll find out that insecurity security carries the best possible equipment on the market today and by carrying the best possible equipment. It not only is doing that but is also providing the ability for you to be able to know as you leave your house with your family in it or you have your family with you that your home and your valuables are protected and safe. You know from birth would be burglars.
So if you’re not exactly 100 percent sure do a little bit of due diligence research and just google a home security systems and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the home security system that Witness Security provides a wife though is exactly what it says so in the reviews we have the most reviews and the best reviews of any company in town. Thank you for listening. Owasso Home Security

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